Coromon: Tips for Getting to Research Level 100

Gameplay loop for completing Milestones in order to hit Research Level 100 for the achievement.   Introduction Getting to Research Level 100 involves completing Milestones to get Research XP. The main method for getting enough XP to reach Level 100 will involve a sustainable gameplay loop detailed in the next section. Main Gameplay Loop To keep it … Read more

JYDGE: Tips & Tricks to Play the Game

Keyboard shortcuts, New Game Plus, difficulty differences, and other useful info.   Special Actions Gameplay: Hold down the melee button to charge the melee strike, up to 8x damage. You cannot move while charging this attack. If you’re playing with mouse + keyboard, you can aim where you want grenades to land. Press E when … Read more

DREDGE: 100% Achievement Guide and Tips

This guide will lead you on how to get 100% of the Achievements along with providing tips on doing so with minimal effort.   Intro This guide will not just be a list of achievements and how to get them. Instead I plan to take the games approach of giving you the tools, pointing the … Read more