Palworld: How to Fix Game Crash After World Deleted

Get your Palworld back by doing this!   Locate Your World Press the Windows Start Key and type in Run hit enter. Copy and paste this %LocalAppData% Click OK and locate the Pal folder then saved then Savegames. Enter the folder with your Steam ID and there will be all of your saved game files listed. Go into the one you are restoring, … Read More

Palworld: The Legendary Schematics Guide

A List of Legendary Schematics from the Bosses of Palworld.   What is a Legendary Schematic? Palworld is a beautiful world but don’t let that fool you as it can be dangerous with the many threats it throws at you. To combat these threats you can of course catch pals … Read More

Palworld: How to Find Sulfur

Locations for Sulfur. How to find Sulfur for making gun powder.   What does Sulfur look like? Sulfur nodes are yellow. Location 1: Dungeons Sulfur can spawn in any Dungeons. Location 2: Mount Obsidian Sulfur is also located around Mount Obsidian. – In order to not die from the heat, … Read More

Palworld: Level 1-50 Survival Guide

Your go to guide to surviving Palworld. The guide becomes less detailed as you hit above level 10 as it is more fun for you to experience your own path of progression. This guide is still in-progress. Do let me know if there are any ways it can be improved. … Read More

Palworld: How to Capture Tower Bosses

Quick & easy guide on how to capture the tower bosses in “Palworld” !   Complete step by step process on how to capture a tower boss! *note you have too die in order to re-spawn with no “WANTED” level after you successfully capture a boss *Important make sure you … Read More

Palworld: Best Base & Crafting Pals

I want to look at what combination of Pals have the best combination of skills and are abundant / easy to catch so we can more easily find/breed the best passives, and send the failures into the condenser machine to level their base skills.   Introduction Versus the other Crafting … Read More

Palworld: How to Catch Pals and People (How to Increase Catch Rate)

Capturing creatures and human NPCs in Palworld is an intriguing aspect of the game. This guide provides comprehensive strategies for effectively catching both Pals (companion creatures) and human characters, enhancing your gameplay experience.   Catching Pals in Palworld To catch Pals, you need a Pal-Sphere, which is thrown at wild … Read More

Palworld: How to Farm Stone (All Methods)

In the early stages of Palworld, players often face the challenge of stone mining. Scattered small stones are scarce, and mining resources from large deposits with bare hands is problematic. This guide compiles all the methods for stone farming in both the early and late stages of survival.   Early … Read More

Palworld: Walkthrough & 100% Achievement Guide (V0.1.2)

100% Achievement guide   Introduction Currently this guide is for version v0.1.2 Achievements might not show until you close the game TO-DO Update with tips and tricks Fill missing paldex entries   Tips & Tricks Before creating a new world in Palworld, it’s advisable to tweak different settings to make … Read More

Palworld: Best Ore Base Locations

Here is a collection of the best locations I found when searching for my second base plus any that are shared with me in the comments. Having a dedicated ore base is essential for reasonable progression in the tech tree, but there are plenty of ore spots on the map, … Read More

Palworld: All Skill Fruit Trees I’ve Found

This guide goes over the location of all skill fruit trees I have found during my time playing Palworld, the trees are in no particular order besides when I went to take the screenshots. Feel free to comment the location of any trees I have missed.   Tree #1: Mount … Read More