Paper Dolls Originalanleitung (Alle Rätsel & Standorte)

A full guide for the game in English, containing all puzzle solutions and note locations.


Front Hall

After the intro scene you’ll wake up in the Front Hall of a spooky and mysterious mansion. One the floor in front of you is the Taschenlampe, which you should pick up right away otherwise you won’t be able to see anything.
Now that we have a light we can finally start properly looking around the place. Turn to your right and you’ll notice a tall table next to a small candle. On the table is a Puzzle-Hinweis:
„Das sind Origami-Goldnuggets“. In der chinesischen Kultur, Leute bieten diese den Toten an. Damit sie in der Unterwelt kein Geld brauchen, Dieses Origami kann verbrannt werden, um den Toten Reichtum zu bringen.“

Rechts davon ist die Kerze, die ich bereits erwähnt habe, and right next to that is a Spiel. Sobald du es hast, Verwenden Sie es sofort auf der Kerze, Da dies nicht nur eine gute Lichtquelle ist, werden wir sie später zum Lösen eines Rätsels verwenden.
Turn to the right of the candle and you’ll see what looks like a dead body with the head cut off! Aber, upon closer inspection, you’ll actually nothing that’s it’s just one of the titular Paper Dolls from the game title. Good to see it wasn’t false advertising at least!
Next to the Paper Doll is a small table, on which you can find the Cursed Doll 8 Artikel.
Continue past the small table here to another one with a Puzzle-Hinweis drauf:
Gramophone Advertising
‘Excessive heat might warp this vinyl record.’

A little to the right of here, and against the far wall, you’ll see two large red wardrobes. The one on the left is empty, but you’ll notice that the one on the right as a bloodstain near the top. Open it up and inside you can find the Warped Vinyl.
From those two wardrobes, turn left and continue your way anti-clockwise around the room. You’ll find another two wardrobes behind the small wall here. The left one has a hole in it where some bugs guard an item that you sadly won’t be able to reach just yet. The right one will contain the Pile Of Paper Ingots, which will come in handy real soon. Ebenfalls, check the little shelf between the two wardrobes to find another Spiel. Schließlich, opposite the right-most wardrobe is a Cloth Strip tucked away in a hole in the wall.
Continue around the room and you’ll see the old Gramophone, which we’ll be using soon, but checking the cabinet under it will net you a second Pile Of Paper Ingots. Next to that you’ll find yet another two wardrobes. The right one is empty this time, but the left one contains the Cursed Doll 4, und das Lock And Key Major Note, which tells you how to match keys and locks.
With all those items collected, time to get to work using them!
Zuerst, head over to the candle we lit earlier and use the Warped Vinyl on it to, Gut, un-warp it I guess, and get the regular old Vinyl.
Nächste, move to the decapitated Paper Doll. Right next to it you’ll see a small little metal fire bowl. Throw in both Pile Of Paper Ingots and then use the spare Match to light them on fire. Your generosity will be rewarded with some Insecticide.
Go around to the other side of the room and use the Insecticide on the bugs in the wardrobe with the hole in it. Once they buzz off, you can grab the Handhaben.
Schließlich, head over to the Gramophone and first place the Vinyl there, and then the Handle. Once both are in place using the handle will prompt a small QTE, and that will in turn cause the handle to break. But you can repair that easily enough with the Cloth Strip, allowing you to complete the QTE, get the gramophone going and net the Copper Key 3 as your reward.
Turn to your right and you should see the Copper Lock on the far wall. Wander over and use your new key to open it up, finally allowing you access to a new room.


As the name implies this is the room where you can save the game. Nicht nur das, but entering this room at any time will cause any ghosts that have spawned in the world to despawn, giving you some much-needed breathing space to keep investigating.
There’s also several items and notes here
Zuerst, on the small table to the left of the large table there’s an Archive Note:
Yin Zhong
„Der Herr bat Yin, das Inventar in der Schatzkammer zu überprüfen.“

On the small table to the right of the large table there’s another Archive Note:
ID Card 3
‘Junge Pfleger: Ming’

On the large table itself you can find the Cursed Doll 2 und ein Spiel, mit dem du gleich die nahegelegene Kerze anzünden solltest. Die Ziehung direkt unter der Kerze kann geöffnet werden, and inside is the Brass Key 2.
Zuletzt, aber auf keinen Fall; Jetzt, da die Kerze angezündet ist, können wir damit in der Nähe Weihrauch anzünden und unser Spiel retten! Ich empfehle, so oft wie möglich zu speichern, da es dafür keine wirkliche Strafe gibt, und ich glaube nicht, dass es automatische Speicherpunkte gibt.
Mit allem, was sortiert ist, leave the Save Room the way you entered and turn to the right to see another locked door that you can open with your Brass Key 2.


