La estancia: Tutorial completo

Esta guía no es una explicación de la solución paso a paso, más bien sugerencias específicas de la etapa que deberían ayudar en cualquier rompecabezas en el que simplemente no se haga clic. Each stage has a goal and the non-tutorial stages have bonus scrolls. Finishing all levels with all bonus scrolls will give all achievements, which are marked in the guide if you are not skipping any. There is a chance to revisit uncompleted bonus scrolls at the end of the game so feel free to circle back later.

Many of the solutions can be made easier by looking towards the end of the puzzle and working backwards; locking in what the final step needs to be helps narrow the remaining options. For the bonus scrolls it is helpful to check at what point the new path adds on to the original puzzle so you know if there are existing mechanics that can be ignored (a gate right before the end of the original puzzle not needed to be opened for bonus means that Statue is free to be used elsewhere).

The game has four main chapters each with their own visually distinct setting: the Desert (19 niveles), the Tower (19 niveles), the Well (16 niveles), the Dark Hallway (18 niveles), por un total de 72 niveles.

Capítulo uno: Discovery

Step into the dark world flame. (Logro: Welcome to Reality)

1. First Dawn
Learn to swap places with the Statue. (Logro: Step by Step)

2. Curiosidad
Learn to use swapping to conserve dark world time.

3. Anaphora
Learn to swap with the statue to refresh dark world time.

4. Small Hindrance – (Learn to use Gate Pads)
Learn to unlock Dark Gates.

5. Simple Twist
Learn to set up intermediary positions to get two things (you and Statue) in the proper places at the same time. (Logro: Blindfold)

6. Through the Shadows
Learn that Statues can be used for opening a gate to move through and then used for other things once you don’t need the gate to remain open.

7. Consonance
Learn to use Harp Bridges.

8. Overture
Learn to use all four mechanics together by setting up the Statue so that you can maximize your dark world distance.

9. Harmony
Get both yourself and the Statue to the other side, then worry about putting it in its place.

10. Intimidation
Learn about the Wall that you can’t pass in the dark world. Chain swaps to keep your dark time up.

11. Familiar Scenery
Even though there is a dark wall, do you even need to use that path? Get the statue to where you want to be then swap to it with a fresh dark timer.

12. Ensemble
Learn that some gates require two statues in position at once.

13. Imitation
Learn about the Statue mirror. Although the tooltip says it “duplicates” the tower this is misleading, since there is still just one tower appearing in two fixed places at once it does not create a second Statue. It functions more as a mirror, where it appears to be in two places but there is still only one Statue.

14. Symmetry
Just note all the things you need to have in place at once. Where you need to be, where the Statue needs to be, and how you will get to the exit.

15. Bewilderment
Get both you and the tower to the other side, once you have that be sure not to spend the rest of the dark world time before you get across.

16. The Overlook
Statues can’t be put on stairs, so the limited real estate forces your moves to be in place before finally executing the move to the end.

17. Eagerness
Learn that visual obstacles are put in positions to force synchronizing execution of multiple mechanics.

(Logro: Not a Child)

Challenge Scroll: Mesmerizing Symphony
This stage is the first that is larger with a few visual barriers and feels like the end of the intro stages.

If you haven’t picked up the spacing of this game before you’ll become familiar with it here: you can see the “nodes” which elements are placed on are laid out in a grid with a walkway between them, and elements such as dark time and how far you can move while the harp tower are active can be measured by this grid. Por ejemplo, once you activate the harp tower you’re only able to move a set distance before it runs out, so plan your execution accordingly. También, sometimes you don’t need to cross both harp bridges at once, and can return to an element at the start of the puzzles which may seem like it has served its purpose.
(Logro: Curious Mind)

Challenge Scroll: Triunfo
Here’s a hint: don’t take the left path first. There is a bit of inching the Statue closer to where it needs to be, then moving it over as you refresh your dark time and put it where it needs to be. You’ll feel a bit winded climbing all the stairs at once!

