A Very Full House: All Patreon Codes (V0.22.3)

Here is a full list of A Full House Patreon codes, currently updated for V0.22.3, And will be updated with every update.


All Patreon Passwords (V0.22.3)

These codes will allow you to unlock the Patreon-only content in the game. If you love this game, we recommend you support the developer via Patreon.

  • V0.22: Extra Curricular (New!)
  • V0.21: Wet n' Wild
  • V0.20: Plap Plap Plap
  • V0.19.1: Shiny and Chrome
  • V0.18.1: By any chance
  • V0.17.1: industrial revolution
  • V0.14: over on patreon
  • V0.13: Keeping Score
  • V0.9: the name of your main character
  • V0.8.2: Gack Gack
  • V0.7.0: Fireworks
  • V0.4.1: Uniform Inspection

You can unlock the tracking app by entering Patreon’s code into the in-game Patreon app and choosing it from the list of rewards.

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What can I do if I Can’t find the New Patreon Code?

There is a cheat method to let you enter any passwords to unlock the Patreon content by replace a game file:

Copy and paste this file [drive.google.com] in \game\PhoneApps
It should ask to overwrite your previous

Once you do that, any password you place will be accepted.

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