Reborn: Walkthrough 100%

Full walkthrough for all achievements in the game. Contains spoilers!   Introduction This guide contains spoilers! It will walk you through getting all of the achievements in the game. Walkthrough ◈Start a new game ◈Name yourself ◈Go left -> Click book on table ◈Click couch pillows ◈Click books on shelf … Read More

No Case Should Remain Unsolved: Walkthrough for All Puzzles and Endings

Include all of the puzzle solutions, endings and the walkthrough with minimal spoilers, so that you can consult the guide without getting spoiled unintentionally.   Dialogue Color Explanation Introduce how the dialogue colors works During the game, you’ll see the dialogues having various color outlines. Besides the blue dialogues, the … Read More

Burnhouse Lane: Walkthrough 100%

I love written walkthroughs. When there’s not one, you gotta do it yourself   Introduction Go left and interact with the picture frame on the table Interact with it again to pick it up Cut scene Go left and save ——————————————————————————————————- No Escape Achievement After saving, move the chair under … Read More

The DeLuca Family – Season 1: Walkthrough for VN-only Mode

Walkthrough for the VN-only mode.   Walkthrough ◈Start a new game ◈Accept ◈VN-Mode ◈Name yourself ◈Skip introduction (you can also read it if you want) My DeLuca life! – Finish the introduction ◈Yes, that would be nice ◈It’s a nice room ◈I don’t really think it’s huge ◈Visit Luna ◈What … Read More

Fuckerman Collection: Walkthrough for Collection 1 and 2

Here is a guide to help you go through Collections 1 and 2 in Fuckerman Collection. Spoiler Alert!!! Updated in February 2024   Collection 1 Walkthrough 1 – Beginning Walk right twice Grab first aid kit off the sidewalk (click on it in the inventory if you get low on … Read More

Between Two Worlds: Achievement Guide 100%

Guide to all achievements in the game.   Introduction This guide will walk you through getting all of the achievements in the game with save points for backtracking. Please note this walkthrough does not guarantee all scenes, it is meant for achievements. Walkthrough Pt 1 ◈Start a new game ◈No, … Read More

Palworld: Walkthrough & 100% Achievement Guide (V0.1.2)

100% Achievement guide   Introduction Currently this guide is for version v0.1.2 Achievements might not show until you close the game TO-DO Update with tips and tricks Fill missing paldex entries   Tips & Tricks Before creating a new world in Palworld, it’s advisable to tweak different settings to make … Read More

Home Safety Hotline: Complete Walkthrough + Entry Browser

Complete walkthrough, incl. the Entry Browser   Entry Browser – A Animation DESCRIPTION: Animations are any miniature humanoid figure such as dolls, puppets or marionettes that are capable of moving on their own. Homeowners with Animations most commonly report hearing clattering noises at night, and missing or stolen household objects. … Read More

Cat Search In The Wild West: Walkthrough 100%

This guide allow you to find all cats.   Walkthrough Don’t use hints for get all achievements. Outlaws cats are random in each playthrough. Note: Please click the image to enlarge it!

Nothing is Forever: Walkthrough for 100% Achievement

Optimized walkthrough to earn all achievements in the game.   Introduction This guide will walk you through routes and save points in order to earn all achievements. You will need to play the game through multiple times in order to get them all. Some of these achievements have several conditions … Read More

Prince of Suburbia: 100% Walkthrough (Steam V1.0)

You can easily get everything if you just take your time and choose every possible option each day. For those who want to go faster or think they missed anything, please enjoy this short walkthrough. As a general rule, save at the start of each day in case you missed … Read More