The Hard Way: Walkthrough (Day 1-8)

Here is a full walkthrough (credit topedrosweet)  from day 1 to day 8 in The Hard Way.

Updated November 2022 | We checked for new version v0.18.4


The Hard Way Walkthrough – Days 1 to 8

Day 1 – 2020-01-01 Saturday

Initial help…

* Head over to the City Hall on Saturday at 7am.

You start at 6am on Saturday 2020-01-01, & the only thing open to you is *City Hall*. The message that comes on screen early in the first scene contains some important information…

> Your choices will affect your progress with characters

> Some characters value honesty, while others prefer cunning

> A neutral karma gets the best results

> Karma can be reset by having a massage at the gym.

* Say you’re not from the agency.
* Deny seeing anything.

From that scene your only option is to go to *Dock Retail*

* Choose the last option.
* Once we get to know each other.
* Don’t take the money.

Now you have to go to Haven Park for a scene there, followed by going to the *City Mall* for a scene in the *Boutique*.

* Say it’s your fault.

> Playing scenes again & again to see the different results is a lot of work. And when there’s multiple girls the choices affect each of their stats differently, so it will become quite complex with some scenes. I won’t suggest responses for all scenes.

The first opportunity for interaction is with Zelda after the Boutique scene. Go through all interactions you get.

Now you get to choose between going to *Dogs Lofts* to rent a room or sleeping rough in the *Rail Car*. Rent a room. You’ll find it easy to earn enough to afford it, & you get better sleep. Choose *Skip the Pitch* to save time (same when you join the *Mega Gym* later).

When you go to wherever you sleep there’s a green button at the top-center of the screen that allows you to eat, wash, & sleep, in a one click action. That’s a time & click saving measure that could be used more widely, in this game, & many others.

From here on, going back to your sleeping place to eat, wash, & sleep, will be indicated by **EWS** as the last action of the day.

Day 2 – 2020-01-02 Sunday

Initial help…

* Meet Velma at the City Hall Employment Office after 8am on Monday morning.

As soon as you step out from where you sleep you will get a message from Yvette asking you to meet her at the *Dock Retail Strip Coffee Shop* (I prefer to use the shorter place name versions from the map, so *Dock Retail Strip* is just *Dock Retail*).

You have 3 hours & can only go to Dock Retail, so…

This will be your first opportunity to buy things. See Tips & Tricks below for an explantion of purchases, what you can buy, & from where.

Visit the *Corner Shop* & go through all available interactions with Vallery. While you’re there you can buy supplies. If you’re keeping busy you’ll go through a lot of Cola, & the Instant shower will often come in handy. I started with 12 of Cola, & 6 each of the others. (The clicks to purchase also use time, which is good at this moment).

Visit the *Clothing Store* & go through all available interactions with Portia. While you’re there buy Sport shoes & Gym kit. The Suit can wait until later.

* The Tattoo Parlour is under construction, so there’s no point going there until an update.

Now go to the *Coffee Shop* & go through all available interactions with Kegan. There’s no need to buy anything here. You’ll a little time left (it should only be minutes), so click the hour of the clock to skip to the date time of 10am.

The date with Yvette is so she can introduce her mother, Debbie. During the meeting the local poloce officer, Dwayne, pops in. He comes in handy, so Greet him regularly to raise his Like stat.

After the date you’re kicked back out to the map. I suggest going back to Dock Retail & getting what interactions you can with Debbie & Dianne.

Now head over to the Mega Gym to meet Audrey. The choices don’t seem to make any difference, but picking the first option brings out her funny side. During the meeting scene you’ll meet more girls. After the meeting, do the available interactions with Audrey, & join the gym.

Have a look around while you’re there. The only room where you’ll find anyone is the weights room, where Yvette & Xena are (Xena is always flashing her pussy in here). While interacting with them Shelly will come in. Shelly sits down behind (& almost hidden by) Xena. Greet her while you’re there.

While you’re at the gym you’ll recieve a message from Vallery asking you to meet her at the Dock Retail Corner Shop* at 2pm. At 1pm You’ll get a message from Shelly asking you to meet at Popeye’s Cafe in the City Mall at 3pm.

When you leave the Mega Gym you can free roam for the first time. Go to the Hospital. If it’s already 1pm a scene meeting with Dwayne (f it’s not yet 1pm click the clock while still outside). During that meeting a young cop, Pauline, drops in. Pauline is one of 2 women police officers who are corrupted, & that’s something you have to find out about.

After the meeting Greet Dwayne then go into the Hospital to start meeting staff. Interact with Bettie & Lyra before going to the Dock Retail Corner Shop for your date with Vallery.

