La buena vida: 100% Guía de logros

Cómo “fully experiencethe Good Life, and plan out Shrine Missions in advance!



This is a guide to all the Achievements. 31 of them are attached to Shrine Missions, so the guide doubles up as a guide for those.

Logros de la historia principal

8 of the game’s 42 Achievements are part of the critical path of the game, so you’ll collect them automatically as you partake in the story.

I won’t give any further details on the individual achievements for the sake of spoilers. Try not to worry about when you get the achievements, just enjoy the ride along the way!

Juego temprano

My First Big Scoop?!
Saw a villager turn into a cat or dog for the first time.


Halfway through the story, the game splits intoRoutes”. The wording here is curious, since you might think this means there’s multiple endings with branching paths, but it’s actually just a nonlinear main quest. You do Routes A, B, and C in any order, they’re all canon to the plot, and then you continue with the last part of the story once you’ve done them all.

Mount Thy Shteed!
Rode a sheep for the first time in Route A.

Event Horizon
Completed Route A.

Woman VS Mountain
Gained access to the northern mountains in Route B.

Blue Peacock
Completed Route B.

Curtana, Blade of Legend
Gained access to the Kingswood in Route C.

Blade of Mercy
Completed Route C.


100% Debt-Free!
Completado el juego.

Note that you’re given a “elección” at the ending. This doesn’t effect any achievements, and you don’t need to go back and see the other route for any bonus content. While the ending is mostly fluff, I will say that you get ingame rewards for being greedy, and no rewards for being selfless, so let that dictate your choice if you want the most bang for your buck.

Shrine Missions

31 of the game’s 42 achievements are attached to Shrine Missions.

Shrine Missions are obtained by selecting theOracleoption when interacting with a Shrine. You’ll be given a specific mission from that shrine, which will be displayed on your quest list.

You can have up to 5 shrine missions at one timeyou’ll need to complete one before getting another one if you’re at the limit. Adicionalmente, after obtaining a mission from a shrine, you cannot get another one from the same shrine until a full ingame week has passed.

Luckily for you, the Shrine Missions are reparado. Each Shrine gives a specific mission, and you’ll obtain them in order of difficulty – Fácil, then Medium, then Hard, then Expert, then Master.

El “Maestría” Shrine Missions are what give you achievements. Some are easier than others. Much easier.

Notablemente, you can actually have multiple difficulties of the same Shrine Mission at one timeif you have the Medium version, then come back a week later, you can claim the Hard version and add it to your list as well. I wouldn’t advise doing this until you’ve done most of the Shrine Missions, sin embargo, as it basically just means you’re losing a second slot until you grind out the requirement.

If you’re not here for 100% Logros, feel free to use this section as a way to plan out what Shrines you want to seek out for their missions, since you can’t get rid of a bad Shrine Mission if you accidentally accepted it. You get a decent amount of money for doing these, and it’s arguably the best money maker you have until you unlock Time Trials after Route A (when money stops being important).

I’m not listing the amount of money each Mission gives you, partly because I didn’t keep track of most of it, and also because they changed the amounts they’re worth in Patch 1.5 anyway lol

Shrine Missions 1-6

Shrine Missions are listed in the order that they’re given in the ingame Quest Completion List. Don’t ask me why they’re ordered like this, I’m as lost as you are

1) MarKING!

Santuario: Snowy Mountains Entrance
Misión: Mark X spots.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 30
Hard Requirement: 100
Expert Requirement: 250
Master Requirement: 300

You unlock marking as you progress through the story.

As a dog, you’ll occasionally see spots that you can piss on to mark as your territory. For the next few ingame weeks, buried items may appear there. This mission wants you to just mark as many spots as possiblenotably, marking the same spots when they decay (either slightly or completely) count towards this achievement, unlike Horatio’s side quests which need you to mark a number of unique spots (hasta 100).

I’d advise doing a daily trip along the Snowy Mountains once you’ve unlocked it as part of Route B, as there is a good number of marking spots up there. Just top those up once a day and you’ll hit 300 in no time. There are also a good number of spots around town if you want to get there even quicker.

