Prologue d'éclat de pierre: ;Bad Luck Cultist Extravaganza”; Guide des réalisations

This is a guide on how to get the well-known “;Bad Luck Cultist Extravaganza”;-Succès de Stoneshard: Prologue.


Spectacle d'adepte de la malchance

I tried quite beaucoup of things to get this achievement, lire tous les guides et toutes les discussions concernant cette réalisation. Pour terminer, J'ai trouvé un moyen d'obtenir ça. Thanks goes to marklar and cette discussion.
To have a chance to achieve “;Bad Luck Cultist Extravaganza”;, you must downgrade the game to the state of the 9th February 2020 (or wait for the Prologue Patch the developers promissed in cette discussion in July 2021).

  1. Ouvrez la console Steam (Copy this ==>; fumer://nav/console <;== dans votre navigateur, ouvrir avec Steam Client Bootstraper).
  2. Tapez la commande suivante
    download_depot 869760 869761 9059420696505735575
  3. Attendez la fin du téléchargement. Vous ne verrez aucun progrès jusqu'à ce que vous ayez terminé.
  4. Ouvrez le dossier où se trouve le Stoneshard actuel: Le prologue est enregistré (quelque chose comme /YOUR_STEAM_LOCATION/steamapps/common/Stoneshard Prologue/). Copiez le contenu de ce dossier dans un endroit enregistré afin d'avoir une sauvegarde.
  5. Supprimer le contenu de ce dossier.
  6. Ouvrez le dossier dans lequel l'ancienne version a été téléchargée (something like /YOUR_STEAM_LOCATION/steamapps/content/app_869760/depot_869761/).
  7. Copy the content of the older version folder to the emptied Stoneshard Prologue-folder.
  8. Rename “;StoneShard.exe”; into “;Stoneshard Prologue.exe”;, otherwise the game will not start.
  9. Start the game via the “;Stoneshard Prologue.exe”;-file. Steam will update your game files (thats a little bit annoying).
  10. Let the Stoneshard: Prologue update stay in your “;active downloads”;.
  11. Empty the real game folder and copy the old version into this game folder again.
  12. Rename the exe-file again.
  13. Now your game should start without updating.

If you’;re playing the older version now, you should see some little differences:

  • The lockpick-option at doors and chests should be named differently (at least in the german version).
  • The first enemy should see you a little bit later.
  • The scrolls should have different sprites.
  • The two dungeon levels you are playing should be a little bit larger and you find more items.

If none of above things are in your game, it’;s most likely that the downgrade failed. Try starting again.

Now the part, I don’;t understand myself yet. I don’;Dans la section sans spoiler, certains shiets et rires seront couverts par des rectangles noirs comme celui-ci =>, which enemies you must kill to get the achievement. Ceux-ci sont ne pas the ones mentioned in ce guide.

Voici, what I did:

  • Started the game, gone throug the initial level down to the scrolls room.
  • Killed quite a lot different cultists (at least 5 different), some rats and bats.
  • Died and loaded the game (starting in the scrolls room).
  • Killed only some cultists (also encountered in the first run), bats and rats.
  • Died again (I never even tried at this point, MDR) and loaded the game (starting in the scrolls room).
  • Killed only 3 different cultists (the ones that seems damaged, the crawling one and one adept) and the achievement popped after the last one. I think “;one run”; counts as “;as long as you’;re not in the main menu”; and because I loaded the game everytime, the “;6 different cultists”; to kill counted over all 3 runs. The adept was the one I didn’;t encountered in the two runs before.

Noter: Everytime you die and load the game (starting at the scrolls room) the following 2 dungeon levels are generated randomly. Therefore you can encounter different cultists.

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