Unlimited Pleasure: Cheat Codes (V1.0.6)

For those who’re looking for the console codes for the game, this guide will cover you.

Updated for March 2024 with version 1.0.6


Unlimited Pleasure Working Codes for V1.0.6

  • iloveunlimitedpleasurebestgameok: More Phone Wallpapers (New!)
  • givemethosecarsmanok: More laptop wallpapers (New!)
  • truelove
  • truelove or true_love: True Love story (incest)
  • unlimitedavatara: New avatars
  • gimmewhatyougot: Add 1000 to character’s funds


More Codes for Unlimited Pleasure

v0.4.2 Bonus Code (for the Notebook’s console): truelove

Enable Incest: truelove (this code is written in the Tutorial).


How to Enable the Console

Notebook > Options > Console


Also, more cheat codes:

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