Capitulo dos: Conocimiento

Even though you’re not in the dark world that Harp Tower can still be activated. Move to it and take out its power source, the Relic, which can be inserted into interact with towers and statues as if you were in the dark world.

This chapter is a tower that has four floors, and the doorways to each level have a scroll symbol above them that becomes illuminated when you achieve the bonus objective for that stage. This method persists through the rest of the game.

There are four levels on the 1st floor of the Tower.
1. Calm Echoes
There’s no way into the dark world. Using the relic is the only way to activate towers, so only one tower can be activated at a time.
Bonus Scroll
Now there’s a way into the dark work, and an alternate path around that gate.

2. Innocent Mind
Don’t forget to use that relic! You’ll be able to swap to a tower any time to get back into the dark world…
Bonus Scroll
… or use it to hold your place while you get into the dark world on foot.

3. Práctica
Keep the relic with you for this one.
Bonus Scroll
You don’t have to cross all the bridges at once if you carry the relic as you go.

4. Endless Pursuit
A few things need to happen at the same time, figure out what the final position looks like. First figure out which Statue you need the tower in.
Bonus Scroll
Redo the exact same solution to take the dark bridge.

(Logro: Level Up)

Go up to Floor 2 in the elevator. This floor has 5 challenge levels.

5. Guiding Knowledge
Learn to use the energy beams.
These are the final tower type and used to make some of the tricker puzzles.

6. Ambiguous Thoughts
Being in the dark world activates the walls, so you have to plan around that by setting up the energy beams before activating them with the relic.
Bonus Scroll
You can aim the energy beam at a tower so it is active, then once you get to that tower you can step into the beam right next to the tower and be in the dark world for a bit.

7. Labyrinth
After crossing the first bridge the second bridge will also need to be active when you get to it. That is to say, the first bridge doesn’t need to stay active after you cross it.
Bonus Scroll
Redo the same method but angled to cross the middle bridge.

8. Inquisitive Minds
Only two towers so not much complexity here. The relic does go in the energy tower to cross the bridge, and you can reset the level to get back on the other side of the wall.
Bonus Scroll
The Statue is more in the way at this point.

9. Crepúsculo
The sphere around the energy tower will still put you into the dark world even if it is pointed in a different direction.
Bonus Scroll
The energy tower needs to be rotated to get across the bridge, but something else can happen first on that far side.
(Logro: Erudito)

Go up to Floor 3 in the Elevator. This floor has 6 challenge levels.

10. Faith
Keep that Statue on the dark portal until you’re ready to make a break for the end.
Bonus Scroll
Same trick with the Statue except now it gives you a relic to put in it. The tower that it was in is not needed.

11. Chain of Rules
Only one way to get into the darkness, and if a different tower has the relic then there’s no way back in (keep the relic in the energy tower).
Bonus Scroll
Keep the Statue in place so the gate stays open! With that new visual barrier it’s a real pain to get it back there and the gate should be open so you can carry the relic through it for that second Harp tower.

12. Monochrome Beliefs
The first half of this puzzle is getting the Statue in the Mirror portal. The second half is using it to get across the dark wall and bridge.
Bonus Scroll
Repeat the same solution, except ring the harp tower before exiting the energy beam.

13. Land of Law
This one is fun, just a straight line and the little corner outside the energy beam. The relic stays in the beam, and the energy tower stays pointed straight ahead, so there’s no tricks just an order of operations with the Statue.
Bonus Scroll
I’m not sure what these stairs are doing here, maybe just a way to get unstuck if you put you and the Statue behind the gate?
For this part you and the Statue will stay on opposite sides of the gate, which will be closed. You just need to get into the second energy beam.

