Guerra de línea: Guía para principiantes (Interfaz de usuario, Consejos y Unidades)

Some of these concepts are not made clear in the tutorial…;


UI –; command toolbar at the bottom &; info-bar at the top right

UI is –; if not from hell, then certainly from purgatory…;

Mostly command is on the bottom –; bot not always in intuitive order. Algunas veces (Pipelines, Launch Rockets, Select Slots on Airfields/Landing Strips) it’;s on the Right

Nota: since Tooltips are pretty good, I will not repeat todos of it –; just important stuff/hints/concepts not made clear in tutorials

See here: Example-Tooltip for “;Move-flavour”;:

First group of buttons: Your type of Move commands:

  • Q. Point. Go to/Assemble at this point on the map
  • W. Line ->; assemble along this line
  • mi. Arrow ->; follow this line
  • R. Target ->; Gather Units &; Attack this building
  • T. Crossbones ->; Delete your units
  • Arrows’;/ lines thickness: click multiple times/keyboard-shortcuts): To move single-file vs. to move in X columns. Therefore also: To switch between selecting a few to more of the units in a command’;ir al desollador en Leshy'

Next group of buttons: Move-directives to fine tune your move-commands:

  • A. Attack-move: Attack anything it sees/ Conquer territory, and move on only afterwards vs. Moverse:
  • S. Moverse: only fire on the move/ the unit(s) blocking its way, and don’;t stop to conquer territory
  • ;Flavour”; of your move-command:
  • normal (one click/keyboard-shortcuts on attack-move or move)
  • haste (two clicks/keyboard-shortcuts on attack-move or move. 30% más rápido, but consuming more energy/ having lower HP while running
  • D. Entrench: Only available on Lines ; not arrows. Be careful to entrench in the proper direction. Sandsacks have to face TOWARDS enemies. Units have lower health only while digging –; not after finishing. Infantery in the front line has only an EXTREMELY limited range of fire. Place artillery in a second line behind the “;meat shields”;

Next groups of buttons: Affected units on Land, in the air and on the sea

Since this screenshot serves as example –; only air-units:

  • CON. All Land, followed by each type (to switch on or off)
  • X. All Air, followed by each type (to switch on or off)
  • C. All Sea, followed by each type (to switch on or off)
  • Switching units on or off fills a “;shade”; of your “;all-type-of (land/air/sea)-button, so show that 1/5, 2/5, ; of types of units are selected
  • Sometimes you don’;t want all types of your army to follow a move command (p.ej. keep your SAMs near critical infrastructure…;)

Last group of buttons –; bottom right of the screen:

  • F1: Move-commands: to move your units
  • F2: Construct buildings: to construct different buildings. After each click on the map you have to select a building anew. Use shortcut to do this quickly. You cannot place multiple buildings with Shift (;at least for now…;). Construct units inside them: see some lines below…;
  • F3: Manage production: production-stop. Importance: See next section of this guide


    ;General’; edificios:

  • Normalmente, you’;ll select your Tab –; F1 move or F2 production –; then select your move directive A/S/D and its “;flavor”; (once or twice) ; and then draw the arrow/line/target…;
  • Produce units: See next section…;

Top of the screen:

  • First group: Showing your Energy/Fuel: Current/max, and how much you gain/lose per minute
  • Second group: Showing your Income Current/max, and how much you gain/lose per minute
  • the bars show: Upper bar: how much you produce. Lower bar: how much you lose –; in upkeep vs production
  • on mouse-over you’;ll get additional info