At the Corner Shop you’ll be introduced to more of the girls, including Farah who has just started her shift. Interact with Farah & then head to the City Mall. As you arrive at the City Mall you’ll get a message from Yvette asking you to meet her at the Mega Gym at 7pm.

At Popeye’s Cafe you’ll meet Olive, who works there, Erica, the other corrupted cop, who drops in, & Shelly’s mother, Clara. Rhonda also drops in to introduce herself. Shelly tells you there’s a special position with the Sisterhood that you could fill.

Interact with Olive before leaving Popeye’s Cafe, then go to the Sports Bar. Interact with Clara, Gemma, & Phoebe. Now go the Boutique, interact with Amber, & work for an hour. That uses some time & earns you some money. After all that you have time to stop at the Hospital to interact with a couple more of the girls who work there.

Now go to the Mega Gym for your date with Yvette. You’re introduced to Lesley. The choices offered makes little variations in stats with Yvette, but the last 2 do best with Lesley. I chose the last.Yvette takes you to the sauna for what turns out to be first blowjob for both her & the MC.

At this point you’ve used up all interactions with everyone on the map except for Erica at the Police Station, so go there to Greet her.


Day 3 – 2020-01-03 Monday

Initial help…

* Meet Velma at the City Hall Employment Office after 8am on Monday morning.

From this point you start having a lot more free roam & a walkthrough necessarily becomes less rigid.

You have to meet Velma at the City Hall Employment Office after 8am. Visit a couple of places to interact with girls first. I recommend going to the Corner Store to interact with Vallery, then to the Hospital.

Along the way you’ll get messages from from Lyra saying she has some information for you, & from Shelly telling of a meeting at the Dean’s Office of the University at 6pm.

The message from Lyra should come before you’ve left the Hospital (possibly before you’re there). See Lyra for that information & you’ll meet Lacey during the scene.

Get over to City Hall for that meeting with Velma. Trigger the scene by going to the *Employment Office*. Interact with Velma after meeting with her.

Then go meet Allie in the Records Room upstairs. The choices in the scene don’t appear to make any difference. During that meeting Kendra, the Police Chief, drops in. Kendra may be casual wear or hot cop kit. Which she wears seems to be random, with a bias towards casual wear. You’ll be kicked out to the City Hall lobby after that meeting. Go back to interact with Allie.

Interact with Mable, & do 4 hours work. You have almost 8 hours to kill, & working burns some of that time while earning money & raising your labour stat.

Then get around some paces where there are girls who you haven’t done your daily interactions with. I suggest…

* Go to Dogs Lofts to interact with Nina.
* Go to Dock Retail to interact with the girls in each of the places there.
* Leave the Coffee Shop until last, Debbie & Dianne appear, & you can interact with them.
* Go to the Mega Gym.

  • Get a massage from Gemma without the interactions.
  • In the Weights Room interact wth Xena & Yvette, & use an hour exercising.
  • It should now be after 5pm, Gemma will be in the shower, & you can interact with her there.

Interactions in the showers have the girl naked, which is why I worked it to interact with Gemma there.

It should be not quite 6pm, but the travel time to the University will take you to 6pm. Go inside & click to go to the Dean’s Office to trigger the meeting scene. At the end you have a 2 way choice to make. I can only image the first choice putting the brakes on a whole lot of action, so go with the 2nd. Before leaving go back into the Dean’s Office to interact with Gloria & Susan.

After the meeting go to the Police Station to interact with Erica. After interacting with Erica you have time to go to the Hospital where you can interact with Bianca & Kichi.

Between the Dean’s Office & now you should have received a message from Xena asking you to meet her in Haven Park at 8pm, & one from Dianne asking you to come see her at the High School (which will have to wait until the next day).

You might arrive at Haven Park a few minutes early, so click the clock. The meeting is mailnly to tell you how you’re the chosen sex supply in a town full of, mostly young, mostly virgin, women. You’re also told that the town has some non-human residents, & that a glory hole has been set up for the girls who aren’t yet ready to fully open up to you.

After the Haven Park meeting Yvette & Xena are still there. You should have used up your daily interactions with them, but if you click them you might get a pleasant surprise. Head to the City Mall where you can interact with Olive & Phoebe, then to the Police Station where you can interact with Kendra.


Day 4 – 2020-01-04 Tuesday

Initial help…

* Check out the high school between 8am and 4pm.
* Dianne must have worked out her plan. Head to the high school to see what she’s up to.
* Allie said Susan worked on cloning research with Dr. Masters. Visit her at the High School.
* Meet the Motherhood at the Dean’s Office at the University at 6pm and agree to their proposal.