14. Defining Label
Another technical puzzle that can get a bit obscured. There is some doubling back here, so imagine what the layout needs to look like at the end and which towers you need to adjust first.
Bonus Scroll
The final move is the Statue being in front of the gate while standing on the gate portal. To do this there is more doubling back to the start, but not to move the Energy tower…

15. Obedience
This looks a bit more complicated than it is. First get the gate unlocked, then move through the gate.
Bonus Scroll
There is no relic so don’t try to chain the Energy towers together. Hay 3 bridges to cross but only two are in line with the Energy beams, so use that Statue with the dark portal to get all the way.

Go up to Floor 4 in the Elevator and this floor has 2 challenge levels and 2 challenge scrolls.

16. Caged Mind
The relic stays in the Energy tower.
Bonus Scroll
Redo the same solution, except this time the final Statue swap move to the gate portal. Go back to the Statue and keep it on the dark portal to chain the dark world time but now you can take it all the way since the end of the level mass of black in the center is now gone. I think this is the only time in the game they use that as an obstacle and I think that’s pretty neat.

17. Forbidden Fruit
This looks like a boss fight for how much is going on here and since it’s the last level of this section. The first step is to take the right path to angle the energy tower towards the bridge it needs to cover. After that right part can be disregarded it makes it a bit simpler, but still challenging, but at least the energy beams stay up so experimenting is easy.
Bonus Scroll
Backtrack to the start and grab the relic. There might be a different solution using the tower at the start and two on the left, but I used a solution that only uses the relic with the three towers on the right path.

Challenge Scroll: Chaos
If the last level looked like a final boss then this one more than looks it. First get that Statue onto the get portal, then turn the energy tower to hit the other on the far side of the gate. That start is pretty much a setup to get the fixed Energy tower like in Defining Label. After that there’s a lot of looking ahead that needs to happen, and if messed up could lead to some frustration, so after pointing the Energy towers in useful positions the Statue needs to end up on the Mirror Portal. The Mirror Portal needs to have an energy beam direct at both sides but NOT by the one that will activate the dark wall just before the entrance.

Challenge Scroll: Enigmatic Sight
Of course the first step is to put that Relic in the Energy Tower, como siempre. Now do the dance with the Statue blocking the energy beam to get over to the gate portal. And finally just have to get yourself over there too. (Logro: Adepto)

Go up the elevator to exit the Tower. (Logro: Doubtful Mind)

Capítulo tres: Vision

This chapter is made up of four wells with challenge levels and challenge scrolls.

1. Self Exploration
Learn about Dark Gates.

2. New Perspective
Learn to use the Dark Gate with the Statue and Harp towers.

3. Percepción
Learn about triggering dark time while in the dark zone and carrying it through the portal. You’ll need to use the Statue to get enough dark time to make it across the bridge.

4. In Search of Truth
Put together the elements learned so far; the gate is not the end of the level. The dark gate is used only briefly at the start, and after you have gotten the Statue to the other side of the gate.
(Logro: Opened Eyes)

5. Empty Rapture
The dark gate seems to be in the way this time instead of helpful. You can pop through it to quickly activate the harp tower then double back to cross.
Bonus Scroll
That Statue still has the relic in it, dip back over to the dark gate to do another quick Harp Tower activation.

6. A little bit of ring around the rosie here. Only one tower to worry about so this should feel familiar of getting it where you need to be then standing where it needs to be.
Bonus Scroll
Redo the same method with the Statue moved up past the gate.

7. Siren’s Lullaby
Take a lap to put the Relic in the Statue to get it on the other side of that dark wall. Double back to get it where it needs to be then take the relic and head to the exit.
Bonus Scroll
Put the Relic back in the Statue where it will stay. There are two suspicious looking ledges that seem perfect for moving up a Statue.

8. Hymn of Lies
This is a fun little dance moving up the Statue to just before the gate then heading back to the gate portal.
Bonus Scroll
The gate doesn’t need to be open, así que empieza a tratar de mantener la estatua en movimiento por el nuevo camino. Necesitarás usar ambos lados de la Puerta Oscura y esa Torre de Energía junto con la Estatua..