Rechts von dir ist eine verschlossene Tür, die wir noch nicht öffnen können, Gehe also weiter bis zum Ende des kleinen Korridors und biege links ab. Hier links ein Schrank mit zwei Schubladen, beide enthalten eine Anmerkung. In the left one you can find an Archive Note:
ID Card 5
'Dienstmädchen: Ding Xiang’

And the one on the right contains a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 7
"Es ist lange her, dass die Frau nicht schwanger wurde". Wie wurde sie schwanger, als der Maler vorbeikam? Hat sich der Herr nichts dabei gedacht…’

Next to the cabinet is a small table with yet another Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 14
'Verrückt! Sie sind alle verrückt! Oben ist definitiv etwas passiert!’

Wenn Sie diese Notiz aufheben, wird ein QTE ausgelöst, Also sei bereit, Knöpfe zu drücken!
Sobald Sie sich mit dem Geist beschäftigt haben und er abläuft, return back to the small table and you can also get the Bandage, die wir schon bald brauchen werden.
Drehen Sie sich nach rechts, bis Sie den Stuhl mit einem gelblichen Tuch darin entdecken. Check close as there’s another Archive Note darunter versteckt:
ID Card 2
'Tagesmutter: Chen'

Drehe den langen Raum mit dem Gesicht nach unten und gehe nach unten. Rechts von dir in einem anderen Schrank, on which sits the Cursed Doll 3.
Gleich dahinter links ist eine weitere Kerze, aber leider haben wir kein Streichholz, um es anzuzünden. But right next to it is another Archive Note:
Kindermädchen Chen
„Nanny Chen kochte Medizin im Teehaus und brachte sie vor Mittag zu Madam.“

Continue further into the room and the table at the end has the Cursed Doll 6 drauf. On the other side of the table is a small box that you can open up to find a Spiel Innerhalb, which you should use to light up the nearby candle. You should also notice the dripping sound coming from a small bowl full of water, but we don’t need to use that just yet.
There’s also a wardrobe at this end of the room, which contains another Paper Doll. Maybe keep it closed for now
Head back down the room and near to the candle is a door to go through.
Turn left in this long corridor and at the end you’ll have a small cutscene. Sadly looks like we can’t get in that room right now, and won’t be anytime soon.
Turn around and go to the far end of the corridor to find an open door.

Guest Room

This room is pretty small, but there’s plenty to do in here. To your right is a wardrobe that, while empty, might make a good hiding spot when the ghosties come chasing.
To the left is a cabinet with Cursed Doll 7 drauf, as well as a Diary note:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 17
‘I saw Nanny Chen following Ding Xiang into the room, was it…’

There’s also the place you need to use all those Cursed Dolls, but we don’t have them all yet so there’s little point.
Further into room and on your left is a small bed where you can find a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 17
‘Ding Xiang is getting prettier with age. A girl’s physical appearance changes rapidly through the years. She looks more like a rich lady than a servant.’

Turn around and you can find several things on the table including the Cursed Doll 5, the final one, und ein Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 9
‘I can try the curse recorded on the ancient books. What I need is a few wooden dolls and some silver needles. The two arms of the dolls much weigh the same as one leg, I should be careful while making it…’

Gut, that seems like a pretty good clue.
Two of the draws will open up with goodies too. The left one has a Spiel for the nearby Candle, and the right draw has a House Map, which is going to come in handy on this little trip, believe me!
Jetzt, with all of our little dolls in hand, we can solve the little puzzle on the cabinet in this room.
Interacting with it will place all the dolls onto the scales and then require you to balance the whole thing out. Jetzt, I have no idea if the placement of the dolls is randomised when you place them on the scales or not, so I’ll just describe the general idea of what you’re looking for.
Obviously you need to balance both sides of the scales, so the easiest way to do this is to look at the dolls arms and legs. Dolls will either have two arms or no arms, and either two legs, one leg or no legs at all.
As there are a total of eight arms and twelve legs, a correct balance on both sides should have four arms and six legs.
Once you’ve gotten the correct balance for the little dolls, the draw above will open allowing you to grab the Copper Key 4.
Head back to the Tea Room and use the key on the locked door in here.

