Cats and Seek : at Dino Park – 100% Guide

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Hardenville: 100% Guide (Achievements + Scenes)

Guide to all unlockables in the game.   Introduction This guide will walk you through getting all the achievements and scenes in the game. Walkthrough ◈Start a new game ◈Name yourself ◈{Continue story} One More Shot! – I’ll never learn ◈Sure thing, boss… ◈Your dress? It compliments you beautifully ◈Sure! … Read More

Project Reeducation: Access Passwords + Cheat Codes (V1.21)

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Dungeon Slaves: All Gallery Codes (V0.70)

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Lord Goblin: All Cheat Codes (V0.23.1)

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Town of Salem 2: Fake Claim Guide (Tier List)

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Double Perception: All Cheat Codes (V3.9)

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ANIMAL WELL: How to Catch the UV Bunny

Catching the UV Bunny (#7) can be tricky. This guide shows the bunny’s complete path around the map and explains it’s behaviors to help you catch it.   Preparing for the chase Spoilers ahead. The guide assumes you have already solved Layer 1 (Find the flames) and Layer 2 (Find … Read More

Love and Corruption: Patreon Codes + Cheat Codes (V0.3.16)

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Heroes University H: Cheat Codes + How to Enable (V0.2.8)

In this guide, we will go through Heroes University H cheats for the latest version,   Heroes University H Cheat Codes V0.2.7 The codes are stored in the game files as sha256. Here are the 3 hashes for everyone who wants the other codes passcode = “096cabac1440b11fc152272c14e56e2ca889f2a92f714d0a527e40ad3b9105ef” passgallery = … Read More