CaseCracker: Extended Mysteries Hints

I love that the game makes you deduce things but unfortunately, if you’re stuck on an extended mystery, there are no in-game hints and all the guides I’ve found give you the final solution. I made this guide in case anyone needs a little help but doesn’t want to skip the deduction process   General … Read more

Scarlet Maiden: Gameplay Tips

It’s a basic guide with tips to help people progress. 😡   Basic Tips Break every box/barrel/jar/minecart you can for bonus Sin and a chance at free spells. Full clear every area if possible before moving on; you may find better gear, buffs or just more Sin. Enemies have no contact damage (With the exception … Read more

Bloons Monkey City: Tips and Tricks

This is NOT a walkthrough on how to beat bosses, maps, stats, basic gameplay mechanics, etc. There are plenty of those to be found online or in-game, or by simply asking the community. The scope of this guide is to provide players with hidden information and certain strategies that might not be apparent at first, … Read more

Kynseed: Useful General Tips V1.0

This is a list of general tips that I think are less known, and may benefit you in your playthrough.   Useful General Tips V1.0 I’ll add to the list more tips as I come by them. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, and share your own tips as well. It seems you … Read more

Floodland: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

An assortment of good advice and helpful inside knowledge for the beginner Floodland gamer   VIP first step and general info – build the study as top priority and use the academic debate. Its the only way to research without relics. If you fail to do that you run a high possibility of breaking your session, as … Read more

Tactics Ogre Reborn: Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on how to play the game Tactics Ogre: Reborn.   Menus a drag? Scroll through item/spell/skill slots when slotting things using a controller! On PS controller, hold “square” + “L2” or “R2” On Xbox, hold “X” + “LT” or “RT” Hoarding is a problem? Hah! Don’t sell your crafting … Read more