The Hard Way: Cheats Guide (Console Commands)

The Hard Way is a free adult game developed by Muffin Maker; the game is the prequel to The Long Way and will ultimately span more than 50 years. Here is a guide on how to cheat in the game.

Note: The latest version 0.27.1 is now out.


How to Enable Cheat

incest - to enable incest content
beast - to enable Beastiality content

Note: For the true story, enter ‘incest’ using the cheats button on the phone settings menu.


Console Commands

mcstats.Credits = x
(or Hunger/Sleep/Style/Strength/Charisma/.........etc.)

mcskills.Boxing = x
(or Labour/Toughness/MMA/etc.)


What’s new in V0.27.1

  • Aging for Linda, including all extended sex scenes.
  • A unique scene for Dianne.

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