Star Apprentice: Magical Murder Mystery – Walkthrough & Guide

A complete Walkthrough of the game. Includes potential light spoilers.   General and Beginning Remember that you can adjust the amount of lifes you have in the Options! Also there are checkpoints during the bullet hell sections, so you don’t have to be too worried about having to redo everything if you mess up. Beginning: … Read more

Heaven Island – VR MMO: Easy Achievement Guide & Walkthrough 100% (Cheat Method)

Easy 100% Achievement Guide + Walkthrough   Method for 100 % Achievements + Walkthrough Controls W (forward) A (left) S (back) D (right) hold Space bar (jump) E collect items Step 1 play normally load game collect 1 apple, and 1 shell (see step 5 for the locations) press escape watch the achievements pop for … Read more

Baldo: The Guardian Owls – “The Final Chapter” DLC Walkthrough

A bullet point walkthrough guide of the entire “Final Chapter” DLC released in September of 2023.   School | Errands Leave the mathematics room, go to the bottom of the stairwell, and get the school map from the groundskeeper. Enter the archives, avoid the cleaner, enter the second floor through the window, and throw a … Read more

A Promise Best Left Unkept: Walkthrough With Specified Load/Save Points

Walkthrough, with specified load/save points, extracted from the game guide. I processed it very lightly but it should be fairly clear what endings each set of choices corresponds to Note that you must finish the aya route (listed first for this reason) to unlock her other available routes   Walkthrough With Specified Load/Save Points # … Read more

DR MILOS REVENGE: Achievement Guide + Walkthrough

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.   Overview Estimated difficulty: NA. I would personally vote 5/10. Estimated 100% time: NA. Offline/online achievements: 12 offline / 0 online. Number of playthroughs: 2 minimum. Glitched achievements: 1. The Nightmares Over Missable Achievements: 1. Lizard Hunter Story Related Powering … Read more