9. Virtud artificial
Poner una reliquia en una estatua en el portal Espejo activa ambas estatuas. El último movimiento de este rompecabezas es activar la estatua del arpa., caminar por la puerta oscura, cambiar a la estatua, luego muévete a la salida.
Bonus Scroll
La puerta ya no necesita estar abierta, para que la estatua se pueda usar para otra cosa. Sorprendentemente, la puerta oscura no se usa., pero la solución requiere el método familiar de llevar la runa y activar torres sobre la marcha.

10. Distopía velada
Solamente 3 pasos en este: Gira la torre de energía hacia el otro camino., encadena el tiempo oscuro para cruzar el primer puente de arpa, luego activa el segundo arpa para caminar hasta el final.
Bonus Scroll
Regrese al inicio y use el mismo método de rotar la torre del haz de energía para hacer girar la otra torre de energía, y toma su reliquia para usar en la primera torre de energía.

11. Intenciones sesgadas
Como siempre la reliquia empieza en una torre que no es la correcta. Ponte a ti y a la torre al otro lado de la puerta oscura sin estar en el mundo oscuro, luego lleva la estatua al portal del espejo.
Bonus Scroll
Trabaja al revés en este. Para llegar al —Bonus Scroll— necesitas activar esa torre de arpa sin estar en la oscuridad, que solo puede suceder si la nueva torre de rayos de energía apunta hacia la torre del arpa y se alimenta con la reliquia.

12. Poder absoluto
Tener estos rayos de energía hacia arriba solo se interpondrá en el camino por ahora, así que quita la reliquia y coloca las torres. Ahora, ¿cuál de estas torres necesita la reliquia en ella?, y qué puente se puede cruzar utilizando otros métodos (puerta oscura).
Bonus Scroll
Puede haber más de una solución aquí, ya que no necesitaba la última torre de energía ya que me encontré usando el poder de la puerta oscura al final de todos modos. Por la solución que encontré: La primera torre de rayos de energía necesita puntos directamente a través de la puerta oscura y debe estar activa, pero como no puedes poner la reliquia, tendrás que encadenar otra hacia ella. Luego coloca la estatua en esos cruces de caminos que tienen visual de ambos caminos.

13. Muerte de un sueño
Es hora de los niveles de "jefe"; este es frustrante debido a una línea de visión oscura. Usa la reliquia para llevar la estatua al otro lado de la pared oscura y luego coloca la reliquia en la torre de rayos de energía.. Vuelve a través de la puerta oscura hasta el borde más lejano que puedes ver por ese pasaje donde apunta la torre oscura y luego cambia a la estatua.. Dirígete al rayo de energía y cambia a la estatua nuevamente para ponerla en posición., luego regresa por la puerta oscura, cambiar a la estatua, haz algunos giros en los rayos de energía y haz que la estatua abra la puerta.
Bonus Scroll
Esto volverá a alternar entre mover su posición y la estatua más cerca de la meta.. Mientras todavía en el otro lado del cambio a la estatua, luego muévete todo el camino de regreso a la puerta, Orientación de la torre de haces de energía 90 grados en sentido antihorario en el camino. El rayo de energía con la reliquia siempre te tendrá a ti o a la estatua.; sigue cambiando entre ambos y recuerda que puedes completar el nivel incluso después de atravesar la Puerta Oscura.

14. La larga noche
Estas paredes oscuras son un problema ... Otro nivel técnico, o eso parece. Desde el principio, atraviesa la puerta oscura y cambia a la estatua que está justo enfrente.. Ahora retroceda hasta el primer portal de la puerta y coloque esa estatua en. Vuelve a atravesar la puerta oscura y cambia a la otra estatua de la derecha., luego colócalo en el segundo portal de la puerta. Activa la torre del arpa y termina el nivel..
Bonus Scroll
Gira la torre de rayos de energía con la reliquia para señalar el camino., luego muévete hacia abajo y cambia a la estatua a tu izquierda. Atraviesa la Puerta Oscura y regresa a la Estatua para rotar la torre de Energía Oscura y luego regresa por la Puerta Oscura.. Cambia una vez más a la estatua y muévete hasta el final..
(Logro: Experto)

