Park after Dark: All Cheat Codes (V0.23a)

Here is a full list of all cheat codes in Park after Dark, updated with the latest game version, 0.23a.


Cheat Codes List

We will continue to update this list as the new update is released.

Version 0.23

  • First Level Code: XR (New!)
  • Second Level Code: PlanetZ¬†(New!)
  • Third Level Code: TheyTookMyBoot¬†(New!)

Version 0.22

  • First Level Code: Tantor
  • Second Level Code: JungleQueen
  • Third Level Code: MadAsAHatter

Version 0.21

  • First Level Code: SnowDaze
  • Second Level Code: ShowerThots
  • Third Level Code: BuildASnowman

Also, you can find other cheats guide like:


Where to Enter the Code?

Click on the Rubik’s Cube in the Main Character’s Room.


What Can I Unlock with Cheat Codes?

Enter the code and click the ‘OK’ button to cheat in the game

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