Sobrevivientes de vampiros: Ultimate Arcana Hellfire Explosión Panda Bear Build (V0.5)

La versión 0.5 ahora nos permite crear un simulador del 4 de julio!


La construcción

La explicación

Version 0.5 adds an Arcana for Hellfire that causes explosions on hit. We can now create more explosions on screen than ever before!

Primero, we pick Cavallo because he gets +3 projectiles and he spawns with Cherry Bombs that also explode. We then need to pursue the following mandatory items:

  • Duplicador (more projectiles)
  • No Future (more explosions)
  • Hellfire with heart of fire Arcana (more explosions)

The rest of the build honestly doesn’;t matter much. Swap in and out whatever items you want. The 3 weapons Cherry Bomb, No Future, and Hellfire will cause so many explosions you might go epileptic. Almost nothing can touch you.

Artículos alternativos

Honestly this build has tons of alternate possibilities. Add in anything else you want as long as it is projectile based. I went for Death Spiral because a new Arcana called Slash allows for crits on bladed weapons. Hace mucho daño también. But really…; This build is all about the fireworks right? 🙂

Captura de pantalla del juego final

Cosas a tener en cuenta:

  • Hellfire dropped 13.5 million damage
  • The Unholy Vespers only did 124k…; cause nothing could get close enough to them.
  • I wasn’;t running any curse. The damage numbers would be much higher. Also wasn’;t running Spinach which would increase everything by around 50%.
Video of Build

Por Dioróxico

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