Double Perception: All Cheat Codes (V3.9)

Check out our list of all Double Perception cheat codes. Remember that the cheat codes will change along with the game version, and we will always update the newest cheat codes.


All Cheat Codes

These codes will allow you to unlock the in-game gallery, items, and other content.

Version 3.8/3.9

  • Gallery: k9u2Nc
  • Items VR/DoA: mS8k2c
  • Items Reality: Rl1tMs
  • Enable VR: H4lm49
  • Mika – Doll: D8lMk4
  • Ragdoll – Doll: 9g5L28

Version 3.7

  • Gallery: S*n7jS
  • DoA items: u7Km2l
  • Reality items: 8Mnqt2
  • vr: z9y23F
  • Mika doll: h25!jN
  • Ragdoll doll: b*rS2X

Version 2.4

  • Gallery code: v4Cm90Sn7H
  • All items (DoA) code: 54Szx5N29JM
  • All items (Reality) code: 7bJk290xNmf

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How to Enter the Cheat Codes?

There is a default cheat menu under the hotkey “J”. You can find the “Special Cheat” button that requires you to enter a cheat code.

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