Palworld: How to Farm Stone (All Methods)

In the early stages of Palworld, players often face the challenge of stone mining. Scattered small stones are scarce, and mining resources from large deposits with bare hands is problematic. This guide compiles all the methods for stone farming in both the early and late stages of survival.


Early Game: How to Quickly Mine Stone

Initially, stone mining in Palworld is limited to gathering. Scout the area for small stones scattered around. Once you build a workbench, you can craft a pickaxe to mine from stone deposits.

To create a pickaxe, unlock the corresponding technology and use some resources:

  • Stone (5)
  • Wood (5)

Don’t forget to set up a repair table, as equipment breaks down quickly.

Farming Stones with Pals: The Efficient Method

In Palworld, there are several effortless stone mining methods beyond the initial pickaxe technique. After completing the first part of the training and reaching level 7 base, you can use more efficient stone farming methods.

Upon reaching the 7th base level, you unlock more technology points, which can be used to unlock new crafting recipes and base upgrades. At this level, the “Quarry” technology becomes available.

With the Quarry technology, you can have certain creatures mine stone for you without effort or time expenditure. It’s highly recommended to install this facility in your base and find the right pals for the job.

To build a quarry in Palworld, first gather the necessary materials after unlocking the recipe. Then choose a location for the quarry and construct it. You will need:

  • Stones (50)
  • Wood (20)
  • Palzium shards (10)

For stone mining, a pal must possess the “Mining” skill (marked with a pickaxe icon). Early in the game, you may encounter Cattivu or Rashoa – the latter can also be used for world traversal. You can add several miner-skilled pals to your base to increase stone production.

You can also mine stone while riding Rashoa. Find stone deposits and use the creature’s standard “Furious Ram” skill. Direct the creature at the pile to break it, yielding a large amount of stone (20 to 30 units at a time).

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