Dead by Daylight: All Reward Codes

This is the most simple, straight forward guide for current and all upcoming codes and anything important to Dead By Daylight.   ALL WORKING CODES # MakeMeCryo = Frosty Eyes for The Oni and The Plague # COLDSTARE = Frosty Eyes for The Twins, The Blight and The Deathslinger # ICEYYOU = Frosty Eyes for … Read more

Depersonalization: Scenario Walkthroughs

An guide to the current four scenarios. In progress of writing! Currently completed: Lies and Fraud, Welcome to Townsend.   Introduction Currently there are 4 Scenarios in this game. 1. All-in-One and One-in-All 2. Lies and Fraud 3. Soladnit 4. Welcome to Townsend Currently I have not done Soladnit, and I will take some time … Read more

Potionomics: x2 Price Deck

Deck for MAX Potion price. Alway get x2 Price for every haggle.   Core Card Rhythm x2 Meditate x2 Carftsmanship 1-2 Other card are Draw card. All you need is aim for Rhthm. Just Draw a card untill you get Rhythm. (Dont west your patient point in interest card ***MUST***) Once you get Rhythm just … Read more

Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator: 100% Achievements Guide

A quick overview on getting all the achievements in Fresh Start   Completing Levels Achievements Ready up! Finish the tutorial Railroad to Success Finish Railstation Cold Cleaner! Finish Iceland Moving up in the world! Finish Alps Preserver Finish Asia Cherry blossom Finish Japan Firefighter Extraordinaire! Finish Australia The Hero of the Coast Finish Beach Reforestation … Read more

Lust Theory: All Hidden Events (S1 & S2)

Here is a full list of all hidden events in Lust Theory Season 1 and 2. Spoiler Alert!!!   All S1 Hidden Events Hidden Event 1 “Spying on Zoe”: After telling the teacher “Don’t assume my gender!”, you’ll enter the girl’s lockeroom. Don’t click on the offered “Go in” choice. Wait a while (15-20 seconds) … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Critters Guide

A guide to obtain all the critters, including their favourite foods and how to approach them.   Introduction A guide list including all the critters with information about their favourite foods and approach methods so you can add them to your collection! Squirrels Location: Plaza Favourite Food: Peanuts ~ (Likes: Fruit) Approach: Just walk up to them Rabbits … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V: Online Festive Content + $125.000 (2022)

In this guide I’ll show you the festive content coming to Grand Theft Auto Online in 2022. You can get $125.000, and outfits/clothing. The screenshots are from floorball (@Fluffball on Twitter)   Snowman collectibles ($125.000) There’s (going to be) 25 snowmen around the map, which you have to destroy. Each destroyed snowmen gives you $5.000, … Read more