Projet Cristal: Overworld &; Carte des grottes

This is the completed in-game map for the Overworld and Caves layers (AVERTISSEMENT DE SPOILER)



Voici les (principalement) complete in-game maps for the Overworld and Caves layers.

There are still several small holes on the overworld that I haven’;t bothered to fill in, such as on several trees and cacti on the western portion of the continent. All of the major areas should be covered, but if I am missing anything, please let me know in the comments and I will update this. I wouldn’;t be surprised if I missed something in the Caves layer, which was harder to verify completion.

The map wraps vertically and horizontally, in classic torus-world JRPG fashion. pourtant, there was no obvious starting point for what the edges of the map should be, so I chose this somewhat arbitrarily, keeping the landmasses entirely in-frame. Par conséquent, a lot of the underwater geography is along the edges of the map, making ocean exploration a little harder to put into perspective when looking at this. I would like to see a web map of this one day, with horizontal and vertical tiling, zoom &; pan, couches, and objects like crystals, home points, et coffres. I’;m am not sure if I can implement that myself, bien que.

Pour terminer, I do not have any of the dungeon layers at the moment, since there isn’;t nearly as much content there, but I may do this in the future too.


Note that due to the filesize upload limits on Steam, I had to crop the overworld into several images before embedding them into this guide. But I have included links to the complete .png files for each map below if you’;d like to download or zoom in on the whole thing at once. Encore, this would be so much cooler with a web map implementation.

Lien vers le fichier .png complet sur mon Google Drive:


Lien vers le fichier .png complet sur mon Google Drive:

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