Gunpowder Cocktail: Hidden Cards & Cheat Codes (V0.5.0)

Here is a guide with all hidden card locations and cheat codes, which is updated for the latest version, 0.50.


Location of All [6] Hidden Cards (Special Renders)

Note: This guide will be updated when new cards are added.

All Hidden Cards

How to View Them


Cheats Guide & FAQs

How to Cheat

FAQs of Cheat Codes

Q: Do I need to re-enter the cheat codes when I start a new game?
A: No, if you have entered a cheat code once, it will be active even if you start a new game.

Q: Are the cheat codes permanent? Do we need to re-enter the cheat codes when we load an another save file?
A: Cheat codes are permanent. When you enter a cheat code, it will be active in all save files you will use. You will only need to re-enter the cheat codes if you delete the persistent file in the game’s save folder.

Q: Will the cheat codes work in future updates?
A: Yes. All cheat codes will work seamlessly with all future updates.


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