Palworld: How to Obtain Palzium Shards and Create Pal-Spheres

In the unique world of Palworld, players need to collect various useful creatures known as Pals. To do this, certain resources are essential, primarily Palzium, which can be challenging to locate. This guide will explain the importance of Palzium shards and how to gather them.


Where to Find Palzium Shards

Palzium is used to create special spheres that players use to collect Pals. In the open world, Palzium typically appears as shards that must be mined. To locate a deposit, look for bluish stones scattered around the regular terrain and on beaches. You can only collect the fragments after damaging the stones, for instance, with your hand, a stick, or a pickaxe. Pay special attention to the river in the starting location, where these stones are particularly abundant.

Sometimes Palzium shards also drop from regular gray stones, though this is much less frequent. To create a standard pickaxe, you’ll need 5 units of wood and 5 units of stone. This tool significantly speeds up the mining process, so it’s worth the effort.

How to Create Spheres

Before you can obtain your first Pal, you need to create a sphere. Palzium is expended in this process. Start by building a workbench, the primary location for crafting consumables. Then, open the technology menu and learn about spheres. Now you can craft them on the workbench. To make one sphere, you’ll need:

  • 1 Palzium shard
  • 5 units of wood
  • 5 units of stone

As you can see, spheres become available at very early stages of the game. Moreover, as you progress, Palzium will also be necessary for other items, such as energy shields and more.

With this guide, you’re all set to start collecting Palzium and creating Pal-Spheres in Palworld, paving your way to success in this captivating game.

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