Challenge Scroll: Pesadilla vívida
Las sugerencias intuitivas no funcionarán realmente en un acertijo técnico como este. Pon la estatua en el portal del espejo, párate en el portal de la puerta, cambiar a la estatua reflejada, muévete a la pared oscura y cambia a la estatua, atraviesa la puerta oscura de regreso al inicio y cambia a la estatua, gira la torre de energía oscura a la izquierda, toma la reliquia, vuelve a subir las escaleras y coloca la reliquia en la estatua. Ahora, a través de una secuencia de barajar la Reliquia entre la torre Energy Beam y la Estatua, puedes continuar hasta el final..

Challenge Scroll: Abominación majestuosa
Tiene que haber otra solución para esto usando las torres de haz de energía "extra", pero la primera parte es la misma: Atraviesa la Puerta Oscura y cambia a la Estatua y luego ve a buscar la Reliquia.. Put the relic in the Energy beam tower on the left and swap to the Statue to unlock the gate. Take the Relic and put it in the other Energy beam tower and move to the final Energy beam tower and rotate it aiming through the Dark Gate. Go back through the Dark Gate then step back and swap to the Statue. Take the Relic from the Statue and move it so both you and the statue are at the start of the stage then take the Relic. Move through the Dark Gate then step back through and swap to the Statue and use the Relic on the Harp towers to get to the end.

Follow the wisps to get to the next area. (Logro: Tree of Lies)

Chapter Four: Redención

This chapter is made up of 16 challenge levels and 2 challenge scrolls.
1. Despertar
THE EYE!!!! The final mechanic in the Sojourn and definitely my favorite. I found this visually well done, especially when looking at it and moving closer and farther. In this stage learn about how to use the Eye, which will appear in many of the remaining levels.

2. New Angle
Go back to basics here, pero usando la nueva mecánica. Necesitas hacer un intercambio para ponerte en el camino correcto mientras que la Estatua necesita desbloquear la puerta..

3. Verdad olvidada
Recógelo .... Seguir…
Esto lo coloca instantáneamente en el mundo oscuro y puede colocarse y luego sacarse de la oscuridad cuando mira hacia otro lado., muy útil! Use esto para colocar ambas estatuas y desbloquear la puerta.

4. Llamado a la unidad
El ojo te servirá mejor si lo mantienes al principio en lugar de moverlo más., ya que volverás al principio. Put the eye and statue together just in front of the Harp bridges.

All right here we go, the final chapter begins in earnest. (Logro: Unity)

5. The Alliance
Take the Eye and move the Statue to it for each platform, then put the Statue on the Mirror portal and swap to the goal.
Bonus Scroll
Get the Eye and the Statue back on the first platform together. You’ll need to move up the right side while keeping the Statue and Eye on the left side and swapping and going in and out of the dark world when appropriate.

6. Vanguards
Three parts to this one. Put the Eye on the right so you can see it from the exit. Loop around to get to the other side without being in the dark world. Look at the Eye and walk backwards to the exit.
Bonus Scroll
Repeat this method by moving the Eye to the corner in line with the exit.

7. Confrontation
This Eye can’t be picked up and can only be seen from a few sightlines, which makes things a little easier. Don’t forget to move left across the bridge while looking at the Eye to line up a new sightline.
Bonus Scroll
Before returning to the other side of the gate swap to the Statue with the relic. Now hug the Harp towers and look into the Eye to activate them.

8. Judgment
Can’t pick up the eye in this one either. Only one movie to make at the start: cambiar a la estatua. Rotate the Energy tower to put the Statue in position then the exit is right there.
After crossing back over the bridge there is no reason that Energy beam tower needs to stay that way. Also that one and the eye are the only things needed to get to theBonus Scroll— aquí.