2) So Emokey

Santuario: North Lake Sutrains
Misión: Earn a total of X Emokes.

Easy Requirement: 1,000
Medium Requirement: 3,000
Hard Requirement: 10,000
Expert Requirement: 30,000
Master Requirement: 50,000

This is actually the easiest Shrine Mission, as the global achievement stats will reveal. Consiguiendo 50,000 Emokes is fairly easy, especially when you consider that photographing certain plot events and areas can get you 20,000+ cada. You’ll almost surely get this achievement casually.

3) BringinHome the Bacon

Santuario: Royal Tomb
Misión: Earn a total of X money.

Easy Requirement: £10,000
Medium Requirement: £30,000
Hard Requirement: £100,000
Expert Requirement: £200,000
Master Requirement: £500,000

From the easiest Shrine Mission to one of the worst. If you’re only starting out, you’re probably wondering how the hell you’re going to make 10k, let alone 500k. The good news is that moneymaking gets easier as you progress in the game, and the bad news is you’re still going to be here a tiempo.

After Route A, you unlock the ability to race in time trials, which earns you £750 once a day. This is repeatable, and is your most reliable money maker, but keep in mind you’d still need to do this for just shy of 2 in-game years to rack up the money from that alone. Aparte de eso, you can try mining and selling minerals (large diamonds go for a few hundred, and most chunks sell for a decent amount), and scavenging for fossils at marked spots. There’s been a few analyses on ways to make money, and the truth is that you’re still only looking at just under £90k per ingame month for muy intensive work.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s nothing ingame that warrants you earning anything near this amount of money. You will struggle to find things to spend on after £30k or so, or £50k if you’ve frivolous. So you’re grinding out an extra £450,000 for literally no reason other than a single achievement/few shrine missions.

I would sincerely advise not going for this achievement unless there’s a significant patch to it ingame. The bragging rights aren’t worth the dozens of hours you’ll throw away for no gain.

4) Wild at Heart

Santuario: Kingswood
Misión: Enjoy X Game Overs.

Easy Requirement: 5
Medium Requirement: 15
Hard Requirement: 35
Expert Requirement: 60
Master Requirement: 100

Asking the player to get 100 Game Overs is kinda weird, but hey, it’s a SWERY game. You’ll get a Game Over if your health falls to 0 from Starvation or Combat, or if you overdose on Alcohol. When you do, you’ll lose half the money you’re carrying with you (anything banked at the ATM is safe). You’re very unlikely to naturally get more than one or two Game Overs as you play, so you’ll be going out of your way to suicide on Sheep/Foxes/Deer/Badgers/Bears/whatever to grind this up. It’s tedious, but not overly hard.

Whenever you get a Game Over, you’ll automatically advance to 5AM the next day, so I’d advise going for this in tandem with other content you can only do once a day (such as Brushing Sheep/Drinking Contests/Time Trials), getting a Game Over when you’re done and then getting right back into it from the top.

5) Extreme Hiker

Santuario: North Rainy Woods
Misión: Walk X yards.

Easy Requirement: 2,000
Medium Requirement: 6,000
Hard Requirement: 18,000
Expert Requirement: 36,000
Master Requirement: 60,000

If you play long enough, tú deberían get this casually. De lo contrario, just run around the world map a few times until you get there.

6) Sheepman Virtuoso

Santuario: Arch 2
Misión: Travel X yards on Sheep.

Easy Requirement: 5,000
Medium Requirement: 15,000
Hard Requirement: 30,000
Expert Requirement: 60,000
Master Requirement: 100,000

Lo mismo que arriba, but with the sheep. 100,000 yards sounds like a lot, but it’s fairly reasonable to get this with the sheep. Notablemente, distanced travelled during the Time Trials contributes to this, so you’ll definitely get this if you’re grinding up money.

