Palworld: The Legendary Schematics Guide

A List of Legendary Schematics from the Bosses of Palworld.


What is a Legendary Schematic?

Palworld is a beautiful world but don’t let that fool you as it can be dangerous with the many threats it throws at you. To combat these threats you can of course catch pals to fight and defend you, however you will also most of the time need to fight along side them.
To be effective in survival/combat you can craft many different Weapons, Gear and Armour to boost your main characters stats or receive resistances.

You can craft most (Accessories Cannot be Crafted) basic Level/Tier of gear by reaching a specific level and using technology points to unlock said item. You will need to gather resources/materials and use the correct crafting station to do so.

A Example of this;
At Level 29 – You can Unlock the Handgun
You will need; Ingot
High Quality Pal Oil
Craft at; Weapon Workbench
This will be the most Basic Version of this Weapon

I believe all Weapons, Armours and Head-wear(Yes its armour too) come in 5 Tier Levels
(Further testing required to confirm)
Lets use the Handgun again as a Example
The one craft from unlocking it from the Tech Tree is Basic (Level 0) Grey Background.
You can in fact find Schematics that allows you to craft higher Tiers in the world (More on that Later)
They are as follows;
Handgun Schematic 1 (Level 1) Green Background
Handgun Schematic 2 (Level 2) Blue Background
Handgun Schematic 3 (Level 3) Purple Background
Handgun Schematic 4 (Level 4) Gold/Yellow Background (Legendary)

The Basic Tier has a
Base Attack 250
Durability 400
Shot Per Magazine 8

Each Tier further enhances one of more of those stats

The Legendary Handgun
Base Attack 625
Durability 1200
Shots Per Magazine 16

That is the Power of Legendary Gear. Sometimes Legendary Variants will be better then the next level unlock.

How do you find Schematics in General?

Looting is one of my favourite things to do in games, lets just hoard everything.
Palworld has various way to obtain loot.

These are as follows;
Harvest a Resource (Tree/Stone)
Buy from a Merchant (Pals can be bought too)
Capture or Kill Humans (Yes I know)
Capture or Kill a Pal
Butcher a Pal (More on this later – Its important for Legendary Schematics Hunting)
Opening a Chest that randomly spawns in the over-world (Some require Keys)
Looting the 2 Chests at the End of Dungeon

The last 4 of these have a chance to drop Schematics.
As for Capturing or Killing Pals, only Bosses(Certain) have a chance to drop Schematics.
Bought Pals do not drop loot as they go right into the pal-box or party. However you can butcher them after obtaining to get resources but (Personally I believe) that is a waste of money.

Legendary Schematics Locations

Before I dive into this section, a small note.

Locked Chest in the Over-world have a chance to drop schematics
you will need a Copper/Silver/Gold Key to gain the loot inside these chests. These chest glow Red from a certain distance and once close enough you will see what key is needed to open.
The loot is random but the higher level chests (Gold) might drop a Legendary Schematic.

After killing the boss of a dungeon (You can just ignore and run past) there is a small alcove where 2 Chests and the exit portal is. These chests have a chance to drop schematics with higher levels giving a chance of a Legendary Schematic.
One Example; I obtain a Legendary Schematic from a Level 40+ Dungeon in the Ice Mountains.

Okay Moving on to Specifics.
Palworld has bosses on the map that are at set locations and will respawn daily.
They are either;
Right at the set location
Inside a Sealed Chamber at that location
The location of them is correct but you need to look around for a Cave/Mine-shaft entrance and follow it through to reach them.

So here are the Bosses that can DROP (NOT 100% CHANCE) a Legendary Schematic.

Chillet – Boss Level 11 – Cloth Armour Schematic 4
PenKing – Boss Level 15 – Feathered Head Band Schematic 4
Azurobe – Boss Level 17 – Pelt Armour Schematic 4
KingPaca – Boss Level 23 – Old Bow Schematic 4
Bushi – Boss Level 23 – Crossbow Schematic 4
Beakon – Boss Level 29 – Handgun Schematic 4
Warsect – Boss Level 30 – Metal Helm Schematic 4
Elizabee – Boss Level 31 – Metal Armour Schematic 4 (Look for Mineshaft Entrance closeby)
(Note Elizabee boss does not seem to drop her staff but non boss Elizabee found in the wild have a small chnace to drop it.)

