Palworld: Where to Find and How to Use Gold Coins

Gold coins are an essential currency in Palworld, a game combining survival and creature collection elements. This guide provides insights on where to find gold coins and how to utilize them effectively in the game.


The Role of Gold Coins in Palworld

In Palworld, gold coins are used for various transactions, especially purchasing creatures known as Pals. These creatures are categorized by rarity, and their price varies accordingly. Players will often encounter traveling merchants who sell items or creatures, usually at higher prices than in regular shops, but these items tend to be rarer.

Methods to Accumulate Gold Coins

  1. Finding Chests: Chests are a primary source of gold coins. Regardless of their rarity, chests always contain some gold. Note that rarer chests may require keys, which are usually found in standard chests or dropped by enemies.
  2. Trading: Selling redundant creatures or items can be a quick way to earn gold, particularly when funds are urgently needed. A good place for trading is the Small Settlement at coordinates 72, -486.
  3. Combat: Engaging in battles, especially with Syndicate soldiers, often yields gold coins. Early in the game, combat is a significant source of income.

Strategic Usage of Gold Coins

Gold coins should be strategically used for acquiring rare Pals and items that enhance your gameplay experience. The currency system in Palworld is similar to many other games, with gold being the primary resource for accumulation and spending.

By following these tips, players can effectively manage their gold resources in Palworld, ensuring a more enjoyable and successful gaming experience.

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