Shrine Missions 7-12

7) Shepherd with a Camera

Santuario: Arch 1
Misión: Collect X sheep.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 30
Hard Requirement: 60
Expert Requirement: 90
Master Requirement: 200

This is a very funky mission because you honestly don’t need to get any more sheep after your first one. Sheep stats are fairly meaningless to the point that there’s no point trying to go for one with good stats, just level up the one you have and enjoy it.

Habiendo dicho eso, don’t try and tame wild sheep if you’re going for this. It’s a huge waste of your time. Just buy them from Lonettethey cost £8 each, and you immediately sell them for £5, so you basically only spend £3 per sheep (which is much, MUCH preferable to the many minutes you’d spend taming a wild one). Desafortunadamente, you can only hold 8 sheep at a time in your pen, so you’ll have to go off and manually sell them one by one once you hit the limit, before buying them again from Lonette. It’s a lot of boring menuing, but much faster than theintendedmethod.

It’s a waste of time and fairly terrible, so I wouldn’t recommend going for this unless you don’t value your free time.

8) The Obliterator

Santuario: Bloodwoodes
Misión: Destroy X objects.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 30
Hard Requirement: 90
Expert Requirement: 180
Master Requirement: 300

You probably won’t come across this in a casual playthrough, but you’ll get it fairly early on if achievement hunting. While on the sheep, you can boost to smash through barrels or crates, and collect the items inside. There’s a good number of these on the farm north of town.

Sin embargo, los objetos en las contrarreloj también cuentan para este. You may have noticed there are a lote of barrels and boxes in the third Time Trial specifically, así que si estás haciendo dinero, no pasará mucho tiempo antes de que tengas esto.

9) Breedin’ hasta una tormenta

Santuario: Arch 3
Misión: Aumente los parámetros de una oveja a X.

Easy Requirement: Esponjosidad 2, Manejo 2, Poder 2
Medium Requirement: Esponjosidad 4, Manejo 4, Poder 2
Hard Requirement: Esponjosidad 6, Manejo 6, Poder 6
Expert Requirement: Esponjosidad 9, Manejo 9, Poder 10
Master Requirement: Esponjosidad 10, Manejo 10, Poder 10

Nota: El “números impares” en esos requisitos están los valores dados en el juego. También me parecen un error, pero quién sabe.

Adicionalmente, una vez que llegas al nivel 5 en una estadística, tienes que llevar la oveja a Samuel por el Castillo Viejo para “desbloquear” it before it will gain any more experience. Do this as soon as you hit the stat, otherwise you’re wasting valuable time you could be getting free exp with.

Entonces, as above, sheep stats are basically meaningless. This means that this achievement is also fairly meaningless. But not only that, it’s a huge PAIN.

Getting Power up is easyyou break boxes, and as seen in The Obliterator, Time Trial 3 counts for this. Fácil.

Getting Handling up is fairly rudimentaryyou just travel around on the sheep and it levels up casually. For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure you’ll get 100,000 yards before you get Level 10 handling.

Fluffiness is the problem child here. Not only is the stat completely worthless (I think you at least get better steering/acceleration from Handling and Power, no matter how slightly), but it’s a nightmare to train. To level it up, you have to brush your sheep. This can only be done once a day, and it can only be done inside the Sheep Pen at Lonette’s Farmso you have to take a detour there every day to raise the stat by a fraction of a level. It will take you a long, LONG time to get max fluffiness – sobre 100 dias, Yo creo.

I would wholeheartedly avoid this achievement unless they make it easier to raise Fluffiness, because you’ll hate yourself otherwise.

10) Shutter Junkie

Santuario: Rainy Woods
Misión: Take X pictures.

Easy Requirement: 30
Medium Requirement: 100
Hard Requirement: 250
Expert Requirement: 500
Master Requirement: 1000

You’ll make a solid dent in the progress towards this over the course of the story, but you’re unlikely to hit 1000. The more pictures you take along the way, cuanto menos complicado será esto más adelante. Obviamente, si necesitas moler esto, Solo spam, toma un montón de fotos y luego bórralas. (no necesitas subir para este logro). Solo recomendaría hacerlo una vez que hayas agotado el resto del contenido para tomar fotografías del juego. (como misiones de correo electrónico y palabras clave), ya que la eliminación masiva es un gran dolor.