Exhibition Room 1 (???)

When you walk into the room you’ll hear a laugh and the head of the Paper Doll from the Front Hall will drop down. The light will fade and, without any warning you’ll suddenly find yourself in a different placewith some rather creepy hands wiggling around on the ceiling. Trying to leave the room just gets your teleported back inside, so we’re going to have to work out how to get out of here another way.
Also worth noting that this version of the room is unique and all the items and notes inside will disappear once you solve the room’s puzzle.
Damit, first thing to get is an Archive Note, which you can find under the pot on the right side of the small mirror.
ID Card 1
‘Guest: Herr. Liu’

You can also find a Spiel inside the pot on the left side of the mirror. jedoch, while it may be tempting to use this to light up the nearby candle I would actually recommend holding off for now. Wie bereits erwähnt, everything in this room is lost once the puzzle is solved and that includes the lighting of the candle.
Now in order to get out of here you have to turn off your flashlight and interact with the mirror. As you turn it left and right, you should notice that one of the doors on either side of you is lit with a faint green light. You have to go through this door, which I think is randomised each time. You’ll wind up in the same room again and have to repeat the trick with the mirror and finding the green light.
Ebenfalls, if you go through the wrong door at any point the hands on the ceiling will swipe at you. While it looks like they’re doing you damage, they’re not really. But what does happen is that the ceiling starts slowly lowering down, essentially kicking off a rather slow time limit, as if the ceiling gets too low you will die. Und für jedes Mal, wenn Sie etwas falsch machen, wird die Decke auch ein Stück herunterfallen.
Wenn Sie insgesamt dreimal durch die richtige Tür gehen, wird der Spiegel zerbrochen und Sie gelangen in die echte Version des Raums.


Jetzt sind wir in der echten Osthalle, Sie können endlich das Streichholz verwenden, das Sie zuvor gesammelt haben, um die Kerze hier anzuzünden.
On the left side of the now shattered mirror is an Archive Note:
Herr. Liu
'Herr. Liu hat morgens die Messehalle geputzt.“

To the right of the smashed mirror is the Brass Key 3, and tucked in the chair on the right of that is a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 4
‘The vase on the table of the keeper’s room can’t be removed. Last time, Ming was trapped in the back room for doing just that.’

With all those things collected you can now unlock the door.

Keeper’s Room/Hallway

Turn right and head down the corridor. On the left here you can find a small shelf with an Archive Note:
Nanny Chen’s Treasure
‘The prayer beads never cease to leave Nanny Chen’s hands.’

And in the wardrobe opposite you can find a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 11
‘Steward Yin forbids anyone from going upstairs, and nobody has come down, something strange is going on in the house.’

Continue on into the actual Keeper’s Room, and on a small table you can find an Archive Note:
ID Card 4
‘Guardian: Wang Yong’

At the far end of the room you’ll hear the jingling of bells, but you can ignore it for now. The table here should have a Puzzle-Hinweis, das Tiger Bell File, while you’ll also see acts as an item too. We’ll need to work out how to reveal the missing part of the solution.
You can also see a yellow-ish cloth just lying on the table here, and if you interact with it it’ll reveal itself to be a ghost in disguise, but a quick QTE will make it go away. Or you can ignore it, your call.
Next to this, on a small pedestal, is an Empty Vase which we’ll need for later.
Head back to the door to the East Hall. Jetzt, if you want you can keep going past it, where you’ll get a small cutscene of a Paper Doll sliding away into a room you can’t currently get into. We’ll get to that room later.
Where you need to go is through the door right next to the one into the East Hall, der in einen kurzen Korridor führt. Hier links abbiegen, und die zweite Tür zu Ihrer Linken kann aufgeschlossen werden, um den Zugang zurück in die Vordere Halle zu ermöglichen. Ebenfalls, Wenn du zurück in die erste Tür gehst, an der du vorbeigekommen bist, kannst du in einen weiteren Korridor gehen, und die Tür hier rechts kann auch entriegelt werden, um aus verschiedenen Richtungen einen leichteren Zugang in die vordere Halle zu ermöglichen.
Jetzt sind wir wieder in der vorderen Halle und auf vertrautem Territorium, Geh zurück zum Teehaus. Denken Sie an die Schüssel mit Wasser im hinteren Teil des Raumes? Head there and you can use both the Tiger Bell File and the Empty Vase on it to get the Complete Tiger Bell File und Water-Filled Vase beziehungsweise.
We’ll use both of those later.
Head through the door next to the candle, into the long corridor at the left of the map, und biege rechts ab, using your key to unlock the locked door your see on your right just ahead.

