Cruel Reality: A horrible dream – 100% Achievement and Ending Walkthrough

Achievement and Endings Walkthrough   Intro As with all my guides, here’s a short intro before you get started with some things to keep in mind. It’s standard Visual Novel controls. Mouse-wheel back through choices and dialogue, and right click to save. You can save on choices. The game will kick you out to your … Read more

Creepy Tale 3: Ingrid Penance – Walkthrough 100%

Walkthrough + 100% Achievement Guide (English) As punishment for her transgressions, Ingrid is sent to hell. As she struggles through the darkness that hungers to consume her heart, she makes her way toward redemption. Her fate is in your hands… Introduction The end of Ingrid can change in conversations and when making decisions. There are … Read more

Gretel and Winslow’s Mansion: Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

A written walkthrough and achievement guide for the korean game Gretel and Winslow’s Mansion   Intro All the gameplay was taken for this youtube video, all the credits for the creator for the endings First run Save location: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\PandoraCube-E_T\Gretel and Winslow’s Mansion Make manual backup of the save for saving time. Start with the good … Read more

The DeLuca Family Walkthrough (All Contracts Guide)

Here is a full walkthrough covering all contracts guide for the 18+ game The DeLuca Family [HopesGaming]. Updated May 2023 | We checked for new V0.09.5   The DeLuca Family Walkthrough Quick write-up/walkthrough for first contracts – D Rank: Completing Side Missions with the girls increases stats. Completing all of Gracie’s increases Intelligence +3 Isabel’s increase Charisma +3 Luna’s … Read more

Amanda the Adventurer: All Endings Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

A step-by-step walkthrough to get all six endings and all achievements in Amanda the Adventurer!   INTRODUCTION AMANDA THE ADVENTURER: WALKTHROUGH & FULL ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE (!SPOILERS!) ***** There are certain “paths” you can take that will bring you to five distinct endings, depending on the choices you make. I made this guide in the format … Read more

Nobodies After Death: Walkthrough with 100% Achievements

Walkthrough with all achievements.   Introduction Number of achievements: 30 Number of missable achievements: 1 Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Free-Roam After Story: No Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Time to 100%: 5-7h, 2-3h with the guide This guide includes a full walkthrough with details required to unlock all achievements in the game. There’s only one truly missable achievement: Hint Hater which requires completing … Read more