11) Reina de mi dominio

Santuario: Bosque de Deargshaw
Misión: Modifica tu casa X veces.

Easy Requirement: 1
Hard Requirement: 2
Master Requirement: 3

Notarás que no hay misiones medianas o expertas aquí. – that’s intentional, there are only 3 missions for the 3 total house renovations.

Not much to say here. Save up and buy all the different house modifications from McAvoy. Or don’t, because there’s a glitch where you can buy them without having enough money on you. What a swell guy, not turning down people because they’re poor!

12) The Greenest of Thumbs

Santuario: ??? (I think Lake Sutrains?)
Misión: Apply X different layouts to your garden.

Easy Requirement: 1
Medium Requirement: 2
Hard Requirement: 3
Expert Requirement: 4
Master Requirement: 5

Lo mismo que arriba, but for the different garden layouts this time. De nuevo, McAvoy seguirá haciendo el trabajo si no tiene suficiente dinero, así que esto tomará 5 segundos para que solo seleccione cada diseño de jardín una vez. Hecho y hecho.

Shrine Missions 13-18

13) Cosechando lo que has sembrado

Santuario: Tarn norcoillteano
Misión: Cosecha X cultivos.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 30
Hard Requirement: 100
Expert Requirement: 250
Master Requirement: 500

Este es solo un caso de usar su jardín. Dependiendo de su diseño, tendrás entre 30 y 60 ranuras para plantar semillas, por lo que no tendrá que hacer demasiadas cosechas completas para eliminar esta.

Your best friend here are the first of Victoria’s Semillas extrañas. En su tienda, buy the very first weird seed she offers. This will grow into a sunflower, which will A) give you a fun quest afterwards, and B) be harvested into 5 weird seeds. Felicidades, infinite seeds. Just plant those over and over across your entire garden until you’ve hit your 500 – this is much, much faster than buying/foraging seeds otherwise.

For the record, the Post Office’s “Semillas extrañas” son, en orden:
Nada (the seed literally just disappears when planted)
Butternut Squash

14) Garimpeiro

Santuario: Blencarrick Quarry East
Misión: Excavate X times.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 30
Hard Requirement: 100
Expert Requirement: 250
Master Requirement: 500

Pretty standardbuy a pickaxe from McAvoy, and then go mining. Blencarrick Quarry has the most spots, but I’d recommend visiting Weskirk Cave and John Peel’s Pot as your main go-to spots, as they have much more condensed mining spots. You can also go to the Old Mine, but lol

Mining is a very good moneymaker, and used for a lot of materials, so you’ll want to make a habit out of taking trips down to the mines to get materials (don’t forget the Prospector buff for double drops!). Consiguiendo 500 takes a while, but you’ll get it sooner or later.

15) DrinQUEEN!

Santuario: Quarry Road
Misión: Win X drinking contests.

Easy Requirement: 3
Medium Requirement: 10
Hard Requirement: 30
Expert Requirement: 60
Master Requirement: 100

Well atheists, ganaste. We found proof that there is no god.

The drinking contest crops up 3 times during questsonce as part of Route A, twice in side quests. Después, you can challenge Benedict Macauley once per day in 1977 to a drink-off. You can bet £10, £20, or £30, which reflects the difficulty. Existen 5 rounds of 10 seconds each, not including the dialogue inbetween or cutscenes before/after, so that’s over a minute for each drink-off.

So that’s 97 unnecessary drinking contests for basically no money (given you can get £750 a day after Route A). They’re non-trivial enough that you’ll have to focus on even the easiest difficulty (otherwise you’ll lose and have wasted all your time), and just an all around bad time.

I cannot stress enough how much you don’t want to go for this achievement. Just getting to 30 alone is miserable, let alone the other 70.

