Warlock of Lust: Premium Codes (V3.9)

Using these Premium codes to make your game easy! New code added in February 2024   All Premium Codes It is possible to set any player’s value to whatever you want through the developer’s console. Moreover, you can use the Level 2 code to enable the cheat menu; if your … Read More

Dying Light 2: How to Disable Roaming Volatiles

With the inclusion of the “Good night, Good luck” update volatiles now roam the streets at night, posing a new challenge for players and making the experience similar to the first entry. The problem me and many players encountered though, is that this new “feature” seems to not have been … Read More

Fuckerman Collection: Walkthrough for Collection 1 and 2

Here is a guide to help you go through Collections 1 and 2 in Fuckerman Collection. Spoiler Alert!!! Updated in February 2024   Collection 1 Walkthrough 1 – Beginning Walk right twice Grab first aid kit off the sidewalk (click on it in the inventory if you get low on … Read More

ROUNDS: Achievement Guide 100%

An achievement guide to easily get all achievements in Rounds   Introduction Currently most achievements can be got either through local or sandbox mode making it very easy to get those achievements if you have a controller you can use to connect a second player if not then there is … Read More

Super Animal Royale: How to Eat Bananas

How to eat a banana. if you didn’t know.   Part 1: The Basics Okay, so your here to learn how to eat a banana, but first let’s go over the befits. So in SAR we super animals die fast, so we need to heal. But I hate health juice, … Read More

HELLDIVERS 2: Weapons Tier List

All weapons compared and assigned grades based on their performance in high-stress tests (Difficulty 9 scenarios)   S Tier Breaker Damage per Second Damage per Mag Accuracy Rate of Fire Total Ammo Reload Speed Anti-Armour Stagger S S A A A A D D Very obviously the best non-stratagem weapon … Read More

Secret Taboo: Cheat Codes (V2.61)

Use these cheat codes to make your game easy. Updated for the latest version 2.61 in February 2024   All Cheat Codes Cheat Codes for V2.61 PC: vickiytr76327 Mirror: 05vbimv05 Sanctuary: vickiyt241 Note: Father sometimes leaves the computer unlocked. Then you can access it. Cheat Codes for V2.51 05vbimv05562 Mirror: 05vbimv05 Cheat Codes for … Read More

The Atlas Mystery: A VR Puzzle Game – Guide 100%

This is a basic guide to this puzzle game for anyone that might be struggling with it!   Tutorial Ohh no, there’s been a murder at The Atlas! As the newest employee it’s important to find who they are, just in case they plan on going after anyone else. Start … Read More

Twilight Oracle: Walkthrough 100%

Written walkthrough with achievements.   Walkthrough Shore: Talk to Marcus 2x (Get Universal Translator). Swim Underwater. Sunken Boat: Look at Sunken Boat (Get Sandpaper). Look at Pitted Rock on far right (Get Clump of Wax). Talk to Squid. #Achievement 01 – She Sells C-Shells. Shore: Use Clump of Wax with … Read More

Helicopter Gunship DEX: Dynamic Campaign Guide

This is a work in progress detailing how the dynamic campaign will work in HG:DEX. The dynamic campaign system will be similar to that used in EECH/EEAH with elements from Longbow 2 and the Wargame series by Eugen. It will not be a full blown war simulation like the ones used in … Read More

The Adventures of The Black Hawk: Achievement Guide 100%

A guide to complete the game unlocking every achievement, for speedrunning and/or second (or later) runs. NOT INTENDED AS A BLIND PLAYTHROUGH GUIDE.   A little foreword and previous considerations This guide is intended to get every achievement by speedrunning (as much as that concept is possible on a graphic … Read More