Dungeon Slaves: All Gallery Codes (V0.70)

Here is a complete list of all Patreon codes to allow you to unlock the additional content in Dungeon Slaves.


Patreon Password / Codes for Each Month

These Are the Different Passwords for the Months, This month is juice.

  • January: amy
  • February: boob
  • March: mouth
  • April: adn700
  • May: mini
  • June: juice
  • July: Jelly
  • August: apple
  • September: student
  • October: over
  • November: nose
  • December: winter

Note: The password is changed with every update and so only works on that version, if you have not updated to the latest version then you need to use the old password, which will have been posted when the last update was released.

If the monthly Patreon code doesn’t work for you, try the following codes:

  • slaves
  • queen
  • thanks
  • Kitty
  • ILOVEAMY/iloveamy

These codes work for the old version, and it’s case sensitive.


Finally, you’ve got the codes; if you want to get more Patreon codes, try these similar guides:

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