Palworld: How to Transfer Save Files from Gamepass to Steam

Did you try out Palworld on gamepass and then decide to buy it to own forever on steam, just to see your save disappear? Well stop grieving because I’m here with the guide that’ll fix just your problem!



This guide will teach you how to transfer your Xbox Gamepass (PC) Palword saves to the steam version of the game. This is a fairly easy process that can be done with not much technical knowledge so don’t worry about that.

Extracting Save

The first thing we need to do is extract our save from the gamepass version so we can work with the files. To do this we’re going to be using a tool called “XGP save extractor” made by the wonderful Z1ni (Huge shout-out to him, this entire thing would be 20x harder if he didn’t make this tool)

You can download the tool here
XGP Save Extractor []

If you don’t know how to use github just click on the blue xgp-save-extractor.exe as seen below

Once downloaded put it in a new folder just to keep things organised.

Next thing were gonna want to do is run the program
Fair warning this will extract saves from all of your gamepass games
(You may get a message along the lines of “Windows protected your PC”, the app is 100% safe so you can just click “more info” and then “run anyways”)

When you run the program it should be pretty quick and itl pop up something like this

In your new folder there should now be a .zip folder that starts with palworld, your going to want to extract this. After you extract the zip file you’ll have now extracted your save! Now we need to format these files in a way that the steam version of the game understands. Dont get too stressed its just renaming files and making folders

Creating Save Folder

Now that we have the save files there’s a few things we have to do. This is the most complicated part and the easiest to get lost at, so I’ve created as many photos as I could so you can reference my example easily.

If you have multiple saves you may notice there’s a bunch of files. Sadly theres no way to tell which world is which file but there is a way to tell what files go together

In this image I’ve highlighted the files that go together, you can tell by the string at the start. If you want all your saves your going to have to do all the steps below for each set of these files.

Ive got rid of one of the save files to demonstrate how you are going to create the Save Folder for each save, again you can tell all the files go together based of the string of letters and numbers at the start of the file names.


also If you’ve played the world multiplayer there will be multiple player saves (the files that start with a lot of 0s)

Speaking of that string your going to need to create a folder named exactly that as seen below

As you can see I’ve named the folder exactly the same thing as at the start of the file name this is very important

After we make this folder we are going to drag all the files in execpt for useroptions, were going to delete useroptions now.

Now that all of the files are in that folder we are going to need to delete all the garbage in the name. Make sure that your not adding anything new to the names because that will mess things up in the end all the files should be named like this. Be careful with the one with a lot of 0s, you dont want to delete any of those 0s or it will mess stuff up

Now we need to make another new folder named “Players” and then drag the file with a bunch of 0s into there.

Now were done creating the save folder, the entire thing should look like the image below

And if everything looks right then you have officially finished creating the save folder! now were almost done transferring your save.

Putting Folder in Steam Save Location

This is the easiest step

Press (Win + R) to open up the run menu and then enter the following


Then click “OK”

After that double click on the folder with a bunch of numbers and then simply drag the folder you made (the one named the string of numbers and letters) into there. It’ll look something like this.

And boom! That’s it, you’ve now successfully transferred your save!

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  1. Hi, nice guide, but i have a question, what about my friend’s save data, basically i’m the one hosting the world and me and my friend bought the steam version of the game and wanted to play there instead, i trasnferred my save to steam but when it comes to my friend’s save everytime he logs in, he starts a new character, is there any way to copy the save data from game pass to steam?, Thanks.


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