Tempête de sable de l'insurrection: Guide &; Conseils pour la coopération

Un récapitulatif sur certaines choses pour vous aider à travers Co-op.


Bienvenue à Coop

Co-op is a 3-8 player Game mode where you and your team fight against a Collection of Bots. Il existe plusieurs modes de jeu qui peuvent changer votre façon de jouer. Les modes de jeu sont;

-Checkpoint: Capturez et détruisez les objectifs un par un au fur et à mesure que vous vous déplacez dans la zone

-Hardcore Checkpoint: C'est la même chose que Checkpoint mais vous avez un HUD limité, mouvement plus lent et moins de points de ravitaillement

-Outpost: Tenez bon contre les vagues d'ennemis. Gagner des points de ravitaillement après chaque vague

-Survival: Restez en mouvement et survivez jusqu'à l'extraction, Sécurisez les emplacements des objectifs avec des réserves d'armes aléatoires

-Event Game modes: Les événements changent de temps en temps, donnant souvent plus d'un défi.

Si vous êtes nouveau dans le jeu, je vous recommande de commencer par Checkpoint, comme c'est le plus simple, mais essayez ce qui semble amusant.

Conseils de base

Il est important de se rappeler ce qui suit;

1) JOUER L'OBJECTIF; c'est assez simple, rester sur et près de l'objectif, (si vous êtes tireur d'élite, vous êtes quelque peu exempté de cela, mais faites attention aux icônes amicales, if you only see 1 or 2, start booking it over). You can tell an enemy is on the objective in two ways, a Radio call out, and by looking at the Objective Icon at the bottom of your screen, if its flashing, get on to it and try to clear it.

2) Try to avoid standing in doorways, and windows, you could not only get yourself killed but also allies.

3) You can pick up magazines (or Mags for short) from dead people’;s guns provided the gun is similar, Remember that While G36s use the same bullet as an M4 or M16 they use different mags, and AK 47s and 74s have different magazines if its metal, 47 and Orange is 74.

4) Grab grenades, C4, IEDS and Rocket Launchers off bodies, never known when you might need one.

5) Be Careful with the Items mention previously, you are just as likely to kill an enemy with it as well as yourself or an ally.

6) If there is a Commander and with now Observer while your playing rifleman, you should think about change over to Observer you have the same weapons, and you can help call in Amazon delivery Drones and bring in the Brrrt.

Des classes

Fusilier: Rifleman is the most simple class, you have a collection of Assault Rifles and Battle rifles, while they don’;t have anything flashy they are still good overall, I recommend playing it if your new.

Breacher: Breachers can Run various Sub machine guns, PDWs and Shotguns. But they also get access to C4 and IEDs. Breacher is one of the Fun classes and there are always 2 in a game, so grab an Uzi and slap a drum mag and nothing else and have fun.

Advisor: Advisor is Rifleman, but with a collection of unique weapons like, MK 17 Mod 0s, crédits, P90 et Vectors pour n'en nommer que quelques-uns. Deux Conseillers peuvent être présents dans une partie, et vous permet d'essayer des armes amusantes.

Démolitions: La démo est une classe très simple, Explosifs vous les avez. You have access to C4 and IEDs as well as 4 different Rocket launchers (2 single use Launchers and 2 Launchers with Reloads as long as you have the Heavy Carrier). Mais vous pouvez aussi gifler un lanceur Grande sur vos fusils (au moins quelques). Il n'y a qu'une seule démo dans un jeu, mais si vous l'obtenez, vous pouvez courir avec les deux C4, IED et un lance-roquettes avec un grand lanceur, but you wont have much else, but hey you can turn several people into chunky red soup.\

Buteur: Marksman is the Sniper class, you have access to several Semi-automatic Marksman rifles, 2 Bolt action rifles and 2 Anti-material rifles. There is only one Marksman per game. I would also like you remind you not to hog this class, as a lot of people like to play it, so when map change happens swap over to a different class and let other have their fun. I would also Like to mention 2 things, First the Anti-material rilfes (M82A1 CQB and M99) can rip limbs from bodies and cause your victims to rag doll across the road, and Secondly the M1 Grand can have Rifle grenade.

Canonnier: Gunners use Light Machines Guns (LMG) and enjoy the sound of tinnitus due to the 100+ rounds they can rip out. Gunner is as simple as Rifleman, but it is probably the funnest. Only one Gunner is available in a game. While it is tempting to only run the MG3 and roleplay a German soldier at D-day, don’;t sleep on M249 or the PKM they are quite fun too.

Observer &; Le commandant: Rolling these together because you Commanders don’;t work without and Observer. Commanders and Observer/s are very helpful while you can only have one commander you can have 2 Observers. As a commander you can call in different Fire supports, as a Security you can call in two different Helicopters (an Gunship that opens up with a Rocket volley and has High explosive ammo and a Helicopter with Miniguns that can tear through cover) as well as a Gun run from an A10, while the Insurgents can call in a Drone Strike, and a IED drone as well as Chemical mortars. Both sides have access to Artillery strikes with Explosives or Smoke. However you Observers must be within 10 meters (or ~32 feet I think), to call in the supports

Extra tips

; There are ammo boxes scattered about (they are the greyish boxes) they will refill a few magazines and are client side, so don’;t worry about others needing them (Note this might get changed in the future)

; Shotguns can run 3 different ammo types, Chevrotine (défaut), Flechettes (Helps against armour) and Slugs (Basically a normal bullet good for some extra range). Flechettes and Slugs do cost 1 supply type.

-Tracers are a Free Upgrade letting you shoot bullets that have a small trail which can let you know where your shots are going, good for LMGs for a laser show.

-Most sights (excluding the 1x sights) will have an alternative mode, such as increasing or decreasing the zoom or swapping to a separate sight.

-Armour isn’;t the most useful things in this game. Heavy armour and Light armour generally stop the same amount of shots (but Heavy does a little better against explosives) and you are also slower, but its mostly personal preference.

-Shotguns and bolt actions rifles, don’;t spawn with the maximum amount, they can have, go over to a resupply box and grab some extra, also you can load 1 more shell into the shot gun.

-More All of the other guns (expect for the LMGs, fusils de chasse, and the Uzi) can hold 1 extra shot. If you don’;t fire all of the rounds in a mag, you keep 1 extra bullet in the chamber of the gun.

-There is a Communication Wheel that allows you to make a few call outs, from a simple yes and no, to pointing out where you saw some enemies and also calling them mean names or insulting their family its also how Commanders can tell their Observer/s to get the ♥♥♥♥ back here to call in some support

; Play the Tutorial and go to the Range. At the Range you can try out all the guns and the attachments that are on them, but remember that you can’;t take explosive launchers unless you are a Demolitions

; Le moyen le plus simple d'apprendre une carte est de regarder la carte et de suivre un autre joueur., ou simplement explorer, Je ne sais jamais pourrait trouver une belle cachette si jamais vous voulez jouer au PVP.

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