SLUDGE LIFE 2: How to Enable Debug Menu

Welcome, rebels and digital graffiti artists! “SLUDGE LIFE 2” is back, doubling down on the grimy, open-world chaos and tagging freedom we loved in the first installment. But what if I told you there’s a hidden layer to this game that can amplify your anarchic adventures? Yes, I’m talking about … Read More

Mortal Kombat 1: Season 4 Invasions Klues Guide

Welcome, Mortal Kombat enthusiasts and seasoned warriors! Season 4 has arrived, bringing with it an arsenal of thrilling Invasions and challenges that test your mettle and mastery of Fatalities, Brutalities, and special moves. Whether you’re battling on Windows or PlayStation, this guide is your key to conquering the new season. … Read More

Supermarket Simulator: Tips for Beginners

Things that might help at beginning of your supermarket!   Money When restocking the delivery payments are as follow: 1-3 items -> 2 € 4-6 items -> 4 € 7-10 items -> 8 € So its good to buy stuff in 3, 6 or 10 sets to save the most … Read More

Pacific Drive: Hidden Endgame Reward

The only reward for completing the storyline is hidden just before the final exit! The words “Hidden” and “Endgame” are in the title, that was your spoiler warning. The End of the End of the Road After the walking portion, you’ll see the car waiting for you. Look behind it: The Shocked Tourists are … Read More

GRID Autosport: Achievement Guide 100%

This is a quick guide to explain some of the achievements   Career related Part 1 Sign on the dotted line Accept your first Team Offer. To unlock this achievement go to Career, pick a type you want to play and then select the offer. Just warming up Complete the … Read More

Metal: Hellsinger – Coat of Arms Guide

Guide to the location of Coat of Arms, solid number is the arena itself, the half numbers are in the transition periods. No spoiler tabs, so you can see without scrolling over.   Locations Hell/Difficulty Arena Location Voke Lamb -3 – Right after you enter the 3rd arena turn right. … Read More

Pacific Drive: Junction Conditions Guide

The goal of this guide is to explain what all the Junction Conditions are and what they meant.   Introduction Welcome to my guide! This guide is currently heavily under construction due to the game’s newly release, I will do my best to keep this guide updated as I continue … Read More

Pacific Drive: Achievement Guide 100%

Guide to efficiently getting 100% Achievement completion in Pacific Drive.   Overview & Introduction Pacific Drive is a very unique survival game that you’re surely familiar with if you’re reading this. I’ve just completed the game and am currently wrapping up on the last few achievements required for 100%. This … Read More

STAR WARS: Dark Forces Remaster – All Cheat Codes

A list of Cheat Codes to use in the Dark Forces Cheat Code Menu.   How to Use Cheat Codes When in a mission, hit the ESCAPE key to open the menu. In the menu, there is an option 6th from the top directly above Quit Game that reads Enter … Read More