MARVEL SNAP: Pool 1-2 Move Deck Guide

I’ve created this deck for Beginner (Starter pool, Pool 1 to Pool 2) Cards in the hopes of improving the overall performance of our fellow players specially in the lower bracket.   Introduction Marvel Snap has multiple types of playstyle you can use to your advantage. One of the fundamental components in winning is the … Read more

Resident Evil 4 Remake: “Revolution Wind-up” Achievement Guide

A new addition to this Remake, are the Castellans Clockwork collectibles, which are those collectible dolls featured in other games in the franchise that you can shoot to collect. When you destroy all Castleons you can get the achievement “Destroy all Mechanical Castleons”.   Chapter 1 – Mission Underway The first one can be found … Read more

Yes Your Grace: All Achievements Guide

Step-by-step methods I used to get each of the achievements in just a handful of playthroughs. I. Intro I highly recommend that you play the whole game once without worrying about achievements, because there are a few which you can’t miss due to them being tied to the story. There are some achievements which are … Read more