Milfy Day: Cheat Codes (How to Cheat)

Milfy Day is a visual novel game developed by Red Lighthouse. Here is a cheat guide with all cheat codes listed in the game.

The latest version 0.7.7 is now available with new content, dialogues, characters, and fixes.


Milfy Day Laptop Cheat Codes for V0.7.7

  • sugarmommy = $1000
  • df_p_fs = pick Fiona&Syndra at Daydream Fest
  • df_p_sm = pick Sarah&May at Daydream Fest
  • df_p_mj = pick Melissa&Jessica at Daydream Fest

*The dance choice will make a little difference to the dialogues afterwards


How to Enable Console

Access console command:
-Navigate folders MilfyDay/renpy/common/ find “00console”
-open “00console” / Ctrl F / type in “config.console” / find “config.console = False” / change “False” to “True” / save & close “00console”
-ingame press “Shift O”


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