I know a few people struggle significantly with these contests, so the only tip is to repeatedly tap the direction you want it to goNEVER hold it down. Gently push it away from falling off, and stay in the middle as much as possible (especially on the last round, where sometimes RNG will decide to try and kill you just for the lulz). This is still a nightmare achievement even after Patch 1.5.

16) Outdoor Warrior

Santuario: Blencarrick Quarry South
Misión: Unlock X campgrounds.

Easy Requirement: 3
Medium Requirement: 6
Hard Requirement: 9
Expert Requirement: 12
Master Requirement: 14

Fairly standard one to dojust unlock all the outdoor kitchens found scattered around the map. They’ll cost £75-£100 each when you do so, so bring money with you. Having more places to save is always a nice thing.

17) Diggity Dawg

Santuario: Blencarrick Quarry North
Misión: Dig as a dog X times.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 30
Hard Requirement: 100
Expert Requirement: 250
Master Requirement: 300

This is basically an achievement in tandem with MarKING! – when you mark the spots, places to dig appear, and that’s what you want for this achievement. Como se ha mencionado más arriba, taking regular trips through the Snowy Mountains area is great, since a lot of spots there will give you up to 3 places to digand often with nice rewards. Do that a few times and you’re golden (and not just from the marking).

18) Ultimate Dog Lover

Santuario: South Lake Sutrains
Misión: Reach X% DOG on the DC Gauge.

Easy Requirement: 5%
Medium Requirement: 25%
Hard Requirement: 50%
Expert Requirement: 75%
Master Requirement: 100%

Team DOG is not only the easier team to join in the early game, but the better onemost of the NPCs in town are Team DOG, so when you’re hurting for money, the discounts add up. Doing side quests will also heavily push you in favour of Team DOG due to the prevalence of Team DOG NPCs. There’s a solid chance you’ll get 100% DOG casually, y si no, you can top yourself up by making offerings at the Shrines.

Shrine Missions 19-24

19) Ultimate Cat Lover

Santuario: Snowy Mountains
Misión: Reach X% CAT on the DC Gauge.

Easy Requirement: 5%
Medium Requirement: 25%
Hard Requirement: 50%
Expert Requirement: 75%
Master Requirement: 100%

Entonces, after you’ve knocked out 100% DOG, you’ll want to swing that all the way back to 100% CAT. While you can game the system by playing with people as a cat/playing with people in cat form on the full moon, your best bet here is to just rock up to a Shrine and dump money into it.

Each offering costs £100, and increases your +2 to the team of your choice. Note that the Gauge actually goes from 50 DOG to 50 CAT, so that’s a total of 25 offerings if you’re in the middle, o 50 offerings if you’re 100% DOG. That’s £5,000 total for a complete swing, pero si ha estado haciendo sus pruebas contrarreloj por £ 750 al día, eso es cambio de bolsillo en este momento. Juego fácil, vida fácil.

20) Chatterbox para residentes

Santuario: Cueva Weskirk
Misión: Habla con X NPC.

Easy Requirement: 5
Medium Requirement: 10
Hard Requirement: 15
Expert Requirement: 20
Master Requirement: 28

You’ll probablemente get this casually, pero puede ser fácil perderse uno o dos NPC si no tienes cuidado.

Existen 26 NPC que figuran en el registro de la ciudad, todos con quienes deberás hablar para este logro. La trampa aquí son los tres niños de Macauley – que solo aparecen en ciertos días – y los gemelos blancos, que comparten un cuadro de diálogo, pero SE DEBE hablar con él por separado para el logro.

Después, your other 2 NPCs are Pauline Atwood from the Witch Doctor Pharmacy, and Kevin, who shows up in town by the end of the story. The namelessMan/WomanNPCs found in Eccles and across the world map don’t count for this, so don’t worry about them.

21) Orion Incarnate

Santuario: Southern Hills
Misión: Defeat X animals.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 30
Hard Requirement: 100
Expert Requirement: 250
Master Requirement: 300

You’ll hopefully bite off a large chunk of this in early game grinding, fighting foxes/badgers and the like for their drops. If you go for Fashionista, you’ll DEFINITELY get this.

