V Rising: Castle & Room Layouts for PVE (V1.0)

How to build compact and efficient castle, that can be built almost everywhere.   TL;DR Check locations here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OLBUKdDrF2NbDwPJ5M5kRsKu7_iEVi8CHelbGYg1fFk/edit Recommended basement size -9х7. Place stairs module and build rooms around assuming environment and available space. Build garden pavements inside castle – they provide same speed boost as carpets, but almost … Read More

Terminus: Zombie Survivors – Speedster Achievement Guide

Completed Speedster Achievement guide today, along with all the all the other time related achievements (Early Bird + Before the Week is over) AND also Untouched + Peaceful Existence all in the one play-through.   Achievement Unlocks Sharing my methodology for this for those who want to try get this, … Read More

Fantasy Survivors: All Pets List

A simplified list of all pets currently in game and which egg you can get them from.   Intro Hello fellow survivors! It has been quite some time since I’ve made a guide for the game. Today I bring the entire compiled list of all 51 pets currently in game … Read More

Hunt and Snare: All Treasure Locations

Maps of islands with markings of all loot chest.   Introduction Hello everyone. This guide will provide you the info about locations of treasure chests that are scattered all around the world. I’ve ran all of the current islands and manually marked all that I’ve found. Click on the pics … Read More

Cloud Meadow: How to Farm Money

This guide helps you get a millionaire in about a game’s week.   What You Need IMPORTANT! The guide was made in version Beta and may not work on future updates. To this method you need some amount of money to start, the more the better, but 100 is … Read More

Camp Mourning Wood: Patreon Codes for Mailbox

Use this list of all Patreon codes to get free uniforms and outfits in Camp Mourning Wood. We check for the codes in May 2024   Patreon Codes for Mailbox Please make sure to enter the code precisely. And we will add more codes along with the new updates to … Read More

The Devil Within: Satgat – All Haetae Locations

Helping you find all the Haetae in your playthrough!   Information! *Disclaimer – This is the early access version of The Devil Within: Satgat so we can expect more to be added to the future! I’ll add them as more content is added to the game. **Also, in this game, … Read More

KUNKUN Defender: Easy Achievement Guide

How to 100% this game   Easy Achievement Guide Minimum 3 play-through (better stay at one end of the map, remember to upgrade global skills in Main Menu after each run) 1st map: reach Wave 16 and fly away (as shotgun is strong, I mainly upgrade gun skills and buy … Read More

Reborn: Walkthrough 100%

Full walkthrough for all achievements in the game. Contains spoilers!   Introduction This guide contains spoilers! It will walk you through getting all of the achievements in the game. Walkthrough ◈Start a new game ◈Name yourself ◈Go left -> Click book on table ◈Click couch pillows ◈Click books on shelf … Read More

Gray Zone Warfare: Task Location Guide

Task location that I’ve done so far Crimson shield location but should be applicable to other faction as well. I’ll add more when i have time.   First Recon Objective Location Gas station Convinience store Demolished building Cache Retrieval Objective Location Lumberyard Warehouse Small shed attach to the side Meds … Read More