Main Corridor

While this area isn’t officially named, I think it’s big enough to count.
Head forward into the main large area of this room, and you’ll see two red wardrobes flanking some stairs. Der rechte ist leer, kann aber bei Bedarf als Versteck genutzt werden, but the left one has an Archive Note:
„Der Herr bat Ming, Artikel aus dem Arbeitszimmer zu rezitieren.“

Ignoriere vorerst die Treppe und gehe den Korridor gegenüber hinunter. Am anderen Ende des Korridors befinden sich zwei Türen zum Aufschließen; einer, der zu dem Korridor führt, in dem wir vorher waren, und der andere führt in den Save Room. Ebenfalls, on the table with the vase next to the Save Room door is a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 5
„Wenn das Gesicht der Frau kein Muttermal hätte“, sie wäre eine seltene Schönheit gewesen.’

Also in this part of the room you can spy a large clock in one corner, which is ghost in disguise, so take care unless you want to deal with a QTE.
Now that the doors are open we can no head up the stairs. At the top you’ll see a stuffed bunny just sitting on the floor. When you examine it you’ll be attacked by a ghost, and need to do a small QTE to get free. Once you’re back in control a ghost will be chasing you, so start by running away. You can either run into the Guest Room and hide in the wardrobe here or, as I recommend, run the other way, through the Tea House and into the Save Room.
Merken, entering the Save Room at any point will cause the ghost to despawn.
Also worth noting that as of now that ghost will be patrolling the halls and rooms of the building, so keep an ear out for footsteps to signal he’s nearby. Ebenfalls, any lit candles in the area will glow blue when a ghost is near. Told you to light them for a reason.
Once you’ve lost the ghost you’ll find that the Vajvakilaka has appeared in your inventory. Es war das Messer, mit dem Sie beim QTE an der Treppe erstochen wurden. Wir werden das für den Rest unseres kleinen Abenteuers oft verwenden.
Apropos, unsere Hand tut jetzt auch ziemlich weh, Daher würde ich empfehlen, die Bandage zu verwenden, um sie einzuwickeln und all diese lästigen Blutungen zu stoppen.
Jetzt, Gehen Sie zurück zum Zimmer des Wächters / Flurbereich gehen Sie zu der Tür, die zum Zimmer der Dienstmädchen führt. Um hier reinzukommen, müssen wir ein kleines Rätsel lösen.
Es ist wirklich einfach genug, Der Schlüssel zur Lösung liegt in der vollständigen Tiger Bell-Datei. When you look at the Complete Tiger Bell File you’ll notice that there’s a bunch of random coloured shapes, and you’ll also notice that the door to the Maids Room is surrounded by bells with similarly coloured ropes.
As you can imagine, you have to count how many of each colour appear on the Complete Tiger Bell File to work out the order in which you have to hit the bells on the door. But to actually hit them you have to use the Vajvakilaka.
The order is as follows: rot, Grün, Orange, Gelb, Aqua, Lila.

Maids Room

As you walk into the room you’ll hear the tell-tale footsteps of an approaching ghost, which I’m pretty sure is scripted to show up when you enter this room. To your left you should see a red wardrobe that you can open up and hide inside until he’s gone.
Once the footsteps have faded away you’re free to explore the room properly.
There’s a large bed in one corner of the room where you can see a red cloth with an Archive Note darunter:
Ding Xiang
‘Ding Xiang fetched the Madam’s portrait from the gallery.’

Just to the right of that is a Spiel on top of the little stack of containers, which you can the turn around and use on the candle on the opposite side of the room.
To the left of the candle on the loom is another Archive Note:
Herr. Liu’s Treasure
'Herr. Liu takes extreme care of his beard. Every time I’ve seen him he is always combing his long beard…’

To the right of the candle is a small box which you can open for Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 13
‘It seems like the painter and the madam had an affair, so the steward took them away! Why did you kill yourself, Ding Xiang? In order to save the painter, you asked Ming to steal the key of the treasure…’

And on the mirror nearby is a Puzzle-Hinweis:
Sealing Measures
‘The souls are all just illusions, their appeals have no place to settle, with time moving on, they grow into devils just running about. This artefact can evoke souls, eliminate void and obsession. jedoch, for the souls with hostility formed through obsession, they first need to be sealed before being destroyed. Make a paperman using bamboo and white sheet, and lure the soul with his/her treasured possession. Wenn ein Busgeräusch aus dem Artefakt kommt, die Seele ist versiegelt, dann zerstreust du seine/ihre feindseligkeit, und…(Herr. Liu ist in der Halle)’