The best places to go for this are the Snowy Mountains to fight Deer, or John Peel’s Pot (at night) to fight Badgers. Don’t forget to bring Attack and Defence bonuses from your food. O, hey, combine this with the Game Over achievement and let an animal kill you at the end. Whatever floats your boat.

22) Camera OCD

Santuario: ??? (I think it’s Eccles Road?)
Misión: Purchase X different cameras/lenses.

Easy Requirement: 1
Hard Requirement: 4
Master Requirement: 8

Another shrine with no medium or expert missions. Autoexplicativo, just save up and buy equipment from John.

I’m pretty sure that repairs are counted in this number, since you may have noticed he only sells 5 elementos. So go and break the old camera/lenses a couple times, fix em up, and you’re good to go on this one.

23) Glorious Gourmand

Santuario: Deep Woods
Misión: Eat X different dishes.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 25
Hard Requirement: 45
Expert Requirement: 70
Master Requirement: 85

Pretty simple one herejust eat every item on the menus at 1977 and Mushroom & Evans at least once. There are more than 85 dishes total (as some are found through side quests), so this shouldn’t be too bad to knock off.

24) Professional Eater

Santuario: Old Mine
Misión: Drink X different drinks.

Easy Requirement: 5
Medium Requirement: 15
Hard Requirement: 30
Expert Requirement: 45
Master Requirement: 50

Como anteriormente, try every drink at least oncethis one is a tad more awkward, sin embargo, as the food will give you a recipe indicator to let you know when you’ve eaten it, and drinks don’t. Make a checklist or just remember to the best of your abilities what you have and haven’t touched. Champiñón & Evans sells teas, 1977 sells alcohol. Keep in mind too much alcohol ingested will give you a game over, so take a break when you start to get really drunk (and maybe don’t even try more than 1 o 2 a day – la “alcoholicdebuff is the worst in the game, you do NOT want to get it unless you can afford the cure at the clinic).

Both shops also serve different drinks on the weekends, así que ten cuidado con eso. Sin embargo, all drinks are available at all days of the week over in Eccles, so if you’re missing one or two, hop over there instead of burning some days.

Shrine Missions 25-30

25) Lady of the Sheep

Santuario: Castillo Viejo
Misión: Hit the target time for a Sheep Race.

Easy Requirement: First Trial
Medium Requirement: Second Trial
Hard Requirement: Third Trial

For some reason this mission missesExpert and Master” en vez de “Medium and Expert”, Pero lo que sea.

After Route A, you’ll unlock the Time Trials, which is where you’re going for money. Just hit the target time on all three missions at least once, then grind out trial 3 until your dying breath to get that money achievement.

Some people seem to struggle with the time trials, and there’s not much to say other than practice. The course doesn’t change for the individual trials, so you can just learn by trial and error where you can and can’t cut corners. I’d also recommend to avoid boosting if you’re having trouble with the courseit’s easy to lose control and end up in a bad spot with a bad boost, so only boost if you have a straight line of boxes or whatever, until you’re comfortable enough with the course to know where you can and can’t boost.

The times given for the courses are fairly generous and allow for a decent number of mistakes, so don’t fret too much over them. For what it’s worth, I think trial 2 has the tightest time, and even that one only took me 2 o 3 tries to get.

The associated achievement here is to hit time on all 3 races.

26) Libre vagar

Santuario: John Peel’s Pot
Misión: Unlock X gates.

Easy Requirement: 2
Medium Requirement: 10
Hard Requirement: 18
Expert Requirement: 25
Master Requirement: 30

Very simplejust go to all the gates on the map and open them. They cost £10 each, so that’s £300 for this achievement. Most gates are pretty pointless since you can just jump over nearby walls as a cat, but some of them are pretty convenient to have open if you’re travelling by sheep. And hey, it’s an achievement, so you might as well just open them for the fun of it.

27) Fashionista

Santuario: Old St. Ardan’s
Misión: Acquire X equipment.

