Palworld: How to Fix Missing World Save Issue

A Way To Fix Your Missing World (Not For Official Servers)


Reasons for the issue

From my understanding an issue accrues when the game isn’t properly shutdown and causes some bugs with viewing the world in the list, it may happen due to: game crashes, power shortages, sudden restarts etc.

How to fix it

1.Create A new World From the world’s list menu

2.Quit to menu.

3.Select the new world and Open the new world folder location from the world menu.

4.Open Another window from the same path.

5.Go back to the previous folder in the path. should have your new world, old world, 2 other folders, and another file.

7.Open the Folder that is not named the same as the new world you created but has the same files inside.
(Caution – Please make sure you keep track of which window is the new world, and which is the old world save that you want to recover)

8.Go to backup on the old world.

9.Go to to the “Local” folder –> go to the last modified/created folder.

10.replace the “LocalData.sav” file in the new world folder with the same file from the old world folder.

11.Now go back once and go to “World” folder –> go to the last modified/created folder.(same as step 9)

12.Replace “Players” “Level.sav” “LevelMeta.sav” files in the new world folder with the same files from the old world folder.

13.Restart the game.

Replacing direcrtly from the old world folder may be easier, but I have no idea if it will corrupt the the new world, and is a safer practice to use the backup folder.
Replacing “WorldOption” file is optional.

Hopfully it helps, took some time to figure out where the actual files I need are.

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