Divimera: How to Unlock the Gallery by Editing Files

Want to unlock all galleries in Divimera in a minute? This guide will help you.


How to Unlock the Gallery [PC]

To unlock the gallery,
Go to the game folder, then erase the file sceens.rpyc
and modify the sceens.rpy file.
remove True instead of False

You will have this :

default persistent.gallery_lily1 = True
default persistent.gallery_lily2 = True
default persistent.gallery_lily3 = True
default persistent.gallery_molly1 = True
default persistent.gallery_molly2 = True
default persistent.gallery_molly3 = True
default persistent.gallery_molly3_day = True
default persistent.gallery_molly3_sunset = True
default persistent.gallery_molly4 = True
default persistent.gallery_molly4_day = True
default persistent.gallery_molly4_sunset = True
default persistent.gallery_arabelle1 = True
default persistent.gallery_arabelle2 = True
default persistent.gallery_arabelle3 = True
default persistent.gallery_hale1 = True
default persistent.gallery_hale2 = True
default persistent.gallery_hale3 = True
default persistent.gallery_hale4_assertive = True
default persistent.gallery_hale4_submissive = True
default persistent.gallery_hale5_assertive = True
default persistent.gallery_hale5_submissive = True
default persistent.gallery_charlotte1 = True
default persistent.gallery_charlotte2 = True
default persistent.gallery_charlotte3_virgin = True
default persistent.gallery_charlotte3_normal = True
default persistent.gallery_extras1 = True
default persistent.gallery_extras1_day = True
default persistent.gallery_extras1_sunset = True

Now you can restart the game and the gallery will be unlocked

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