Porn Empire: How to Cheat

Here is a short guide on how to cheat in PEdev’s game: Porn Empire. Updated to version 0.83b.   Porn Empire Cheats Guide Note: You’ve to select the option to enable cheat menus during game startup. AFAIK the old codes are no longer functional. Put in as your character name Mr. Rocco – full stats … Read more

Rust: Legacy Commands

A list of Rust Legacy Commands extracted directly from the game.   Client Commands Command Arguments Description global.create_error Creates an error global.find string Name Search for a command global.echo string output Prints something to the debug output global.quit Quits the game global.logprint When set to True, all console printing will go through Debug.Log global.fpslog Prints … Read more

LonaRPG: Cheats Guide (All Console Commands)

Here is a full guide on how to cheat in LonaRPG. Updated January 2023| We checked for new version:   How to Enable Cheat Press ‘F10’ to enter the console and type the cheats in, copy/paste is not possible (replace 9999 with the value you desire). Adding ‘ >z’ to the end of the … Read more