Lord Goblin: All Cheat Codes (V0.22)

Look for Lord Goblin Cheat Codes? This guide will cover you; we list all current cheat codes below.

Update in June 2024 | We check the latest version 0.22


All Cheat Codes V0.22

Use these codes below to get free gold, food, and more boosts. So you can reduce the number of hours of worthless grind.

  • saffronsoles = “posh spice event”(special Delia footjob scene) spice merchant will appear next afternoon. (repeatable)
  • cleansweep = set dirt and laundry to 0
  • giveusyourtired = add 20 artisans, 40 villeins and 10 soldiers
  • welltodo = add 200 gold and 200 food
  • gravitas = add 40 legitimacy and 20 security
  • pluckazalea = add 25 Az’ea love, lust and obedience
  • preferblondes = add 25 Beth love, lust and obedience
  • albagubrath = add 25 Cliona love, lust and obedience
  • delightful = add 25 Delia love, lust and obedience


Where to Enter the Cheat Codes?

Press the ‘ESC’ button and then click “Settings”, you will see the field to enter the cheat code

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