Isekai Awakening: Cheat Codes and Patreon Code (V1.035)

For those who are finding cheat codes or extreme code, we will provide you with them below.

Important! All these codes below only work in the Patreon version; if you’re playing the Public version, it does not work yet.

February 2024 Updated | New version 1.035 Public


Codes for Extreme Content

Only the paid Patreon version has filed for extreme content.

  • V1.0: 9009 (New!)
  • V0.98: 1001
  • V0.97: 1009
  • V0.96: 9100/9010
  • V0.95: 5100/5010
  • V0.94: 9001
  • V0.93: 9000
  • V0.92: 7009
  • V0.91: 5009
  • Unknown Version: 5007
  • Unknown Version: 1930
  • Unknown Version: 1930
  • Unknown Version: 1930

Note: If the code does not work for you, please use the V1.035 cheat mod [] to add cheats and unlock all content.


Cheat Codes for V1.035

  • 5010: Redeem for relationships boost
  • 469: Redeem for skill points
  • 999: Redeem for in-game gold
  • 123: Redeem for in-game stamina
  • 888: Redeem for Battle Exp Multiplier


That’s all; now you’ve got the codes for the game, and if you want more codes, don’t forget to read these guides below:

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