Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – Beginners Tips

Simple guide and tips for noobs.


A. Learn the basics.

Run around and kill stuff. Die. Repeat. Just keep going you’ll figure it out. Have fun. Play w/e class and guns you want or you’ll get bored.

The game doesn’t have a control keybinds section which is bonkers but ASWD and in menus QE and Space/Esc will do you until the bugs do you, you dig?

STUCK AND STONE! – 92% we will never forget beating the download boss on launch day!

B. Priorities

1. Survive and gather resources and learn to kite and recognize what resource is what.

Nitra – Bismor – Jadiz – Umanite – Gold – Red Sugar – Stupidly these are not named on mouseover in the Upgrades menu but oh well.

2. Get a weapon up to Level 12. OVERCLOCKS is a big deal, or was in the beta demo.

3. Get some Walking speed and some Mining speed and some +XP gain. Or f word if I know, hopefully the different UPGRADES are kinda balanced as of launch, but someone else can tell me I’m wrong. All I can say is that early noob level Crit % and Crit Dmg might not be high priority unless you focus exclusively maybe? A tiny bit of Life Regen is my personal preference but NVM you quickly get a BLT Ration Pack mod that helps. Mining Speed is huge, so is Walking Speed and Pickup Radius imo. At a certain point (my guess here) I suspect it’s more a matter of what you can easily gather or have left over to spend, assuming the devs balanced this properly. Survival and Damage > nice to have stuff, but if you don’t spend your resources before your next run, that run has a lower chance of success. Trade offs and risk assessment is beyond the scope of this intro guide. Armour might be really good to just have a bit of, also. Depending on skill?

4. Keep an eye on your MILESTONES between runs. Look for simple close upgrades. I keep a notepad while gaming but that’s just an old school thing from back when ROGUE was current content ya hear me, son? GET OFF MY LAWN. Now where’d I leave my damn dentures?

5. Anyway. Get each class to Level 3.

6. Learn to keep track of what you’re low on, what is just about to be a big upgrade. It sucks losing a run with two new weapons at Level 11 just because you didn’t pick the right thing when you leveled up. NO OVERCLOCK FOR YOU, NEXT!

7. Learn to mine in circles and funnel bugs to where your weapons are stronkest and then you can circle back to pick up goodies.

8. Beat the boss and then do it regularly. Yeah I played the beta demo but I still suck and I’m sure you’re better and maybe some of the above priorities are wrong and no doubt there’s an OP meta build but I have no clue what it is. In the demo you could mine out a level and just kite the boss which was bad imho and I’m glad they changed it.

NITRA – red dots

RED SUGAR – healing stuff, looks like a red cone on top of the mining blocks

BISMOR – yellow with red spots

JADIZ – green

UMANITE – green thorny freestanding

MORKITE – cyan/teal greenblue in mining blocks

ENOR PEARL – grey pearls in mining blocks

GOLD – yeah you know

BOOLO CAP – little mushrooms, collect 12 mission is a huge priority and Secondary Objectives unlock very early (100 Gold found).

APOCA BLOOM – Absolute priority pickup – just run around and collect flowers since there’s so few to collect and they’re spread out.

MAGNITE – brownish red metallic freestanding

CROPPA – sickly greenish with red spots

C. Advanced

F word if I know. Good luck.

1. Ok, whenever you level up, hit ESC and check out your situation and take a breather.

2. When you first hit a level, maybe hit ESC and think through your priorities. Run in a circle around the map was good in the demo but now you might want to clear in middle or have a field to fight around or go max speed for resources?

3. Blowing up EXPLODER bugs is super key when you’re low-damage early noob game levels. Plan it out. This may be more important than keeping track of magnets was in the beta.

4. I haven’t figured out how to keep track of level objectives but be aware that you are also looking to complete things like “COLLECT 20 MORKITE” and similar. Should show up when you depart a level.

5. WEAVING – once you get some movement speed you can start to plan your damage and weave between waves of enemies.

6. EDGING – no not that you sick person. Run around the edges of the map and/or leave a thin wall so you can escape.

7. V-SHAPED MONSTER STREAMS – You’ll notice that if you hang around in a space and then start running, monster streams will be in lines with spaces in between. You can run in between.

8. MAGNETS – Good luck saving a magnet somewhere you can grab it right before leaving a level.

9. If you’re working on getting resources or the 2k Nitra milestone, Driller may be a good bet.

10. BIOME GOALS. Check the launch page where you choose what HAZARD LEVEL to start a run in a Biome. These are subobjectives.

Look up the irl Starting Strength guide for extra ROCK AND STONE! “Stronk people are harder to kill” said a wise man.


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