Pathfinder la colère des justes: Storyteller’;Objets fabriqués

La liste des objets dont le conteur a besoin pour son métier.



For those who, comme moi, simply must have all quests completed before the game’;s finale. This is a map checklist for where to find the required items. Some items are hidden in remote parts of maps and/or behind perception checks. This list is composed in 1.2.1 –; 1.3 era. I was making this checklist for my own use, and therefore didn’;t bother with the screeenshots. Sorry about that. At least you’;d know where to look if you missed something. Unless you’;ve already advanced to the next chapter, then you’;d know how many items you missed.

Liste d'objets

The Storyteller can craft an item from a core component and crafting materials. The crafting materials include: Magic Essense, Cold Iron, Demon Blood and Hide of a Magical Creature.

The Covenant of the Inheritor: Piece of a Holy Symbol + 5 ME
Ring of Summoning: Melted Shard of a Ring + 4 ME + 2 CI
The Stern Hand: Shard of Knight’;s Bracers + 1 ME + 4 CI + 2 DB
Ronneck’;s Sacrifice: Rune-covered Ancient Leather Scrap + 3 ME + 1 CI + 2 DB + 2 HMC
The Bound of Possibility: Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered Leather + 5 ME + 2 CI + 2 DB + 3 HMC
(there’;s an achievement for crafting it)
Shy Lily’;Réservoir &: Crumpled Demon Helmet + 2 ME + 3 CI + 4 DB + 1 HMC

Donc, in total you need:
Magic Essense: 20
Cold Iron: 12
Demon Blood: dix
Hide of a Magical Creature: 6

Core Component Locations

Piece of a Holy Symbol –; Kenabres Market Square (ch1)
Melted Shard of a Ring –; Houndheart Campsite (ch2)
Shard of Knight’;s Bracers –; Assault on Drezen (ch2)
Rune-covered Ancient Leather Scrap –; Wintersun (ch3)
Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered Leather –; Areelu’;s Laboratory (ch3)
Crumpled Demon Helmet –; Ville haute (ch4)

Magic Essense Locations

Estrod Tower (ch1)
Blackwing Library (ch1)
Gwerm’;Réservoir & (ch1)
Grey Garrison (ch1)
Grey Garrison (ch1)
Grey Garrison (ch1)
Nightingale Grove (ch2)
Underground Hideout (ch2)
Reliable Redoubt (ch2)
Assault on Drezen (ch2)
Assault on Drezen (ch2)
Ashen Grotto (ch3)
Temple of the Good Hunt (ch3)
Molten Scar (ch3)
Shrine of Sacrilege (ch3)
Areelu’;s Laboratory (ch3)
Midnight Fane (ch3)
Ville basse (ch4)
Nexus, hidden part (ch4)
Return to Drezen, tavern (ch5)
Bladesmith Workshop (ch5)

Total count: 21

Cold Iron Locations

Moondance Meadow (ch2)
Lost Chapel (ch2)
Assault on Drezen (ch2)
Greengates (ch3)
Ravaged Long House (ch3)
Ivory Sanctum (ch3)
Areelu’;s Laboratory (ch3)
Ville basse, tavern (ch4)
Middle City, Hidden Adobe (ch4)
Ville haute (ch4)
Return to Drezen (ch5)
Return to Drezen (ch5)

Total count: 12

Demon Blood Locations

Shrine of Sacrilege (ch3)
Artisan’;Réservoir & (ch3)
Hellknights Outpost (ch3)
Legacy of the Ancients (ch3)
Ivory Sanctum (ch3)
Ivory Sanctum (ch3)
Nexus (ch4)
Ville basse (ch4)
Ville haute, inside a house (ch4)
Jubilost Encounter (ch5)

Total count: dix

Hide of a Magical Creature Locations

Nexus (ch4)
Middle City (ch4)
Ville haute (ch4)
Ville haute, inside a house (ch4)
Return to Drezen, prison (ch5)
Return to Drezen, citadelle (ch5)
Jubilost Encounter (ch5)

Total count: sept

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