SpeedRunners: All Achievements 2023

Unfortunately, I have not found a guide that has been updated so I decided to create a guide, much will be similar in other guides but some information is not present in other guides because they have been changed.   Achievements Gotcha! Grapple 100 opponents using the golden hook. See Ya! Overtake 1000 opponents. Dive, … Read more

Swords and Sandals Immortals: 100% Completion (V1.1)

Guide on how to complete the game. From Character Creation to beating the Final boss; details on Achievements, Talents, Skills, Towns / Adventures and Champions / Loots all over Brandor.   Notice This guide is currently updated to Version 1.1.0.E ( March 24 2023 ) Some Achievements are obtainable in Multiplayer, but I recommend you do them in Campaign as you need to do at least 6 Full Playthroughs to get everything Go to the different Sections and find the … Read more

MARVEL SNAP: Pool 1-2 Move Deck Guide

I’ve created this deck for Beginner (Starter pool, Pool 1 to Pool 2) Cards in the hopes of improving the overall performance of our fellow players specially in the lower bracket.   Introduction Marvel Snap has multiple types of playstyle you can use to your advantage. One of the fundamental components in winning is the … Read more