Hardenville: 100% Guide (Achievements + Scenes)

Guide to all unlockables in the game.



This guide will walk you through getting all the achievements and scenes in the game.


◈Start a new game
◈Name yourself
◈{Continue story}

One More Shot! – I’ll never learn

◈Sure thing, boss…
◈Your dress? It compliments you beautifully

Save here for the rock paper scissors game. Reload until you go 1-0, make another save. Reload until you win 2-0.

Mind Games – Win Rock Paper Scissors

◈Flip the finger back
◈Take a quick look
◈{Continue story}

Porta-Potty Fun – What happens in the Porta-Potty stays in the Porta-Potty

◈Where? Send pic for instruction
◈Activate the flashlights
◈{Continue story}

Just Getting Started – Completed The Prologue

◈Yes, of course I have. (Lie)
◈Phone chat -> 1-1-1-1-1-1

If your item is different from sausages, just roll back one screen and choose until you get the correct item and achievement will trigger.

Memory Master – Recall the grocery item on the first try

◈I would’ve preferred if you’d woken me up
◈Have a safe flight!
◈Turn around

SPF 20 – Help Out With The Sunscreen
Save here for handball game. This minigame is random. Choose a spot to block. Reload the save until you block a shot and go up 1-0, save again. Reload until you go 2-0, then make another save. Repeat until you win 5-0.

I’m The Captain Now – Win 5-0 in the Handball Shootout

Goalie – Win The Handball Shoot-out

◈Forgotten a dildo in the shower

Shower Toy – The Owner Of The Toy Has Been Revealed

◈Drink x2
◈Seen anyone here naked
◈Drink x3

Time To Start The Party – Completed Episode 1

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