Cavern of Dreams: Helpful Tips

List of power-ups, so you can guess if the puzzle your trying to solve can be solved at all with what you have.
also some puzzles solves


list of power ups

1 egg Tail Whip
you can hit walls that look like doors to break them

6 eggs Wings
you can now glide

12 eggs Horn.
lets you ground bounce higher. can smash down into air flows
can dig into the ground in places
down pound on bouncy things for extra height

24 eggs spit balls of water
puts out fires
slows enemies
can be done in 3rd person


mushrooms are only used to feed baby eggs in the main home area that hatch and give teleports back into the level. only 4 of them

spit on all the fires

pick up items

can be tossed to plant a tree on the ground OR wall in some places
Jester boots
they let you walk on air for some time when you walk off a ledge
they also vanish when you leave the puzzle area
Pencil Spiny Thing
lets you swim faster and jump out of the water far higher

Puzzle Hints

Gabby Grove – Trees
Upsidedown ?

Hit each tesla coil once
Earth Water Fire Wind

Tail whip back of underwater flower grave

Egg on fire, you can wait to unlock spit or toss a health potion on it

the yellow cracked window on the outside of the ship can be smashed

Hungry eel wants an apple

this statue starts under the table and tail wack it in the nards

hit 1 leg and 3 move. the one your on and the two others kinda strait across. your goal is to get it like this pic and thinking of the two sticking out as legs, hit it in the head

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