Today you need to see both Debbie & Susan at the High School, between 8am & 4pm. You’re also advised to check out the High School, which fits nicely with going there for those meetings. Use some interactions to burn time until the High School is open. I went to the Hospital for first interactions with Rhonda & Lacey.

Now go to the High School. After the meeting scene with Quinn, interact with her & go to the Headmaster’s Office. During this scene you’ll be introduced to all the staff & shown your workroom. The glory hole mention in the Haven Park scene last night is there (Debbie says she does’t remember there being a hole in the wall). See Tips & Tricks below for how the glory hole works.

Now go to the Biology classroom for the scene with Susan. After that get your interactions with her in. Then visit all the rooms to get in as many interactions as you can. Be sure to visit the Toilets a few times as girls are often in there. Before leaving the High School go to the Store Room to work for an hour or two.

You now have some time to get around town interacting with girls. Do all you can before getting to the Dean’s Office at the University between 6pm & 7pm. After that scene you might have time to interact with the girls there.

You now have access to James’s Cottage & Muffin Plaza. Nothing is open at Muffin Plaza so go to James’s Cottage & you’ll meet Shakira. After the meeting scene you can find outside the cottage at the back right corner. Interact with her before leaving.

After that scene spend some more time getting around town interacting with the girls. At night a lot of the girls will visit the Sports Bar, & some visit Popeye’s Cafe, in the City Mall.

You’ll probably find that this is the day when Make Out With starts becoming available with more girls.


Day 5 – 2020-01-05 Wednesday

Initial help…

* Susan has tested your DNA against the DNA of the first Enhuman.
* Visit the University Cafeteria after 11am to see what’s on the menu.
* Check out Cupcakes at Muffin Plaza
* Pop in to the local tech store at Muffin Plaza when you have a chance.
* Meet your friendly neighborhood building material supplier.
* Chat with Ilse at the high school.

As soon as you step out (at least if you’ve played by this walkthrough so far) you’ll get a message from Susan asking you to come see her (at the High School).

You need to visit all 3 places at Muffin Plaza, & it takes just over an hour to get there, so go straight there for the introduction scenes with the girls there. And of course get you interactions with them in. At Muffin Hardware you can choose between buying a Pro bicycle or Cottage Livingroom Roof. Buy the bicycle as it allows getting more activity in.

Spend some time getting around town interacting with girls before heading to the University to go to the Cafeteria (soon) after 11am for the introduction scene with Ruth. While at the university get your interactions in with the girls there.

Now go to the High School to find out what Susan has to tell you. Spend the rest of the school day (iuntil 3pm) getting interactions in. Today the glory hole is active (it may have been active sooner without me noticing). Click on it to go to it, then click it in the new view to check it. If there’s a girl in the toilets something may happen. Visit your workshop just after school finishes & you’ll get the introduction scene with the first Bovin character, Tareen.

Spend some time getting around town building up you interactions.


Day 6 – 2020-01-06 Thursday

Initial help…

* Find out if Ilse was successful.
* Chat to Susan at the High School. You may discover something you never expected.

The only task waiting when you start day 6 is to meet Susan at the High School. As you step out Ilse messages asking you to meet her at the High School. Spend time getting your interactions in before going to the High School.

At this point you want to start trying to focus your interactions on the girls you haven’t yet got so far with. You should also pay attention to the locations for interactions, because some locations make the same intactions more interesting.

You’ll be introduced to Zeeley, the first goblin character, when you meet with Susan. Zeeley can be found in the Maths classroom between 3pm & 4pm any weekday. Before leaving the High School visit the Store Room where you can interact with Tareen.

Visit the Police Station soon after the High School for an informative scene with Dwayne. Spend the evening getting around town interacting with girls.


Day 7 – 2020-01-07 Friday

Initial help…

* There’s something weird about the study in James’ old house.
* Catch up with Ruby, when you have a chance.
* Maybe Susan can tell you something about the Volgue. Visit her at her classroom.

Get some interactions in on your way to James’ House. Once there, go to the Study to trigger the scene where Shakira tells you about the secret workshop. Be sure to interact with Shakira outside before leaving.

Now go to the High School to see Susan & find Ruby. Spend the rest of the school day getting interactions in. I chose to concentrate on girls who I wasn’t yet at Have Sex with. Be sure to visit the Store Room just after 3pm for a scene with Tareen.

After school, visit the newly available Marina between 4pm & 5pm for a scene with Ruby.

