HELLDIVERS 2: Tips and Tricks

Tired of dying? Wondering why you keep getting kicked? Nuked your entire team and feel the guilt of treason? This guide is for you!   Know your primary targets The first key to not dying is knowing your targets. There are two main bugs from the scout family that will … Read More

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – Beginners Tips

Simple guide and tips for noobs.   A. Learn the basics. Run around and kill stuff. Die. Repeat. Just keep going you’ll figure it out. Have fun. Play w/e class and guns you want or you’ll get bored. The game doesn’t have a control keybinds section which is bonkers but … Read More

Return from Core: Tips and Tricks

Things that might help you when starting Return from Core   Tutorial During the tutorial, you’ll start off with a Splitting Pickaxe with 450 durability, that you will lose once you complete the tutorial. This is enough durability to mine most of the blocks in the tutorial area, but not … Read More

Cavern of Dreams: Helpful Tips

List of power-ups, so you can guess if the puzzle your trying to solve can be solved at all with what you have. also some puzzles solves   list of power ups 1 egg Tail Whip you can hit walls that look like doors to break them 6 eggs Wings … Read More

Death Must Die: Beginners Guide and Tips

Massive Guide to pass along any and all helpful information for beginners and more advanced players! This guide is a work in progress and is being edited as more information is gathered.   First Things First: You are going to die, a lot. This game is rogue-like, so multiple attempts … Read More

Demeo Battles: Tips and Tricks for New Players

Tips and advice for new players   Tips and Tricks This is my first guide so plz dont judge me too harshly. These are just some things picked up from playing the last few days. There doesn’t seem to be a compendium so this might help some of the newer … Read More

Magicraft: Tips and Tricks for New Players

just some basic tips and tricks I’ve learned while playing the game. may update if it gets popular, or as I find more interesting things in game.   intro just a regular player and my first time making a guide. I noticed there wasn’t anything for the game guide wise … Read More

RETRIS: Tips & Tricks to Achieve High Scores

Strategies and fundamentals that can help you achieve high scores and improve your gameplay.   Managing your well Stack your pieces to one side and┬áleave one, two or three spaces at the opposite side of the board, keep in mind that the wider your well is, the less options you’ll … Read More

HoloCure – Save the Fans!: New Player Tips

A list of helpful tips for newer players.   Overview This guide is a selection of tips and advice for new players. It assumes you have already watched or played some Holocure or other similar games in the genre like Vampire Survivors or Halls of Torment and thus doesn’t aim … Read More