Balatro: Tips/Strategies for Jokerless Challenge

The Jokerless challenge is the final of Balatro’s 20 Challenge Runs, and is by far the hardest. This guide includes a few tips and tricks, as well as the strategy that I personally used to beat it. About the Challenge Balatro has 20 different challenge runs, most of which show … Read More

Spiritfall: Tips and Tricks for Beginners (V1.0)

This is the written version of a tips and tricks video I made. I thought it could help other people as well. This guide is more for beginners, but it’s possible it can help other people too!   The Tech and Terminology The Video Version of the Guide, if you … Read More

Supermarket Simulator: Tips for Beginners

Things that might help at beginning of your supermarket!   Money When restocking the delivery payments are as follow: 1-3 items -> 2 € 4-6 items -> 4 € 7-10 items -> 8 € So its good to buy stuff in 3, 6 or 10 sets to save the most … Read More

Xeno Runners: Beginners Tips and Guide

Beginners Tips and advanced Time Trials   Basic Gameplay For Free Form flying, just avoid the green ring at the beginning and you can freely fly around the map. The time of day passes and the weather might change. You can also find hidden orange glowing spheres. To start a … Read More

Pacific Drive: Pro Tips for the New Driver

This guide aims to provide some info and tips that I feel are not too-too obvious. Will be updating (and adding photos to) this guide as I play more, and feel free to comment more advice or to correct errors!   While in the Garage If the car is severely … Read More

HELLDIVERS 2: Tips and Tricks

Tired of dying? Wondering why you keep getting kicked? Nuked your entire team and feel the guilt of treason? This guide is for you!   Know your primary targets The first key to not dying is knowing your targets. There are two main bugs from the scout family that will … Read More

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – Beginners Tips

Simple guide and tips for noobs.   A. Learn the basics. Run around and kill stuff. Die. Repeat. Just keep going you’ll figure it out. Have fun. Play w/e class and guns you want or you’ll get bored. The game doesn’t have a control keybinds section which is bonkers but … Read More

Return from Core: Tips and Tricks

Things that might help you when starting Return from Core   Tutorial During the tutorial, you’ll start off with a Splitting Pickaxe with 450 durability, that you will lose once you complete the tutorial. This is enough durability to mine most of the blocks in the tutorial area, but not … Read More

Cavern of Dreams: Helpful Tips

List of power-ups, so you can guess if the puzzle your trying to solve can be solved at all with what you have. also some puzzles solves   list of power ups 1 egg Tail Whip you can hit walls that look like doors to break them 6 eggs Wings … Read More

Death Must Die: Beginners Guide and Tips

Massive Guide to pass along any and all helpful information for beginners and more advanced players! This guide is a work in progress and is being edited as more information is gathered.   First Things First: You are going to die, a lot. This game is rogue-like, so multiple attempts … Read More