Dieser sagt uns im Wesentlichen, dass wir die Geister mit den Titelpuppen aus Papier versiegeln müssen, die über den Ort verstreut sind. Schließlich, auf dem tisch liegen zwei gegenstände; das Kamm and some Schwarzer Zucker.
Mit all dem, Wir haben jetzt das Wissen, um Geister zu versiegeln, und die Mittel, um schon eines zu tun!
Geh zurück in die From Hall und die Paper Doll, die gerade auf dem Boden in der Nähe des Haupteingangs liegt. Use the Comb on it, and you’ll get a small QTE where you have to press the right buttons to seal it away.
Completing it finally seals away Mr. Liu, and with his ghost gone we can now properly enter Exhibition Hall 1, so head back to the Tea House and head inside.

Exhibition Room 1

With Mr. Liu gone, we can now properly explore this room without him teleporting us away all the time.
On the chair opposite when you walked in you can find a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 2
‘Ming often hides in the cabinet to do pranks! But Ding Xiang always sticks up for him and gives him candies. Ming is naughty but often leaves the study key in Nanny Chen’s hands.’

On the shelf on one side of the room is a small clock, but this is actually a ghost in disguise who’ll attack you and force a QTE if you interact with it. There’s also a small box here but it’s locked for now.
Most importantly you can also pick up a Spiel here too, which is kinda special. If you use the Match to light up the nearby candle, which I would recommend, you’ll find that it’ll magically pop back into existence.
Warum? Weil wir ein Streichholz brauchen, um ein Rätsel zu lösen, Also wird sich dieser regenerieren, bis wir es tun.
Apropos, gegenüber all dem ist eine große Kommode, mit der man interagieren kann. Der Schrank selbst wird mit einem kleinen Seil festgebunden, aber wir könnten immer ein Streichholz gebrauchen, um das Seil wegzubrennen. Es tropft aber auch Wasser von der Decke, was das Feuer löscht, wenn wir es versuchen.
Zum Glück befindet sich im oberen Teil der Kommode ein Buch, das Sie verschieben können. Wie Du vielleicht erwartest, wenn Sie das Buch in die untere Mitte der Regale verschieben, it sits right over the place where the water drips down, allowing up to light up the rope and open the cupboard.
Inside you can find two things, the first one which is an Archive Note:
ID Card 6
‘Steward: Yin Zhong’

The other item is a little trickier to get, but you need to use the Black Sugar on the head to get it to drop the Brass Key 4.
With this key we can now access the Warehouse in the far corner of the map, so from leaving this room this room turn left, go through the door here and straight ahead to the door on the other side of the Front Hall. Turn right past this door and the door at the end of the corridor is the one you’re looking for.


There are two wardrobes in this room which, while both being empty, you should probably open up in case a ghost happens to wander into the room.
Right next to the door is a large pot with a candle on top of it, and right next to that is an Archive Note:
Wang Yong
‘Many more insects have appeared in the warehouse, Wang Yong was in charge of exterminating the insects.’

Further along this wall is a small table with another Archive Note:
Ming’s Treasure
‘The silver bracelets on Ming’s wrists seem to be his closest possession since he was adopted.’

To the right of this is a box containing the Prayer Beads und das Casket Key.
You might also spy a key on the small table opposite, but if you try to grab it a ghost will attack you, so best to leave it for now.
With both items in tow, there are a couple of things we can do.
First off let’s returns to Exhibition Hall 1, and use the Casket Key on the little box on the shelf. Inside you can find the Silver Bracelets, und ein Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 12
‘On all rainy days, the rain leaks from the tea house, and I can even hear the drips in the exhibition hall, which really annoys me. I didn’t allow anyone to enter the exhibition hall when I was in there alone!’