9. Generosity
This level is the one that made me look up a guide and realize that there were none for this game so hopefully this helps you since it was tricky for me. I think the Energy Beam Tower is not necessary so just leave it alone. Use the Eye to get the Statue on the Dark world portal, then put the eye in the middle. Then go to the Statue and move to the bridge, then swap to refresh your time and swap back and go as far as you can before ringing the Harp and running to the exit.
Bonus Scroll
For the bonus to cross the final dark bridge you need to have that dark beam tower active, and the only way to do that is with the rune. In carrying the rune there is no way to get back into the dark after leaving it, so you must stay in the dark. When getting as far as you can in the dark with the rune, is it necessary to cross both harp bridges at once?

10. Equality
At least you don’t have to worry about moving the eye again. El primer objetivo es conseguir la reliquia de Energy Beam Tower en la esquina y apuntarla a algún lugar útil en lugar de fuera del escenario.. Ahora todo lo que queda es poner la Reliquia en una torre que será útil.
Bonus Scroll
Bien, ahora ese rayo está actuando como un obstáculo (si lo hicieras como yo lo hice, puede haber una segunda solución en este caso). Saca la reliquia y ahora mira lo que se requiere para llegar al final.. Para llegar al final, es necesario activar la torre de rayos de energía., but getting past the dark wall requires that it not be powered. This means that there will be two trips to that tower: one to turn it away using the Relic in one of the previous towers, and the second trip to get to it while carrying the relic.

11. Endeavor
This was my favorite puzzle because of its simplicity. One way to enter the dark, one way to stay in it, and one way to swap. Try this one without any hints, it is a very good late game stage. .
Bonus Scroll
This is where it gets good; it is the same method that was just used but more of it. This stage feels very similar to Law of Land back in chapter two but with an extra dimension! The Statue will sometimes need to block the energy beam so you can progress, or be out of it so you can cross the bridge.

12. Evolution
Don’t immediately turn the Energy beam straight down the middle, that is the last step. Keep it turned to the right so that you can swap Statues and get the Eye in position, then while looking at the Eye walk backwards into the beam so to make it possible to look at the other Statues and swap to them.
Bonus Scroll
I’m sure there’s an intended solution here that requires moving that Energy beam tower to face the Harp tower and shuffling some Statues, but you could also just leave everything as is, ring the Harp tower and make a dash for it by cutting some corners.
(Logro: Maestría)

13. Rejuvenation
At the start look at the goal, there is a rock that you can jump off and land right at the exit.
Just kidding, Todavía no sé por qué tienen la capacidad de saltar en este juego..
El ojo no se moverá aquí, y la salida está detrás de una puerta. Incluso la primera parte de este rompecabezas no es sencilla!
OK, así que apunta la primera Energía hacia abajo hacia la segunda, luego párate en él y mira el ojo, luego activa la torre del arpa y corre hacia ella, y mientras está de pie, use el Ojo para activarlo nuevamente. Uf, Ok, ahora usa esa misma táctica nuevamente y cambia a la Estatua mientras estás parado en el portal de la puerta.
Bonus Scroll
Cual es el ultimo paso? Te dan un arpa nueva con una reliquia, pero después de eso hay un puente oscuro que está amurallado de todas las fuentes excepto una. Tienes que llevar la reliquia desde la última torre hasta la primera., luego llega al final de nuevo. Más simple de lo que parece y un juego tardío muy divertido..

14. Destino nuestro
Este capítulo final tiene los mejores acertijos en mi opinión.. Aquí el Ojo tiene la mayor libertad para moverse que hemos visto hasta ahora..
Las tres partes de este rompecabezas se pueden hacer por separado sin interferir entre sí.: getting the two Statues in place and moving to the exit.
The meat of this stage is laid out similar to a dice face where the important nodes are on an X with sightlines that are diagonal. To get the Statues in position they need to be set up across from their gate portal in line with the Eye so when you are standing on it you can swap using the Eye while looking at the Statue. You can do these each individually, then get the Eye in position with the Harp tower and Energy beam and move to the exit.