Spend the evening getting interactions in.


Day 8 – 2020-01-08 Saturday

Initial help…

* Have a chat with Jean.
* Ask Ursula about the magic doors.

It Saturday so you won’t find Jean or Ursula at the High School, & your only opportunity to make some money is working an hour at the Boutique. You need to get your interaction level up with Amber, so that’s another reason to visit the Boutique.


Tips & Tricks

Shortcut Buttons

There are 3 very handy shortcut buttons…

* Top right of the screen…

  • A map pin icon to the map view no matter how deep in a location you are.
  • A bed icon takes you straight back to where you last slept.

* Top centre of the scree when you’re in a sleeping place…

  • A green button that allows you to eat, wash, & sleep, in a one click action.

When my walkthrough says “**EWS**”, just click the bed icon & the green button.

Time – Clock

* Date & time are shown at the top-centre of the screen.
* Clicking the date does nothing.
* Clicking the hours skips to the next hour.

  • * may be as little as a minute if it is 1 minute before the hour.

* Clicking the minutes skips to the next half hour.

  • * may be as little as a minute like for hours.

There’s so much to do that you should seldom have to click the clock. When you do it should only be to use up the final minutes before an expected event.

If you have nothing else to do, just go around locations interacting with the girls. Save frequently & try different paths.

Time – Travel

While you’re travelling other characters are going about their business. This means the characters you see when you hover over a location on the map may not be the same ones who are there when you arrive.

* Be aware of when locations open & close.
* Be aware of shift changes at some locations…

  • Corner Store
  • Hospital
  • Mega Gym
  • Police Station

Some character location changes are less predictable.


Interactions all contribute to your stats with the girls & get you closer to having sex with them. The first time you interact with a girl only **Greet** will be available. Then **Compliment**, **Flirt**, & **Have Sex**, become available in turn. How quickly new interactions appear varies from girl to girl. Not uncommonly a new interaction becomes available immediately after using the one before, so until **Have Sex** is available always click girls again after using then highest available interaction.

* Soon after **Compliment** becomes available **Greet** disappears.
* For some girls **Kiss** temporarily appears between **Compliment** & **Flirt**.
* For all the ones I have seen **Kiss** disappears once you get **Have Sex**.
* All interactions except **Have Sex** can only be performed once a day for any girl.
* Once you’re at **Compliment** the girl’s age & birthday are in her info in the Friends List.
* Once you’re at **Flirt** the girl’s love, like, & hate, items are in her info.


The sex actions are…

* Blow job (not available from all girls),
* Eat out,
* Doggy vaginal,
* Doggy anal, &
* Standing vaginal (not available from all girls).

If Blow Job is available, choose that the first time you have sex with a girl. Choose Eat Out the first time if Blow Job is not available, & the 2nd time otherwise. After that try the other options, paying attention to the choises for pregressing the sex scene in the panel on the right. With some girls you can progress an Eat Out scene, with others you can’t.

Glory Hole

* The glory hole is in your workshop at the High School.
* There must be a girls in the toilets for any glory hole action.
* Clock the glory hole to go to it, then click it in the new view to check it.


There are 3 kinds of purchases, that I call…

* **Immediate Consumables** – are consumed & give their benefits when you buy them, & never appear in your inventory.

  • Filter coffee – $3, raises your sleep, from any cafe.
  • Espresso – $6, raises your sleep, from any cafe.
  • Burger – $6, reduces your hunger, from any cafe.

* **Later Consumables** – are added to your inventory for later use. To use them open your inventory & click the item you want to use. One click uses one unit.

  • Cola, $2 – raises your sleep, from the *Corner Store*.
  • Food ingredients, $10 – you need one each night, from the *Corner Store*.
  • Instant shower, $10 – raises your hygiene, from the *Corner Store*.
  • Muffin – $3, reduces your hunger, from any cafe.
  • Cottage Livingroom Roof – $1200, for renovation of James’s Cottage, from *Muffin Hardware*.

* **Non-Consumables** – are added to your inventory & automatically give their benefits when needed. They appear in your inventory, but there is no need to click them.

  • Sport shoes, $50 – reduces travel time, from *Clothing Store* or *Boutique*.
  • Gym kit, $150 – required for the Mega Gym, from *Clothing Store* or *Boutique*.
  • Suit – $500, from *Clothing Store* or *Boutique*.
  • Pro bicycle – $1000, reduces travel time, from *Muffin Hardware*.


* Your inventory of purchased items is the chest icon on your phone.
* To use a **Later Consumable**, click it in your inventory.

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