In Stars And Time: any% Speedrun Guide

A full any% speedrunning guide. Spoilers for the entire game.   Introduction Each bullet point in the guide indicates a separate loop. Throughout the guide, it’ll say “Loop to: [location].” Only choose the option to loop there with the doors unlocked if the guide specifies “(unlocked)”. If it’s not specified, loop there with the doors … Read more

HoloParade: Talent Parameters

List of hidden parameters   Attack Parameters タレント Talent ATK DPS ATK CT Startup ATK Distance – – – – – – – 兔田ぺこら Pekora 260 42 6.2 1.8 210 宝鍾マリン Marine 620 89 7.0 1.8 317 不知火フレア Flare 700 78 9.0 4.5 133 白銀ノエル Noel 240 30 8.0 1 69 ロボ子さん Robocosan 460 115 … Read more

Make Way: How To Farm Experience

Here is a simple guide on how to get more experience.   BOTS Local Battles Set Bots To Max and Extreme Place a weight on the Up Arrow to make your car drive forward and afk. i used my phone leaning on a remote you get xp every time you die and for distance driven … Read more

Trombone Champ: Hidden Achievements Guide

How to unlock the hidden achievements + tips   Engoldenate Engoldenate, or Engoldenation, is the act of converting one of the Tromboner Cards into an Engoldenated form by combining 10 of the same card into one. Engoldenating is tied to 2 achievements, I DID ENGOLDENATION and ENGOLDENATION GOD. Once you have 10 or more of … Read more

COCOON: Achievement Guide 100%

A little guide for cosmic achievements.   1. Introduction Hi everyone, in this guide I’ll try to help you unlock all the achievements of Cocoon. Even though they’re generally easy to unlock and you’ll probably get most of them by yourself during your playthrough, they’re all secret (and their description is not very “descriptive” anyway) so … Read more

SOS OPS!: 100% Achievements Guide

This is a guide for getting all achievements in SOS OPS! – This guide is work in progress   Training Center First Handshake Help the Mr. Pr. get in front of the cameras. When first starting the game, you will go through a tutorial. Once reaching the part where you fly up, you can go … Read more