Bonus Scroll
Esto parece que podría haber múltiples soluciones debido a la flexibilidad de los elementos de este rompecabezas.. La forma en que lo hice fue colocar una de las estatuas justo antes del puente Harp, luego ir a la torre Energy Beam y tocar el arpa, luego moverse rápidamente a la derecha para cambiar a la estatua y cruzar el puente del arpa.

Capítulo 4 continuado

15. Gran revisión
Lleva la estatua al medio, luego pon el ojo con él. Use el Ojo y la Estatua para tocar el Arpa, luego muévase al portal de la Puerta y luego cambie al medio. Muévase a la esquina antes del próximo Arpa y nuevamente cambie con la Estatua para tocar el Arpa usando el Ojo y luego cambie de nuevo para cruzar.
Bonus Scroll
Pon la estatua justo antes de la pared oscura.. Muévete hacia el Ojo e intercambia con la Estatua., luego gire la torre de energía hacia el medio. Vuelve a antes de la pared oscura y cambia a la estatua de nuevo., levantando el ojo mientras atraviesas la puerta oscura y cambias a la estatua para llegar al final.

16. Revolución
¿Alguna vez ha tenido la sensación de que está siendo ... observado ...? Específicamente desde la parte superior derecha! That will be useful later but is something I missed since there is already a Dark Gate and Energy tower to use.
Looking at the final obstacles you need to be not locked in the dark world by the portal gate but in the activated energy beam moving across the dark bridge then able to step out of it to go past the dark wall. This means that Energy beam must end up facing down the path as well as the Statue keeping the gate open. I think there are multiple solutions here, but the fun one involves setting up the Energy beam towers and then looking at the eye to activate them.
Bonus Scroll
Snag the relic from the Energy beam tower and turn it towards the pathways. The Statue will now be used to push progress instead of keep the gate open, so don’t worry about the gate anymore. Looking at the end there is a dark bridge that needs to be crossed, and it is in line with an Energy beam tower, but also you could get the statue there and then use the Dark Gate and swap to it.

Challenge Scroll: Infinite Roots
Para una de las dos etapas finales, esta se sintió muy equilibrada usando casi todas las mecánicas del juego.. Como resumen del movimiento final: la torre Energy Beam debe apuntar hacia la puerta, la puerta necesita ser desbloqueada, y hay dos puentes de arpa que hay que cruzar.
El primer objetivo es llegar a la torre de rayos de energía al final de ese largo camino y girarla hacia el portal de la Puerta.. A continuación, coloque la estatua en el otro lado de la pared oscura.. Recoge la reliquia, ya que la necesitarás para activar la segunda parte del puente de arpa., y mira hacia la torre Energy Beam hacia la puerta. No te olvides del Ojo si te encuentras atrapado en el último puente oscuro.

Challenge Scroll: Esperanzas eternas
Gran parte de este acertijo se oscurece al principio, pero dividirlo en secciones no es demasiado difícil. Hay una torre de haz de energía que debe girarse para apuntar por el camino del medio, and getting over there just requires the Statue to unlock the gate as the harp and dark wall can be easily activated by stepping backwards into the Dark Gate to activate and then coming back out. With the Eye positioned in the crossroads get to the Energy Beam tower and swap to the Statue that kept the gate open. Now I am not sure if this is the intended solution, but the puzzle is practically over. Take the Eye across the bridge and put it in the very corner of that platform on the left. El objetivo aquí es pararse del otro lado de la maleza más cercana a la salida y mirar el Ojo y luego girar la torre de rayos de energía para mirar hacia el final..
(Logro: sabio)

El jardín de los méritos
Aquí puede volver a visitar cualquier etapa en la que no haya obtenido el —Bonus Scroll—. Si los tienes todos puedes activar el pergamino en el pedestal central para completar el juego.
(Logro: Eternidad, Perfección)

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