Nächste, Geh zurück zum Teehaus. At the back of the room is the wardrobe I mentioned earlier with the Paper Doll inside. Using the Prayer Beads will allow you to seal away yet another spirit, and this one will even be kind enough to drop the Brass Key 5 for your troubles.
This key lets us access the Study, however we can’t actually get in there yet as the door is blocked and we need to seal away another spirit first!
Start by heading back to the Keeper’s Room. In the corner of this room is the little pedestal where you took the Empty Vase earlier. Place the Water-filled Vase in the same spot and a hidden door will open up.
This little room is largely empty, and the one item we do have in here can’t be removed without the door locking behind us so we’d better leave it.
There is however a new Paper Doll that we can use the Silver Bracelet on to seal away. Once this is done however, we’ll be attacked by a new ghost and have to QTE our way out of trouble!
This ghost will also join the other ghost in randomly wandering around, and she has much quieter footsteps, so keep an ear open for her.
With three ghosts now sealed we’re well on our way. Now to get to the Study; leave the secret room and then go through the nearby door. Go a little right and down the corridor, and then turn right down the next one to reach the Study door.


Turn right as you enter, and you’ll see a typical red wardrobe here. While it’s empty, it’s a good idea to leave it open as ghosts love to wandering into the room now and then.
Opposite them it’s a small table where you can find a Match. Jetzt, on either side of this table you can see two pictures hanging from the wall. Examine the one on the left and you’ll find you can tear open a small hole in it, and checking the one on the right will allow you to pick up the Painting Scroll.
Head over to the other side of the room and you can light a candle on the desk there, and make note of the clock in one corner, which we’ll be using later. Check the draws of that desk for a Match and an Archive Note:
Wang Yong’s Treasure
‘Wang Yong often stays in his room all alone, taking out the military token, recalling the old days when he followed the Lord during the war.’

Turn around from the desk and look to the left for a couple of draws in the dresser nearby. The one on the right has a Broken Firecracker, and the one on the left holds a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 10
„Ming hat beim Frühlingsfest fast das Dach gesprengt“. Ich kann Wang nicht mehr anvertrauen, Feuerwerkskörper herzustellen. Das nächste Mal kaufe ich Feuerwerkskörper aus der Innenstadt.“

Auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite des Schreibtisches befindet sich eine weitere Kommode mit zwei Schubladen. Der linke hat noch ein Match, and the right on has another Archive Note:
Yin Zhongs Schatz
‘Außer dem Herrn und Madame, nur Yin Zhong hat die Schlüssel zum Schatz, und er hält die Schlüssel ganz nah bei sich.“

You may also notice next to the chair behind the desk is another Painting Scroll that we can acquire, but as we only need one there’s no point in letting a second clog up your inventory.
With the Broken Firecracker we can now head back to the Keeper’s Room and the little secret room within. Heb die ... Auf Feuerwerkskörper and put the Broken Firecracker in its place, allowing you to leave the room. Now head back to the Study and place the Firecracker in the small hole in the wall near the small desk. While the temptation might be to just light it up, remember how that diary pieces talked about them being dangerous? Gut, place the Painting Scroll over it and light that up instead. I recommend then retreating at speed into the nearby wardrobe. Partially because this’ll put you far enough away from the boom to survive, but also because when the boom goes bang it’ll summon a ghost to the room and you’ll need to hide until it goes away.
When you can leave the wardrobe, you’ll see that the boom worked, but now there’s a big helping of fire in the way. Thankfully we know of a good place where there’s a lot of water.
Head to the Tea House and grab the Water-filler Copper Basin from the back of the room near the wardrobe with the sealed Paper Doll in it.
Take this back to the Study and use it on the fire. Inside the small little room here is a wardrobe you can open up to find the Copper Key 5 Innerhalb, which will allow us into Exhibition Hall 2. So head around to Exhibition Hall 1 and unlock the door there.

Exhibition Hall 2

First thing to do is turn right and go to the other side of the room to unlock the door into the Save Room so you can nip in there to get rid of any ghost that might spawn, which they do frequently while you’re in here.
Jetzt, in this room you can see three wardrobes lining one wall, two of which you can open and find empty, and the middle one is locked. We’ll be needing to open that soon once we get past a few issues.
On the opposite side of the room to the three wardrobes are two more, the right one of which contains a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 15
‘Wang Yong has been guarding the warehouse all along, I have no access to the treasure! Vergiss es! The savings are enough for me to find a better place.’

Near them is a small table with something looks like a hammer. Under that, on the lower part of the table is a Diary Note:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 15
‘These days the madam is in poor health, she does not hear anything we say, Nanny Chen has asked me to increase her medicine dose…’
On the dresser nearby you can find the Stuck Wooden Tag, and the middle of the little tables has a clock on it. Open it up and inside you’ll find a Puzzle-Hinweis:
Exhibition Hall Verse
‘What if I compare it with the wooden charm?’

