Reborn: Walkthrough 100%

Full walkthrough for all achievements in the game. Contains spoilers!



This guide contains spoilers! It will walk you through getting all of the achievements in the game.


◈Start a new game
◈Name yourself
◈Go left -> Click book on table
◈Click couch pillows
◈Click books on shelf
◈Click trophy on shelf
◈Go left -> Go right
◈Click coffee cup (hot chocolate)
◈Click oven
◈Click knives above sink
◈Click beer can to left of fridge
◈Go left -> Go up
◈Click photo card sticking out of mirror
◈Click left door
◈Click bed
◈Click painting
◈Click chair
◈Click small photo card beside desk lamp
◈Click right door

Welcome to D.Z.

◈Trust him
◈I come from a poor family
◈Check her out
◈To follow Sam

You’re so naive!

◈Shock them

Is this gonna work? – Grab Grace’s boobs

◈Be polite
◈I’m fine
◈Check out the boobs
◈Check her out
◈Confront them
◈Check her out
◈Check her out
◈Calm answer
◈A look inside
◈Check her out


◈Draw Rebecca

Honing skills – Draw a portrait of Rebecca

◈Test preparation
◈Stand up for her
◈Positive answer
◈Check her ass
◈Click back-right door
◈Click bulletin board on right wall
◈Click all posters
◈Go right -> Click left hallway at the back
◈Click toy on the ground
◈Click water fountain
◈Click Alex
◈Click stairs
◈Click photo card at bottom of back-left door
◈Click girl at back
◈Click left hallway at the back
◈Click right chairs
◈Click chair on right
◈Click photo card inbetween cushions
◈Go left -> Click left chair
◈Click money behind yellow cushion
◈Go right -> Go down
◈Click second door on left
◈Hover top left -> Open phone
◈♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ -> Gloria -> 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
◈Stella -> 1-1-1-1-1-1
◈Sam -> 1-1
◈Close phone
◈Back x3 -> Vending machines
◈Right vending machine -> Sixth button from top -> Click can + photo card
◈Left vending machine -> Click money slot -> Buy ice cream
◈Trying to get ice cream
◈Return to previous hallway (where the money and photo chairs were)
◈Click second door on left
◈Go ahead
◈Keep silent

Bad friend – Don’t take Sam with you

◈Grab a beer
◈Be brave
◈Take the initiative

Alpha male – Dominate Hanna

◈Support Rebecca
◈Hover top left -> Open phone
◈♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ -> Sam -> 1-1-1-2
◈Close phone
◈Get drunk
◈Talk to bartender
◈Go right -> Click banister
◈Go up x2 -> Talk to Vicky in middle
◈Modest answer
◈Click each girl
◈Click bouncer
◈You’re right
◈Click back-right stairs -> Click booth -> Take money
◈Go right -> Click door on right
◈Go down x2 -> Click photo card on floor by left banister
◈Click photo card on pole near left side of the screen (can be hard to see, it’s on the pole right near the top rung of the banister)
◈Go left -> Click drink table on left -> Take money under table
◈Go down x2 -> Talk to girl at back
◈Looking at her ass
◈I fixed it
◈Not to go into detail
◈Talk to Tina (bartender) again


◈Buy top photo card
◈Go down -> Talk to Sam
◈Go ahead
◈To be a gift

Gift – To be a gift to Chelsea

◈{Continue story}

Nice bonus – Open the scene with Chelsea

◈♥♥♥ in mouth

Firm hand – The hidden final with Chelsea

◈Give her a hug
◈Check her ass

It’s hard to look away – Peeping at every opportunity

Alien – Complete 1 Act



◈Come out and apologize


◈Be polite
◈I’m fine
◈{Continue story until}

Complete Collection 1 – Open all the scenes of the first act

◈Draw Olivia

An artist? – Draw a portrait of Olivia

◈Buy second photo card

Photo album 1 act – Collect all the photo cards
There are currently 10 photos that can be found in the free roams. You can access the gallery through your phone. The 10 photos belong to only 3 girls in the gallery currently.

Thanks to Pielikonu for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it here. Enjoy the game.

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