Double Perception: How to Craft the Necklace

Here is a short guide on how to forge and craft the Necklace.


Getting the ‘Invisibility Necklace”

Fist of all, you need to get the scroll



How to Craft and Forge the Necklace

  1. The thing you found was a scroll that teaches you how to make the necklace, enter your inventory select it.
  2. Click “USE”
  3. To Craft the Necklace, you’ll need 8 silver Ingots and 5 Sapphires.
  4. Craft the Ingots in the Forge
  5. Then select the bottom crafting table to make the necklace
  6. Select the necklace from the menu
  7. Click Craft
  8. Wear the Necklace, find it in your inventory, and click Equip should be is the same place “use” was for the scroll,
  9. Done!

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