Menasting – Boss Level 44 – Refined Metal Helm Schematic 4 (Look for Mineshaft Entrance closeby)

Suzaku – Boss Level 45 – Pump Action Shotgun Schematic 4
Astegon – Boss Level 48 – Heat Resistance Refined Metal Armour Schematic 4 (Look for Mineshaft Entrance closeby)

Lyleen Noct – Boss Level 49 – Cold Resistance Refined Metal Armour Schematic 4 (Look for Mineshaft Entrance closeby)

Blazamut – Boss Level 49 – Assault Rifle Schematic 4 (Look for Mineshaft Entrance closeby)

The next 4 Bosses are all very challenging due to their Legendary Status.
Before attempting to fight these ensure you and your pals are very ready – Try having the best gear and use pals that are super effective against them.

Frostallion – Ice Type
Weakness – Fire
Location – North West Side of the Main Ice Area
Ensure – Bring Cold Resistance Armour
Can Drop – Pal Helm Schematic 4

Jetragon – Dragon Type
Weakness – Ice
Location – North West Side of the Main Volcano Area
Ensure – Bring Heat Resistance Armour
Can Drop – Rocket Launcher Schematic 4

Paladius – Neutral Type
Weakness – Dark
Necromus – Dark Type
Weakness – Dragon
Location – North East of Main Desert Area
Ensure – Bring both Heat and Cold Resistance Armour (Day time Desert is Hot and Night Time Desert is Cold
Can Drop – Cold Resistance Pal Armour Schematic 4/Heat Resistance Pal Armour Schematic 4
Note – You will fight these two bosses at the same time, however if you go to their location at night time Paladius will be sleeping. Use to opportunity to lure Necromus away and fight 1v1.

Extra Notes

Okay so no you know which bosses can drop what, here is some Extra Note or Information to help farm these Schematics a bit quicker/easier.

I recommend capturing all bosses instead of killing them. The loot drop chance I believe is the same however remember earlier I said that butchering Pals is important to getting Legendary schematics?
Lets use Jetragon for a Example
You fight Jetragon and managed to Capture them, however you did not get the Rocket Launcher Schematic 4. If you have unlocked the meat cleaver and it is equipped in you hand, you may press E to send Jetragon out and then press 4 to bring out a list of commands.
The top command allows you to butcher and Kill Jetragon (YOU WILL LOSE THIS PAL FOREVER) but they will drop loot upon death and yes this is a extra chance to obtain all drop-able items from this pal.
This is a tough choice and dependant on if you want to keep them or go a capture and farm more.

if you do not see the Butcher Command but see Pet Jetragon Command, ensure the Meat Cleaver is in your hand.

Lastly when you first start your world and even after creating your world you can customise world settings to your liking.
Here are some setting to make Farming easier.

Pal Spawn – You can set this to a max of 3 (Can affect Performance) This means 3x the amount of pals will spawn. This includes bosses, so yes you can fight 3 Jetragons at once (Meaning 3 Paladius and 3 Necromus, so 6 at once, Dear Lord). This gives another 2 chances to gain the required schematic you are hunting for.

Pal Capture Rate – Higher the number the more easier it is to cap them. You will still need the best spheres and lower their HP enough for max chance.

Damage from Player – Highest is 5 (So you do 5x Amount fo Damage)
Damage to Player – Lowest is 0.1(You receive significantly less damage from attacks)

Drop Item Multiplier – This does not increase you chance of obtaining a drop – This allows you to get more of a drop.
Example Jetragon can drop 4 Different items;
Diamond x3
Pure Crystal x XY (Cant remember exact amount)
Polymer x XY (Cant remember exact amount)
Rocket Launcher Schematic 4

if you have this setting on max (3) instead of Default (1)
Jetragon will drop something like this
Diamond x9
Pure Crystal x XY (3x the Standard amount)
Polymer x XY (3x the Standard amount)
Rocket Launcher Schematic 4 x3

That is everything I have for now, I will continue to update this where possible, but I have killed or capped every boss on the map and these are the findings.

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