Palworld: Walkthrough & 100% Achievement Guide (V0.1.2)

100% Achievement guide



  • Currently this guide is for version v0.1.2
  • Achievements might not show until you close the game
  • Update with tips and tricks
  • Fill missing paldex entries


Tips & Tricks

  • Before creating a new world in Palworld, it’s advisable to tweak different settings to make gameplay easier. Adjustments such as experience rate, capture rate, HP, and damage can be beneficial. Additionally, playing in a party or having a guildoffers an advantage; you can drop your Pal or share your palbox for others to pick up, thereby gaining that dex entry.

  • MapGenie offers an amazing Map[] that details every point of interest, including dungeons, chests, alpha pals, boss gyms, and more.
  • Similar to well-known monster-collecting games, Palworld operates on a system where its creatures, known as ‘pals,’ have specific weaknesses. This guide explains which elements you can leverage to defeat every gym boss.

  • You don’t need to spend every technology point you earn. Some items, such as spears and swords, are less powerful compared to rifles and guns. Focus on building upgrades that are essential for updating your Pal box. Also, there’s no real need to get a second base; if you prefer to avoid micromanagement, you can simply focus on one base.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries offer the best loot in the game, including unique Pals. The loot ranges from books that add +1 to technology, gems that sells for a lot of gold,to various accessories, fruit skills, and schematics for guns and armor. Remember, you can craft these schematics without prior technology research, allowing you to quickly obtain pistols of uncommon or rare quality early in the game. Be cautious around PDF Guards, as being spotted will trigger a persistent ‘wanted’ condition that only resets upon death. These guards will also appear wherever you go.

  • Pals that can fly, such as Nightwing, and don’t crawl or walk on terrain, like Quivern, are unique in their ability to fly over water without drowning or getting tired.
  • There are useful merchants that you can capture and bring to your base like the merchant that only sells amo. Once there, they serve as a Pal and provide a shop with infinite resources in exchange of gold, where you can also sell any excess resources. However, capturing them or engaging in combat will attract the attention of the PDF Guards, and the resulting status will not disappear until you die.

  • Some maps require cold and heat resistance, in addition to armor. You can also counter these environmental effects with accessories or fire/ice Pals.

  • After acquiring the Electrical Medical Medicine Workbench, you can craft a potion of Memory Wiping Medicine. This is quite useful when you have your best gear and want to reset your stats to focus solely on attributes like HP, stamina, and attack. (Note: Currently, there is a bug where the points spent on Lifmunk Effigies are lost upon resetting stats, so make sure to capture your 90 Pals before doing this.

Achievements Part I

Hillside Sovereign

(LVL 10-15 Recommended) Defeat Zoe & Grizzbolt
Use a Pal with rock abilities

Hillside Sovereign Defeated Zoe & Grizzbolt
Snowfall Sovereign

(LVL 20-25 Recommended) Defeat Lily & Lyleen
Use a Pal with fire abilities

Snowfall Sovereign Defeated Lily & Lyleen
Volcano Sovereign

(LVL 30-35 Recommended) Defeat Axel & Orserk
Use a Pal with ice abilities

Volcano Sovereign Defeated Axel & Orserk
Desert Sovereign

(LVL 40-45 Recommended) Defeat Marcus & Faleris
Use a Pal with water abilities

Desert Sovereign Defeated Marcus & Faleris
Astral Sovereign

(LVL 45-50 Recommended) Defeat Victor & Shadowbeak
Use a Pal with dragon abilities

Astral Sovereign Defeated Victor & Shadowbeak
Beginning of the Legend

Shinies won’t count as a separate kind, keep in mind that variants such as noct and crystal does count as a entry in the Pal dex, some Pals are only found in dungeons and as Alpha Pals

Beginning of the Legend Caught first Pal
Newbie Pal Tamer

Newbie Pal Tamer Caught 10 kinds of Pals
Intermediate Pal Tamer

Intermediate Pal Tamer Caught 20 kinds of Pals
Skilled Pal Tamer

Skilled Pal Tamer Caught 50 kinds of Pals

Achievements Part II

Seasoned Pal Tamer

Seasoned Pal Tamer Caught 90 kinds of Pals

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