We’ll be using this later (theoretically), but on the next table is a bird cage with Wooden Tag 4 drin.
Schließlich, near to the birdcage is a table with a Spiel and a red-coloured candle that you should light right away. Use the Stuck Wooden Tag on the lit candle to get Wax-filled Wooden Tag 1 und Wax-filled Wooden Tag 2.
You may notice that we’re missing one tag of course, and for that you need to go and have a look at the clock. The hands will be set to a random time, so remember what it is and take that information all the way back to the Study. Look at the clock in here and set it to the same time to open it up and grab the Wooden Tag 3.
Take this all the way back to Exhibition Hall 2.
Jetzt, dear readers, it’s time for us to solve the worst puzzle in the whole game (and if I had to guess the reason you’re currently reading this guide).
We’ve got our four tags (the two with wax should now not have any anymore, so don’t worry about that), and in the Exhibition Hall 2 there are four wooden pillars with square holes in; three on one wall and a forth on the opposite wall.
As you can imagine you have to put the four Wooden Tags into those holes in the right order.
But there are two issues with that. The first one is that they don’t stay put when you place them. Thankfully this is easily solved using the red candle in the room. Using any Wooden Tag on the candle will put some wax on its back, allowing you to stick it into place. Although this is annoyingly only temporary and they do eventually fall out again after a minute or so.
The only problem is that the clue to helping you solve this little puzzle is in Chinese, the native language of the games creators, and unlike all the other puzzles, this one doesn’t get any extra help or translation to help you work it out!
You could spend half an hour trying to brute force your way to an answer of course, it’s only 24 different combinations. Obwohl es ziemlich mühsam ist, ständig Geistern auszuweichen und die Tags zu wachsen.
OK, also, Hier ist eine kurze Erklärung, wozu das Puzzle meiner Meinung nach versucht, Sie zu tun:
Laut Adelaide in den Steam-Foren für dieses Spiel, die vier Tags können kombiniert werden, um die Wörter "Tür öffnen" zu buchstabieren, gemeint sind die türen des schranks. Tags 1, 2 and 3 are one symbol and 4 is the other. Sie müssen diese Tags platzieren, um diese Wörter zu buchstabieren.
Nein, ich auch nicht.
Hier ist, was Sie tatsächlich tun müssen:
Mit Blick auf die Wand mit den drei Säulen, place Tag 1 on the left, Tag 3 in the middle and Tag 2 on the right. Then turn around and place Tag 4 all by its lonesome on the opposite wall.
Putting them all in place will open the wardrobe and allow you to grab the Brass Key 1.
With that new key, head back over to the corridor outside the Warehouse and you can unlock the door to the Armoury.


As you walk into the room, just in front of you will be a Zeichen resting next to a spear. When you grab it the doors behind you will burst open and male ghost that’s been wandering around the halls will be heading right to you! Quickly run into the room and use the Token on the Paper Doll in the corner. Complete the QTE quickly to dispel the ghost that’s coming to kill you.
Now that the ghost is out of the way, head into the Warehouse. With the spare Match you picked up earlier you can finally light the candle in this room, and in the far corner you can finally grab Copper Key 1. Heading out of the room you can open the door on your right.


All three of the wardrobes in this room are empty, for the record, but having them open to hide in on the off chance you hear footsteps is a good idea.
On your right as you walk in is a Puzzle-Hinweis next to the candle:
Cloakroom Verse
‘Someone circled the third word and wrote the number “3” next to it.’

Further up on the right is another Puzzle-Hinweis:
Cloakroom Passcode
‘The same words with the poem from the Cloak Room.’

Behind you from this note you can see the lid of a trunk resting on the partition. It’s very hard to see unless you’re close, but it’s a Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 6
‘I must be having delusionsrecently I’ve been seeing Ding Xiang wandering in the gallery, even though she has already died…’

At the back of the room you can find two more Notes. Ein Archive Note:
Ding Xiang’s Treasure
‘Ding Xiang…treats the portrait I gave her like a treasure.’

And a third Puzzle-Hinweis:
Pattern Code
‘The number 3 is counted from the bottom.’

