Camp Mourning Wood: Patreon Codes for Mailbox

Use this list of all Patreon codes to get free uniforms and outfits in Camp Mourning Wood. We check for the codes in May 2024   Patreon Codes for Mailbox Please make sure to enter the code precisely. And we will add more codes along with the new updates to … Read More

Divimera: How to Unlock the Gallery by Editing Files

Want to unlock all galleries in Divimera in a minute? This guide will help you.   How to Unlock the Gallery [PC] To unlock the gallery, Go to the game folder, then erase the file sceens.rpyc and modify the sceens.rpy file. remove True instead of False You will have this … Read More

Park after Dark: All Cheat Codes (V0.22b Updated)

Here is a full list of all cheat codes in Park after Dark, updated with the latest game version, 0.22b.   Cheat Codes List We will continue to update this list as the new update is released. Version 0.22 First Level Code: Tantor (New!) Second Level Code: JungleQueen (New!) Third Level … Read More

Balatro: How to Increase Your Money by Editing Save Files

This guide shows you how to change the amount of money by editing and successfully saving the file. I played Balatro for at leat 9 hours without winning once! So I was searching for trainers or guides and fount one. But the guides forgot to tell you one little thing, … Read More

Beat Banger: All Cheat Codes & How to Enable Console

This guide will explain how to use cheats in Beat Banger, including a full list of cheat codes currently. Updated in March 2024 for Game Version 3.48   All Cheat Codes Common Commands: ping = Returns “Pong!” hello = Returns “Hey!” clear = Clears the console window of entries history = Returns previously entered … Read More

Unlimited Pleasure: Cheat Codes (V1.0.6)

For those who’re looking for the console codes for the game, this guide will cover you. Updated for March 2024 with version 1.0.6   Unlimited Pleasure Working Codes for V1.0.6 iloveunlimitedpleasurebestgameok: More Phone Wallpapers (New!) givemethosecarsmanok: More laptop wallpapers (New!) truelove truelove or true_love: True Love story (incest) unlimitedavatara: New … Read More

SLUDGE LIFE 2: How to Enable Debug Menu

Welcome, rebels and digital graffiti artists! “SLUDGE LIFE 2” is back, doubling down on the grimy, open-world chaos and tagging freedom we loved in the first installment. But what if I told you there’s a hidden layer to this game that can amplify your anarchic adventures? Yes, I’m talking about … Read More

STAR WARS: Dark Forces Remaster – All Cheat Codes

A list of Cheat Codes to use in the Dark Forces Cheat Code Menu.   How to Use Cheat Codes When in a mission, hit the ESCAPE key to open the menu. In the menu, there is an option 6th from the top directly above Quit Game that reads Enter … Read More

Warlock of Lust: Premium Codes (V3.9)

Using these Premium codes to make your game easy! New code added in February 2024   All Premium Codes It is possible to set any player’s value to whatever you want through the developer’s console. Moreover, you can use the Level 2 code to enable the cheat menu; if your … Read More

Secret Taboo: Cheat Codes (V2.65)

Use these cheat codes to make your game easy. Updated for the latest version 2.65 in April 2024   All Cheat Codes Cheat Codes for V2.65 poetsofthelift Note: Father sometimes leaves the computer unlocked. Then you can access it. Cheat Codes for V2.61 PC: vickiytr76327 Mirror: 05vbimv05 Sanctuary: vickiyt241 Cheat Codes for V2.51 … Read More