Spiritfall: Tips and Tricks for Beginners (V1.0)

This is the written version of a tips and tricks video I made. I thought it could help other people as well. This guide is more for beginners, but it’s possible it can help other people too!


The Tech and Terminology

The Video Version of the Guide, if you want to watch it!

Sweet Spot: Also known to some as the tipper, is exactly as it sounds. Weapons can have move in their kit that have a blue sparkle normally on the tip. You will do more damage. This can could affect how you go about combos.

Perfect Launcher: This is when you charge a launcher move and release at the correct time. This will net you more damage.

Wavedashing: If you played Melee or Rivals of Aether this term will be familiar to you already. In Spiritfall you can wave when you do when you press jump and dash one after another while holding forward. If you have the passive you can tell you are doing it correctly if the cooldown is shorter.

Pouncing: Can be done if you press dash and then jump immediately after. This will give you momentum to continue air combos.

Wall Splat: Is when you hit an enemy against the wall. You will do more damage. If you like the idea of doing wall splats, Yamphas will be pleased with you.

Linking Moves Together: In Spiritfall different weapons have different moves of course, but if you try to start a combo with the neutral attack from the alternate hammer-axe it might be hard to continue that string. Pouncing or Wavedashing will be needed to get a combo from that move and others that maybe like it. You have a ton of freedom in how you go about your combo strings so pick a weapon to mess around and find out.

Things to Keep in Mind for the Journey

In Spiritfall, like in other rogue-likes, you unlock stuff. You have 4 different currencies: Dormant Ember, Combat Rune, Esoteric Scroll, Perennial Ashes. You obtain them during your runs. The shrine will give you 2 options and you can only pick 1. I know the idea of having everything at once is nice, but that would be impossible. What I did while playing this game is set a goal to unlock: Passives, Mask upgrades, weapons, and Events. Then I’d go for 2 of 3 of the currencies. The boss one will be gotten if you complete run. You don’t have unlock things the same way as me, but I found this to be efficient for myself.

Addon About Perennial Ashes: Perennial Ashes are unlocked per weapon. The first time you beat a specific boss with a new weapon you get 1 perrenial ash, meaning you can get 5 ashes per weapon (alt forms still count as the same weapon). If you’re grinding for more ashes, try picking up a weapon you haven’t tried yet. (Shoutouts to the person that commented)

Just Read: Honestly this is for the people who don’t normally play roguelikes, but read the descriptions for what the effects do. You can find the Divine Spirit that works for you easily by doing this or be able to work with what you have if you’re unlucky.

Boss Tips

The Enduring Sentry does a decent amount of damage, but is predictable. The animation part in the trailer is basically the strat. If a sword isn’t going to fall on you get behind her and break the armor with minimal damage dealt to you. After that start your combo.

For the Dark Trinity, focus one at a time. Don’t tunnel vision and not be aware of your surroundings you don’t want to get stabbed or shot at. Normally I go for the archer or the swordsman as the dude with the spear was easiest to deal with 1 on 1. You can combo them after they finish the move. Also having something like Bubble Shield or Sharbora poise related passives can allow you to take more hits.

For Heretic Warlock Having Bubble Shield or Shabora’s dash is pretty good on him especially when that dash can get rid of the small projectiles. Also be mindful of Mr. Bones.

With Tasmos, the times he is open to attack are smaller than the previous 2, but the same advice applies here. Make sure you do short combos as he will break out quicker than the other bosses

The High Priestess has plenty of projectiles and can be hard to fight, but did you know you can just throw her, repeatedly? Not even joking. Just throw in the blast zone. You can do the same type of thing with other weapons. As she comes back, the Priestess will be vulnerable to combos for a moment. So take that moment to take out the trash.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say here. Go out there and become UNSTOPPABLE!

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