Easy Requirement: 3
Medium Requirement: 12
Hard Requirement: 28
Expert Requirement: 38
Master Requirement: 48


BringinHome the Bacon is one of two egregious achievements. This is the other one.

If you’re tens of hours into the game, having knocked out the main quest, most side quests, and a good number of achievements on this list, you might have noticed something:

You have barely any equipment.

Ver, the crafting system for equipment has layers upon layers of rare drops baked into them, to the point that you might need to grind several hours just to get everything for a soltero Articulo. The equipment system is very anti-casual, ya que básicamente no vas a encontrar suficientes recursos para terminar un artículo sin salir de tu camino y esforzarte mucho por él.

Los principales cuellos de botella son las latas de aluminio. (encontrado al buscar comida en la basura de las personas), piel / plumaje de animal (gotas raras de varios animales, muchos de los cuales son poco comunes en sí mismos), y elementos como Mineral verde resplandeciente (raro, Hallazgos ocasionales al excavar en lugares marcados. Necesitas 78 de ellos por cierto)

The crafting system is so player unfriendly that I cannot in good faith recommend alguien goes away and grinds for it. Para cuando ya tengas todo el equipo, tendrás el juego al 100%, así que no hay ningún propósito para usar nada de eso.

Si quieres huir y hacer este logro, aquí está la lista de elementos sin procesar que necesitará para completarla:

Tela de algodón 42
Tela de mezclilla 8
Cuero 16
Textura de lana 46

Piel de animal pequeño 18
Piel de marta de pino 12
Piel de conejo 30
Piel de alta calidad 31
Fieltro de piel de zorro 46
Fieltro de ciervo 37

Plumaje surtido 89
Pluma de alta calidad 25
Pluma de faisán 8
Pluma de pavo 24

Savia turbia 33
Savia translúcida 5
Savia pegajosa 4
Corteza rugosa 31

Oruga de arena 6
Escarabajo grueso 14
Ala de mariposa 3

Perla de vidrio 28
Fibra fuerte 15
Fibra Negra 10
Tejido elástico 13
Filtrar 10
Super Ball 6
Engranaje giratorio 18

Bolsa de polvo blanco 27
Entrañas secas 4
Raíz humanoide 7
Mineral verde brillante 78
Lata de aluminio 600

Pepita de hierro 264
Pepita de bronce 50
Pepita de plata 80
Pepita de oro 164
Diamante pequeño 16
Diamante grande 5


28) Peregrino piadoso

Santuario: East Woods
Misión: Despertar X santuarios.

Easy Requirement: 3
Medium Requirement: 7
Hard Requirement: 12
Expert Requirement: 20
Master Requirement: 31

Al igual que con las puertas y los campamentos, solo ve a todos los santuarios en el mapa y gasta £ 1 para abrirlos. Si quieres saber qué misiones de santuario están disponibles en ellos, I’ve got good news about the guide you’re reading right now. Opening all 31 shrines is heavily recommended, as they give you fast travel between them, which streamlines a lot of late game running around.

Note that several shrines are locked behind Routes A, B, and C, so you won’t be able to finish this until you’re at the final part of the main quest (or past it).

29) The Hottest Buzz

Santuario: Stonehenge
Misión: Fulfil X Hotwords.

Easy Requirement: 5
Medium Requirement: 20
Hard Requirement: 40
Expert Requirement: 70
Master Requirement: 100

Entonces, the game conveniently neglects to tell you that you have to fulfil unique hotwords. If you get #CrazyContraptions one week, fulfil it, then get it next week and do it again, you won’t get a second point towards the total. So keep an eye out for new words, and fulfil as many as you can as you go along. It’ll make the late game grind more tolerable.

Note that some hotwords are missable. Por ejemplo, #MadScientists wants a picture of Nicholas Anderson, who is only available for one part of the main quest. Sin embargo, there are apparently around 150 Hotwords, so missing a few shouldn’t be too problematic.

If you want to grind this achievement, consider skipping 3 days at a time using the hotels. This will get you to the Hotword resets more quickly.

