The College: Cheat Codes & Cheat Menu (V0.49)

The College is a dating simulator game developed by Deva Games. Here is a guide with a complete list of all cheat codes, which will allow you to boost the stats of your character. Alternatively, you can download and install the script to enable the cheat menu.


All Cheat Codes [V0.49.0]

You can use these codes to get a stats boost in the game. and the code will change with every update, so bookmark this page to get the latest codes.

  • V0.49: 250974 (New)
  • V0.48: 651289
  • V0.47: 168430
  • V0.45: 097105
  • V0.42: 445139
  • V0.40: 335189
  • V0.39: 117796
  • V0.38: 981236
  • V0.37: 771144
  • V0.32: 741369
  • V0.30: 650098
  • V0.21: 8529173
  • V0.18: 2455
  • V0.17: 517593
  • V0.16: 58453
  • V0.10: 44444
  • V0.7: 3365779
  • V0.3: 06874591
  • V0.1: 01062009


The College Cheat Menu Script

Author: asdfg_dk

Version: Tested in V0.47, but it should work with the latest versions as long as the Dev don’t change how the stats is stored
The Cheat Menu is placed in the statistics page where the official cheat menu is as well


  • Add 5 to each of your stats
  • Remove 1 form each of your stats
  • Add 50 money
  • Add and Remove 1 Fame
  • Add and Remove 1 Academic performance



Copy the statistiche.rpy into the folder named “game”

File Size: 6.9 KB

Download Link: Google Drive


That’s all. To find more cheat codes for similar games. please check out

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