Next to this note you’ll see a large device with dozens of little pictures that you can move around, with four thin slots along the bottom, next to some pictures placed along there too.
As you might imagine we have to pick the correct four pictures from the set at the top to match up with the ones at the bottom. Except it’s actually a little more complicated than that.
In order to work out which pictures go with which, you have to use those three Puzzle Notes that you just picked up. Zuerst, let’s look at the Passcode Note; as you can see there are clearly eight large symbols on it, arranged in pairs. So these symbols obviously refer to the eight pictures we need to move around. But How?
Gut, if you look at the Verse Note you can see that those eight symbols also appear on this Note too in various places. This Note also has the number three assigned to one of the symbols on it. If this is the third symbol then it’s safe to assume that the counting order starts at the top-right and goes down each column moving to the left. As a side-note this is how Chinese writing works.
So, based on that we can replace the symbols from the Passcode Note as follows: 15 and 3, 23 and 10, 11 and 15, 6 and 22. jedoch, as we only need to put in one set of pictures, the ones in the slots, so we only need the set on the left of the Passcode page, Sein: fünfzehn, 23, 11, and 6.
Finally we can take these numbers to the Pattern Code Note and apply them here. As you can see by the position of the number three on this Note, you have to count from the bottom-left, going up each column and moving right. I guess the change is to make it less obvious or something.
So, now that we know which symbols are paired with each other, all we now have to do is place them in the box and it’ll open up!
The positions of the pictures are all sadly randomised, so I can’t guide you to exactly which one goes where.
What I will say is don’t let the puzzle fool you! Although you might not think it, you can also move the four pictures next to the four slots too! You’ll need to, as the left-most slot needs the third picture along the bottom. Frech!
The second picture looks like four dots, the third has a large leaf on it, and the fourth one is kinda like a flowery sun.
Just compare the symbols and the pictures and you should get it.
Inside you’ll find the Porträt.
With that now in tow, leave the Cloakroom, turn right and go through the door ahead, then turn left and through the door ahead again. Now turn right, then right down the corridor ahead of you. Go around the corner and as you approach the door it will open all by itself


Get ready for a boss fight!
Before you interact with the Paper Doll here to seal it away, head around to table on the right-hand side and you can find a Tagebuchnotiz hidden between two scrolls:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 3
‘Ever since the miscarriage, Madam has turned more silent. She often blindly glares at children’s toys, and screams insanely.’

Whenever you’re ready, interact with the Paper Doll and try to seal it away using the Portrait
When you try to seal her away however you’ll find that it doesn’t quite work, and suddenly three shadowy versions of her appear in the area; two in the Gallery itself and one out in the corridor.
Start by trying to seal one of these away using the usual method, and when you to the ghost will appear and try to attack you!
Your goal now is to seal away all three of the shadowy ghosts, white the actual ghost floats around and undoes what you’re doing! So you have to move quickly to seal away all three!
Once all three are sealed away, you’ll then have to do the same to the Paper Doll again, this time with the ghost directly trying to stop you, adding to more QTE stuff while you’re doing it.
Once she’s sealed away she’ll drop the Keychain.
You now have free reign to explore the entire map now!
No pesky ghosts, no more puzzles, and all the room, save for one, are unlocked and open to you!
So feel free to wander around, collect any Notes you might have missed (which shouldn’t be any thanks to my guide), and then head to the Treasury in the bottom corner of the map, just off of the Tea House.


Das ist es, the final room!
As you walk inside you’ll see one final Paper Doll to seal away, but before you do head into the back of the room and look at the right-hand side of the shelf there to get one final Tagebuchnotiz:
Herr. Liu’s Diary 16
‘The Lord really loves his wife. In order to make her happy, he raised a theatrical troupe of the second floor!’

While you don’t know it yet, this will come into play in the sequel.
Trotzdem, turn around to get to sealing up that final ghost using the Keychain. Just note that when you do you’re locked into the endgame.
The ghost will rather ominously tell you to go upstairs, so there’s no time like the present!
As you leave the room however things will kick into high gear and a chase sequence will start, where you need to run away from ghosts and react quickly to various QTEs, so be ready!
Ahead of you one of the ghosts from before will appear in the corridor, so take a detour into the Tea House. There’ll be a quick QTE as a chair gets thrown at you. Run into the Front Hall and other ghost will block you from entering the Save Room, so turn left and had around past the main entrance, which another ghost will crawl through, and you’ll get another QTE as a door flies at you. A ghost will emerge from the broken doorway, but you can go around her and into do you the right. Turn left in here, go through the door and then through the door just to your right into the Keeper’s Room/Hallway area. Turn left in here, dodging another QTE, and into the Keeper’s Room proper. Go through the door here into the Main Hall and head straight for the stairs. There’s be one final QTE on the stairs, but get past that and you can had around to the right at the top of the stairs and head up the second set of stairs to end the game!
Von Oymon

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