Palworld: How to Catch Pals and People (How to Increase Catch Rate)

Capturing creatures and human NPCs in Palworld is an intriguing aspect of the game. This guide provides comprehensive strategies for effectively catching both Pals (companion creatures) and human characters, enhancing your gameplay experience.


Catching Pals in Palworld

To catch Pals, you need a Pal-Sphere, which is thrown at wild Pals using the “Q” button. Holding the “Q” button while aiming at a wild Pal shows the probability of a successful capture. If the attempt fails, the Pal escapes, and you’ll need to try again. Successful catches add the Pal to your group or send it back to your base if your group is full.

Pal-Spheres can be found randomly on the ground or in chests. Crafting them requires specific materials, detailed in a separate guide.

How to Catch People in Palworld

Catching humans involves engaging them in combat to reduce their health. Use weapons, Pals, and traps to inflict damage. Once their health is low, throw a Pal-Sphere to capture them. Be cautious, as attacking human NPCs puts a “Wanted” status on you, attracting high-level guards. To evade them, distance yourself from the crime scene or return to your base, though this risks your Pals attacking the guards.

Increasing Catch Rates

There are several methods to boost your chances of catching Pals:

  1. Lower the health of the wild Pal.
  2. Throw the sphere sneakily to increase success chances.
  3. Use improved Pal-Spheres.
  4. Level up your character.
  5. Worship at the Statue of Power before attempting to catch Pals.

Lowering Health for Easier Capture

The lower a target’s health, the higher your chance of capturing it. Use weapons, traps, and Pals in combat to weaken Pals or humans. Remember that if the target is conscious, your Pals will continue attacking until its health reaches zero, so recall them in time.

Using Negative Status Effects

Applying effects like “Ignition,” “Poisoning,” “Slowing,” or “Rooting” in combat increases catch chances. Early in the game, crafting fire or poison bows, or using Pals with these abilities, can be effective.

Leveling Up Quickly

Leveling up your character and Pals is crucial. The higher the level gap between you and the wild Pal or hostile character, the less damage you and your Pals inflict. Catching more Pals is a fast way to level up, as capturing a Pal yields ten times more experience than defeating one.

Worshiping the Statue of Power

The Statue of Power, found in the open world or built at your base, enhances Pal-catching skills and boosts the stats of caught Pals. Worshiping it increases your mastery of catching Pals, though the cost rises with each level.

Acquiring Better Pal-Spheres

There are various types of Pal-Spheres like Mega, Giga, Tetra, Ultra, and Legendary Spheres. These are found randomly or crafted in the later stages of the game and offer higher catch rates than standard spheres.

This guide should enhance your Palworld experience, making the catching of Pals and humans more efficient and enjoyable. For more tips and tricks, check out our other Palworld guides.

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