General info/hints

  • Screen-scrolling: Already implemented on keyboard –; via arrow-keys, not WASD. For the time being (!) you cannot reassign keys
  • Train by playing against yourself/trying out troops in sandbox-mode. Select a starting-territory, then switch to the other player (upper left of the screen) and select up to 5 territories. They have to be adjacent to each other. Each territory gives you 4 infantry instantly –; which is better than saving the money by not selecting territory. You don’;t get ships on water-tiles. But sometimes it’;s worth spanning 2 continents by using a land territory first, after which you may select water territory, and finish by selecting a territory on the other continent
  • Assemble several units to scout/take over territory. Not only will they conquer territory more quickly –; ;blobs”; also have a larger scouting range (;up to a limit)
  • If you hear music playing for the first time: Your foe has been discovered!
  • A units’; shade shows its health
  • Towns are…;bonito. But if 3 industries are located in the vicinity &; you build them up –; then you can upgrade your town to a city, which will make you rich!!!
  • Cohetes: After building a rocket pad, rockets will be assembled –; reeeally slowly. You launch them by selecting a pad with a finished rocket and clicking “;Launch”; on the right side of the screen or by clicking “;k”;
    They are devastating against units and buildings alike –; but not all buildings within the huge red circle will be completely demoslished. es más, they can be taken down by being hit in flight by something like 5+ SAMs. Por supuesto, having these SAMs positioned in the flight path is rather difficult. Addition: Follow up tactical strikes with an offensive! De lo contrario, por supuesto, feel free to target cities/harbors. Tú, monstruo

  • Delete unusable units/ unsuitable fleets to reduce upkeep. While units only cost energy while moving, they always cost upkeep. They can even render your income to zero! To delete them: Move ONLY the type you want to delete, and ONLY the group/batch you want to delete, towards a skull&;crossbones-marker
  • Por la misma razón: unclick factories/shipyards/airstrips from making units. Infantery in baracks does not cost much –; but other units could cripple your economy!
  • F3 (lower right side of the screen) gives you the option to stop ALL production
  • Every building costs upkeep as well
  • Click on a production building to select which units will be build inside. For each type you select one unit will be produced (;if you have the money –; otherwise it will be skipped) ; then the next type will be produced
  • Air strip: Can produce &; hold up to 6 units
  • Landing strips: Cheaper, stealthier, can only HOLD units. Use them to move your aircrafts closer to the front. Y: to move land units faster. Move your units close to airstrips holding transports, and draw an arrow to the other airstrip/landing strip
  • It’;s nearly impossible to have too many refineries! Otherwise you will quickly run out of fuel once you move tanks &; have a sizeable, moving fleet!
  • Oil rigs on land an on water are 3 times as productive as Power Plants
  • Energy/Fueltanks: Have to be connected to Refineries/Power Plants to fill up. Press “;k”;/ click on the icon on the right side of the screen to build a pipeline (gratis!). Refineries/Power Plants can be connected to only two pipelines, while Oil/Fueltanks have an unlimited (?) number of connections. If you don’;t build AND connect tanks, each Refineries/Power Plant will only store 30 units each; while each Oil/Fueltank can hold 120 units


  • Striker: Rango medio. Versátil, can defend against other aircraft (though not as well as interceptor). Will take down buildings –; but slowly. Can be shot at by infantry
  • Interceptador: Rango medio. Excels at intercepting enemy planes. At least in theory…;
  • Bomber: De largo alcance. Cannot defend against other aircraft. Will take down buildings more quickly. Cannot be shot at by infantry.
  • Heli: Corto alcance. Can land if running out of global energy/fuel –; in contrast to other aircraft, which will be lost if flying while running out of energy/fuel*
    * tanks and ships will stop and thus bring your fuel-consumption down. If that’;s not enough –; only then your planes will fall out of the sky
  • Transport: De largo alcance. Defenseless. Use it to transport units &; to drop commandos
  • Only tanks require fuel –; and only while they are on the move
  • Meat shields are cheap. Use them to fill your 1. line of defense, to conquer territory and to make human-wave-attacks. WWII-Russia-like
  • Commandos take less damage from ‘;friendly’; nukes
  • Merchant Navy: If you hold two territories being connected by a dotted line and having a town/city AND a shipyard adjacent, you can produce merchant ships on them
  • Submerged submarines can only be attacked by Destroyers. But submarines only fire torpedoes if surfaced –; then they can also be attacked by any (tierra) unidad. Cruisers can never attack subs
  • Subs take lesse damage from ‘;friendly’; nukes
  • Somehow subs are the fastest unit to conquer sea-tiles (see table. Enlace debajo)
  • Move your land units to the shore. Draw a line from one coast to the other. If you have transports they will pick up up to 4 troops (2 min. to cross over) and deliver them to the other shore
  • Missile ships in the lanes of enemie’;s aircraft are fun (;at least for you!)

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