Goblin Layer: New Patreon Passwords (V0.53)

Goblin Layer is an adult man-protagonist game developed by Parodos. Here is a guide to help you find the new Patreon password.

June 2024 Update | we check for the new version 0.53


All Patreon Passwords for Secret Room

  • V0.53: wrong (New!)
  • V0.52: on patreon
  • V0.50: minthara
  • V0.44.8B/V0.44.9: burukrasu
  • V0.44.7/V0.44.6: password
  • V0.44.4/V0.44.3b: leaked
  • V0.44.2b: on page 27
  • V0.44.1: spoiler
  • V0.43.9: "without quotes" (including the quotes)
  • V0.42.8-V0.43.1: on page 24
  • V0.36.2: remake

Note: 0.50 = Public release. 0.51 = Patreon release. If you use the Patreon version, then you get that password from Patreon.

Old Passwords

  • paromas
  • parodox
  • not working

For more Patreon codes, please check out Once a Porn a Time Patreon Codes guide.


Where Can I Enter the Patron Code?

You can enter the password in the inn.

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