Yaengard: Comment renommer vos personnages (Tutoriel étape par étape)

Here is a tutorial on how to rename your characters in Yaengard.


Seems like this question has been asked a bunch of times and its not entirely clear as to how to do it in game. So I decided to make a lil guide to hopefully help folks out!

Comment renommer vos personnages

Étape 1

Première, double click on the name of the character you wish to rename. If you don’;t the line indicating you are editing that line of text, click again until you do.

Étape 2

À présent, simply type the name you’;d like this character to have. In my example you can see I’;ve gone with a name of truly noble origin. ;Stinky”;.

Étape 3

Last step. appuyez sur Entrée.
The name wont update until you close the window.
Thanks for reading hope i could help you out!

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