I’m working on a checklist of hotwords with explanations for them, which is linked in the “Clausura” sección.

30) Walking Cookbook

Santuario: Eccles
Misión: Learn X recipes.

Easy Requirement: 10
Medium Requirement: 25
Hard Requirement: 45
Expert Requirement: 70
Master Requirement: 85

This is basically just the more obnoxious variant of theeat all dishes” misión. Esta vez, you have to eat each dish several veces, until you’ve remembered it. Not much to say hereit’s a grind, it’s tedious, but it’s not hard.

Shrine Mission 31

31) Giving and Taking, Ad Infinitum

Santuario: Rainy Woods Southeast
Misión: Complete side quests.

Easy Requirement: 5
Medium Requirement: 15
Hard Requirement: 30
Expert Requirement: 50
Master Requirement: 60

This is a fairly easy one to get if you’ve been doing Side Quests as you go. There are more than 60 en el juego, including some repeatable ones, so you should easily get the achievement before you start struggling to find people to help.

Awkward Confession

The problem with this guide is that by the time I started making notes for all the Shrine Missions, I’d already completed two of them, so I don’t know which Shrines offered them.

Adicionalmente, there were actually Tres shrines that weren’t offering missions, so I don’t know what the deal is there. I’m guessing one of them just doesn’t offer missions for some reason?

If any of you haven’t 100%’d the Shrines yet, I’d like someone in the comments to tell me what missions the following Shrines give:

Lake Sutrains
Eccles Road
Weskirk Cave Road

I know one mission isThe Greenest of Thumbsand the other isCamera OCD”, and the last is a mystery.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me with this.

Time Achievements and Completion Bonus

2 of the game’s 42 achievements are related to ingame time.

Getting used to life in the sticks?
Spent one month in the game.

This one isn’t too bad. If you don’t get it while finishing the main quest, you’ll get it while cleaning up afterwards.

Sabes, I kinda like Rainy Woods
Spent twelve months in the game.

This one es pretty bad. You’re unlikely to see this proc unless you’re hardcore farming for the grindier achievements, and is definitely beyond the scope of a casual playthrough.

The best way to knock this out is to just go to a hotel and keep buying the 3 day stay over and over again. Sin embargo, if you’re going for 100% terminación, I’d advise to try and fit more into your day, since stuff like 100 Drink-offs and 100 Game Overs will eat up 100 days by themselves, which somewhat lessens the grind for spending a year ingame.

Grand Finale

And with the other 41 Achievements unlocked, you’ll finally receive your last one:

La buena vida
Congratulations on fully enjoying The Good Life!

felicitaciones, tú “fully enjoyed” el juego. And byfully enjoyed”, I mean probably enjoyed for 30-50 horas más o menos, and then slaved away hating yourself for twice as long. What I wouldn’t give for a rebalance patch.

It’s unknown if there are any ingame 100% completion rewards at this point, and given the level of grind the game expects from you, it’ll be a while before alguien knows.

So how long will 100% take me?

This is just to put into perspective the insane grind expected of you.

The Main Quest will take you around 10 horas if you focus on it, or up to 30 horas if you balance it alongside Side Quests and other content. This is where most casual players will want to jump off.

Cleaning up the remaining Side Quests and knocking out the more reasonable Shrine Missions will take you up to 50 horas más o menos. This isn’t too obnoxious, but you’ll definitely be grinding a bit, so it’s not for everyone.

Tackling some of the less reasonable Side Quests will bring you up to 60 horas. This is for achievements like 100 Game Overs which you need to go out of your way to get, but are fairly easily grinded once you get into the rhythm of things.

Cierto 100% Completion will take you 100-150 horas. This is your DrinQUEEN!, Fashionista, and BringinHome the Bacon grind. En este punto, you are definitely no having fun with the game, you’re simply a masochist investing far too much time into getting a dopamine rush from seeing a popup for a few seconds. There are games where investing over a hundred hours for full completion is a fun use of your time; this isn’t one of them. Mantente alejado.

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