Secret Taboo: Cheat Codes (V2.65)

Use these cheat codes to make your game easy.

Updated for the latest version 2.65 in April 2024


All Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes for V2.65

    • poetsofthelift

Note: Father sometimes leaves the computer unlocked. Then you can access it.

Cheat Codes for V2.61

    • PC: vickiytr76327
    • Mirror: 05vbimv05
    • Sanctuary: vickiyt241

Cheat Codes for V2.51

    • 05vbimv05562
    • Mirror: 05vbimv05

Cheat Codes for V2.35

    • dantevergilsss14

Cheat Codes for V2.05

    • eternity031353

Cheat Codes for V2.0

    • dvmvcs235
    • dvmvc

Cheat Codes for V1.9

    • sophrano
    • 235s
    • 156216

Cheat Codes for V1.8

    • dc7866

Cheat Codes for V1.6

    • xxlucassecretxx


Where to Find the Cheat Code?

If you join the Developers’ Patreon Membership, then you can actually see the code on the post.


Finally, you can also check out more cheat codes:

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