Heroes University H: Cheat Codes + How to Enable (V0.2.7)

In this guide, we will go through Heroes University H cheats for the latest version,


Heroes University H Cheat Codes V0.2.7

The codes are stored in the game files as sha256. Here are the 3 hashes for everyone who wants the other codes

  • passcode = “096cabac1440b11fc152272c14e56e2ca889f2a92f714d0a527e40ad3b9105ef”
  • passgallery = “402c8bc73c1ffce12e617a8d233627bb1c7a64c09ab3a28aa01138a5b14bcab9”
  • passtopless = “0a03f3c27cf70c42f44a4046bdcad1d95d5026bd390a69aa028154f088e08433”


How to Enter the Cheat Code?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to enter the code

  1. Press Shift + O to enable the console
  2. Copy and paste the full cheat code likeĀ  passgallery = "402c8bc73c1ffce12e617a8d233627bb1c7a64c09ab3a28aa01138a5b14bcab9"
  3. press enter
  4. open the smartphone
  5. click ‘cheat codes’
  6. type the password: f95


How to Change the Cheat Codes?

  1. Go to grviewer and upload gamedir/game/scripts.rpa
  2. Open cheatcodes.rpy
  3. Using these you can change the password using the console instead of decrypted for each version:
  4. Enable console by setting config.console = True in gamedir/renpy/common/00console.rpyc
  5. Shift+o in-game
  6. Eg: passcode = “94be53125e66d7713f5545a92857666ff456f1bd7ca65edb57d0c0a43dfffe37”
    to change the passcode to “bruh”
  7. Use online sha255 encrypters to set your own passwords


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