Palworld: How to Obtain Wool and Create Fabric

Palworld offers players the unique opportunity to tame a wide array of creatures, each serving distinct purposes, including the production of valuable items like wool. This guide will delve into acquiring wool, building pastures, and creating fabric.


Locating and Taming Wool-Producing Pals

The primary source of wool in Palworld is the Lambolls, sheep-like creatures often encountered early in the game. These creatures are not only valuable as a labor force but also as a source of wool. As you progress, you’ll be able to construct a facility specifically designed to house such creatures, significantly boosting your wool production.

Acquiring Wool

Once you have gathered a few Lambolls, level up and advance your technology tree to unlock the pasture for livestock. This structure is key to wool production. In the pasture, Lambolls, Chickipis, and other creatures will work, generating wool over time. Periodically check the structure to collect wool, or find it conveniently delivered to your chest by worker Pals like Pengullets and Lizpankis.

Crafting Fabric and Clothing

To create fabric and clothing, you must level up your character and invest technology points in the relevant section (press the ‘TAB’ key on PC and navigate to the ‘Technologies’ tab):

  • Fabric: Available at level 3.
  • Woven Clothes: Available at level 4.

These items can be crafted at the workbench constructed early in the game. If you have worker Pals, like Pengullets, assign them to this task and return later to collect the finished products.

With this guide, you’re equipped to efficiently gather wool and create fabric in Palworld, enhancing your gameplay and survival capabilities.

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